Happy Black Tuesday everybody! I trust you’re enjoying hockey on your brand new $49 Black Friday 75” LED TV.  Up here in Canada, all we have are faux noir Monday 5% off sales. It’s a bit of a joke. Look at us! We have sales too! It’s almost worth driving down and wading through a sea of jogging pants at Walmart to save some bucks (import duty $$ aside). If anyone knows where I can buy a car with a hidden 75” compartment let me know…


This week we’ll be doing some bargain bin shopping of our own.  The best part: no sweaty jogging pants, no rat-tails and no inappropriately tight 1987 Def Leppard t-shirts! Let’s begin shall we?



(for more on salary cap fantasy advice, check out Ryan Goddard's Capped column)


Jared Spurgeon – D - $520,000 Cap Hit

I drafted him in the Dobber Expert League with high expectations. He had lots of power play time and was given many opportunities. After two points in 16 games, I cut my losses. Now he has two points in his last four and four in his last seven. Zidlicky’s subpar season and current brain UBI has ensured Spurgeon isn’t going anywhere. Proof? 64% Team PP and 37.5% Team TOI.


Adam Larsson – D - $920,00 Cap Hit

It looks like the massive drought it over! Starting the season with an immodiumesque zero for nine, he’s now on a five game point streak and four in four the past week. He’s been consistently thrown out there on the PP (even during the drought) and there’s no sign of things slowing down.  Larsson’s Calder pickers are breathing a sigh of relief.


Jason Garrison – D   - $670,000 Cap Hit

Garrison has a monster shot and is finally being used appropriately.  His power play time has shot right up and accordingly, so has his points. This week he’s enjoying 48% Team PP and has three points in four games. He’s been chipping away at Kulikov’s PP time and has proven to be a valuable triggerman for Campbell.


Marc-Andre Gragnani – D - $550,000 Cap Hit

You’ve got to think a very small part of Gragnani watched Tyler Myers grimace in pain as he headed to the dressing room and thought: “SWEET”. He’s now at 57.9% Team PP and has two points in his last three. It was a bit unnerving that he was left off the scoresheet with five goals scored but he’s still the leading point getter for rookie defensemen.


Viktor Stalberg – L - $870,000 Cap Hit

Stalberg has won the unofficial NHL Power Ball lottery. Playing with Toews and Kane has magically put Stalberg on the map and this list (surprise!). He’s sporting three points in his last three games and lovin’ it. There’s only one massive wrench ready to be thrown in your Fantasy Machine: he has zero power play time. Just take it for what it is and enjoy it. As long as he’s playing with two of the best, just smile and say “Thank you sir, may I have another?”.


Adam Henrique – C - $850,000 Cap Hit

Much like Stalberg, Henrique has been playing with Kovalchuk and Parise. He has three points in the last four and on pace for mid 50s. I can’t see that being sustained but he’s doing pretty well. He’s been averaging 20 minutes per game and 36% Team PP. The latter isn’t exactly mind blowing but he does have one power play point this week and three overall.


Kyle Wellwood – C - $700,000 Cap Hit

Affectionately known as Smellwood for the past few years, Kyle Wellwood has found a lukewarm home in Manitoba. He’s on pace for 60 points and has two points in the last three. He has a very impressive 60% Team PP with Antropov and Ladd. What is extremely shocking is that he’s leading the Jets in scoring going into December. The next thing you know Jonathan “Jim Carey” Cheechoo makes a comeback and wins the Rocket Richard trophy again.


The three Frozen Pool tools I used to grab these names were the Line Combination tool, the Bargain Bin template in the Roto Ranker and the Report Generator. This is a mere taste test. Happy hunting!




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roache said:

Henrique Of the seven guys listed here Henrique's the one i wish i'd grabbed when the article first came out. In the 19 games since this was published he has racked up 17 points. While Kovalchuk and Parise have 3 and 5 more points respectively over that same stretch, they also carry salaries of $6M+ each. In leagues with salary caps (like mine) that makes Henrique the obviously gem of the three.

I gotta start reading these sooner than six weeks after they come out! smilies/cry.gif
January 09, 2012
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ynotzz said:

Stalberg Stalberg is not playing with Kane and Toews as they are centering two different lines. It started out with Stalberg-Toews-Sharp, but they've been running with Stalberg-Toews-Hossa lately.
November 30, 2011
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C. Gerlach said:

Minnesota Wild I'm buying anything that GM Chuck Fletcher is selling. He's building a contender and fast. There are plenty more like Spurgeon in the system. Give it a couple more years though.
November 29, 2011
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