Introducing yet another tool in the Frozen Pool line-up. It’s called Team Scout and it does exactly what you’re thinking… and more!


Until now, all of the Frozen Pool tools have been player-centric. Who plays with who, how much does so-and-so play on the power play, how many minutes did Mike Green play before he got hurt etc... After all, you draft players not teams. Or do you?? Trick question Poindexter: You do.


But as fantasy day traders will tell you, it’s not always about the player but how hot a particular team is. Often, you just need to “ride the wave” with an expendable player. Settle for the dog because you need the short-term help.


I often found myself looking at the Frozen Pool Compare-A-Player Team Power Play % when comparing players. If you hover over the cell with the %, it will show you the actual PPG/ PP opportunities.  But I wanted more… MORE I TELL YOU!


That info is all well and good but what if I wanted to list the best power play over the past three days from every team? The old saying goes: You’re only as good as your last game. Sometimes seasonal stats can be misleading. A team might be first overall but could be in the middle of a 0-for-20 power play drought.


Here is a sample screen shot of the Team Scout in action. This particular request is the output for the entire season. As shown, you have the ability to select different date ranges for our research. Not only that, you can analyze and sort Home and Away team performance. Oooooo ahhhhhh.





Here we drill down even further. This output below shows last night’s home team performance breakdown.





So this week is all about adding to the ever growing list of Frozen Pool tools. With one click, you have a wealth of knowledge. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you make even better decisions.


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Brett Baxter said:

Frozen does it all! I mean I was so upset when I found out Frozen was no longer free. I had already bought Goalie Post (as always), but first time through Dobberhockey. So I looked into the price and found it was reasonable, except if I would have got GP and Frozen together I would save like 4-5 bucks...but hey it's $$. So I sent an email and next day Dobber sent me a personal email saying hey man appreciate the business. Why don't you go in and purchase the Frozen Goalie pack and I'll refund Goalie Post so you can save the cash.

I just have to say thanks. Great customer service. Not many would"do the right thing" but a small fantasy hockey site does this for it's customers. Love the site and now will never go to another site. All about experience. What a great one.

Thanks again and wanted to say I was not aware that Frozen could get better, but here we go. Another unbelievable tool. Seems like you have enough data within your system to do anything you want.

You should have a contest- best idea for a new tool...gets???
November 23, 2011
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Jason Arbuthnot said:

@edm I'll add `per game` columns to better reflect the output you're looking for. Sound good?
November 23, 2011
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edm said:

... As always, great content and another tool I'll spend time with.

Just curious about the date ranges versus games played. Using date ranges, I sometimes find myself trying to make mental adjustments for some columns (to account for differences in games played over a period).

Example (using table 2 above):
- 48 GA for FLA
- 47 GA for NSH

Looks good for Nashville, until I scan over and notice that FLA played 1 more game, then make the adjustment that Florida's numbers are better in this category.

It's not a huge deal, but sometimes I prefer to compare apples to apples. Some of the columns hold raw totals and other give percentages, so I find myself wanting to compare cases for the last 5 games rather than the last 5 days.
November 23, 2011
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Super Complainer said:

My rant on your ads This is a great website. Lots of great content. I make sure to keep up to date every day if possible. I understand you need to make money to keep things running but man !!!! It is getting pretty damn annoying having to avoid all the ads. check out the baseball ... buy my guide ... get frozen pool.... yeah I get it. The tools are great don't get me wrong but I am sick of seeing you guys prostitute your site every two seconds. It is getting in the way of the content.
There is my 2 cents and a lengthy rant.
November 22, 2011
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Steven Wadzinski said:

Fantasy Pool I subscribed to this and Goalie Post and if you haven't yet... what in the world are you waiting for?? Instead of crunching numbers from yahoo and taking guesses at what a player's pace or trend is I can slice and dice the data right here and get a great idea of what a player's trends are.... great for insight on trading! Love the line combos and line production stats.... smilies/smiley.gif
November 22, 2011
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