Now THAT is what you call a rebound week! ! After experiencing my 1st sub .500 week since last spring, I came back with a vengeance last week nailing EVERY winner! Not only did I sweep the sched, but I decided seriously go on a limb with an EXTREMELY BOLD prediction for an underdog... (I made the gutsy call to select the New York Islanders to defeat the New Jersey Devils in Jersey). Now take a second to let me put this into perspective for you. The Isles had lost 4 in a row, 14 of their previous 16 and hadn’t nailed down a single victory on the road all season, heading into Jersey vs a Devils team, who was hot, winning four of their previous five!! Despite all the odds against them, the Islanders actually came through! Now that is the Gold I provide!


  • Stats as of Friday morning
  • Winning % on the season= 59%
  • Previous Week Record= 6-0
  • For ProLine Purposes= 5-1


(Only exception for ProLine reasons, was where I selected the NY Islanders to win in regulation, but they instead won in SO)


Now, not to get too far ahead of myself, let’s get to the goods for this week’s affairs. …..


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Vancouver @ Ottawa (7:00pm ET)

By the Numbers - Frozen Pools


The goaltending circus continues to truck on in Vancouver, with Luongo increasingly bringing a mixed bag to the party as of late. Be it an injury, an illness, unluckily having Corey pull off a shutout streak in his absence, getting pulled, getting put in cold after Corey got pulled, starting off poorly then shutting the door the rest of the way, or actually playing well from whistle to whistle, who knows what you’re going to get next from Bobby Lou! Be sure though to check out for the latest come Saturday afternoon. The Canucks are coming off a team morale-building come from behind victory, after falling down 3-0 to the Habs in Roberto’s return home, only to ward off getting yanked and delivering down the stretch. The Sens actually experienced quite the opposite on the same night, blowing a 3-0 lead 70% of the way through the game.



Vancouver –  Visitor Win – V(ProLine)


Winnipeg @ Detroit (7:00pm ET)

By the Numbers - Frozen Pools


The Winged Wheel truly never does ever seem to skip a beat. Season after season of dominance and no matter the level of turnover, the machine just keeps on pumping out a chiseled, yet nurtured product. Albeit, the rebirthed  Winnipeg Jets franchise has surprised many pundits in their play as of late, sitting a mere two points out of a playoff spot. Furthermore, just a few days ago they laid claim to ending the Boston Bruins month long dominance of the league. However, the battle of these 2 teams whom nearly 20 years prior swapped goaltenders Tim Cheveldae and Bobby Essensa , goes to Detroit, who are simply rolling along to the top of the NHL.



Detroit – Home Win– H(ProLine)



Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders (7:00pm ET)

By the Numbers - Frozen Pools




Now I may have seriously gone out there in successfully posting the Islanders to defy the odds last time around, but this time..uh-uh! Pittsburgh, believe it or not have been undergoing their first minor funk of the season. However, Pittsburgh has taken the Islanders in three straight contests dating back to last season and including a home and home sweep this October.  Moreover, the Pens stand at first in the NHL in shots on goal, but despite the Islanders comeback last night, down 2-0 vs Chicago to force Overtime, or the 2nd of 2 games with Sid out of the lineup, I’ll put my money on the visiting Pens to erase their current two game losing streak.



Pittsburgh – Visitor Win – V(ProLine)

Boston @ Columbus (7:00pm ET)

By the Numbers –Frozen Pools

The Jackets have shown steady improvement under the reigns of Curtis Sanford and the return of Jeff Carter and now Kristian Huselius. They’ve managed to quickly dig their way out of the huge grave they created from the outset, having earned points in 8 of the past 11 contests.  However, rather unfortunately for Columbus, they get a visiting Bruins squad who got shut out for the 1st time since the opening week of the season vs Colorado and have had their ridiculous stretch of dominance snapped with 2 losses in succession. However, over that period a couple of the losses were attributed to Tuukka Rask. Timmy T himself only just had his 10 game winning streak snapped last night, though through no fault of his own, as he stopped 28 of 29 shots, fresh off a 45 save performance with a single goal allowed the game before.



Boston – Visiting Team Win – V(ProLine)


San Jose @ St.Louis (8:00pm ET)

By the Numbers – Frozen Pools


The Sharks have lost four of their past six matchups, and are surely looking for gold here. Joe Thornton has feasted on St.Louis over the past three seasons, having recorded 20 points in 17 games. Anti Niemi is also no doubt looking to build on his mediocre win over Dallas with a strong performance against a Blues squad that he has a 4-3 record against since 2009. St.Louis, however, has managed to come of age the past month it would seem under the tutelage of Ken Hitchcock upon his hiring.  They not sit 5th in the conference and are looking for their third straight win after back to back impressive victories this week against Anaheim Detroit (of whom the Blues they seem to have their number). Patrick Berglund also seems to be finally showing slightly more consistent glimpses of his unbridled potential of late.



Tie – T(ProLine) (San Jose in shootouts)

Dallas @ Los Angeles (10:30pm ET)

By the Numbers – Frozen Pools

After a very unexpected amazing start to the 2011-2012 campaign, the Dallas Stars have finally begun to slow down, falling down the standings with four losses in their past five. Though the return of Alex Goligoski should soon help reignite their offense and particularly free agent signing, Sheldon Souray. He began the season going gangbusters along his side on the powerplay, and has subsequently now gone 13 games without registering a point, lasting the life of Goli’s injury. L.A. has also lost four of five and three in a row, therefore one of these two struggling teams have a chance to break the slump. Although one must think (I being ‘one’) that L.A. and Dallas will go in opposite directions from here going forward, with the Kings the ones who will eventually climbing back into a playoff spot.



Los Angeles – Home Team Win — H(ProLine)



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Jeremy said:

Machine saved me I tried to buy this proline ticket but the machine at the store wasn't working properly so I didn't bet and lose my $2. I'll be playing this coming Saturday so put together 6 great picks please smilies/smiley.gif
December 12, 2011 | url
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Anthony Lancione said:

Diffusion & Tyler Haskell --Diffusion: I'm glad you followed and netted yourself a nice gain on your card pal!
The 2 late games were also very close 1 goal nail-biters. Very easily could've been a second consecutive sweep with a bounce or two the other way.

Tyler: We have been asked to reduce our column length to focus on our favourite half a dozen games
December 11, 2011
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Diffusion said:

... Looks like you rocked it once again! The DAL -LAK game not over yet and I am already up 70$
If the LAK wins then I am up almost $400
Thanks smilies/smiley.gif
December 10, 2011
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Tyler Haskell said:

December 10, 2011
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Jeremy Campbell said:

Buying a ticket with your picks every week For the rest of the hockey season I will play all of your (and whoever else makes picks and writes about them here) picks on $2 tickets, and hopefully I come away with a profit. This week the odds are just under 10 between the 6 games you bet on. Let's see how this works smilies/smiley.gif
December 10, 2011 | url
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