Angus here - voting is up for the Replace the KB contest at the Province. Give me a vote! The support from the DobberHockey community has been amazing.


Phoenix has recalled Goncharov - speculation is that Klesla is hurt. Goncharov only has three points in 16 AHL games this campaign.


Jaromir Jagr skated on his own yesterday, but did not practice. Still, speculation is that he will not be out any longer than Wednesday with his LBI.


Interesting quote from Dmitri Kulikov on former coach Peter DeBoer, whom he faces today at the helm of the Devils: Dmitry Kulikov: 'One mistake and you're shaking the rest of the game'. Sounds like a tough coach! "You've got more freedom to do wjhat you want on the ice (under new coach Kevin Dineen)" Kulikov adds.


The Hurricanes have assigned Zac Dalpe and Zach Boychuk back to the AHL. I'll just copy and paste this line from now on, to save time. I don't like how Maurice is using these players at all, but I am relieved that they get to log ice time in the AHL.


I have rolled back the prices on my older guides. You can now get any archived Fantasy Guide that I’ve ever made (including older Midseason Guides) for $4.95 (previous price was $6.95) and the older Prospect Reports are now $8.95.


I have had a great start to the season in terms of this year’s Fantasy Guide. From some of the thoughts that I floated, to sleepers, to the predictions. After an average 2010-11, I think the 2011-12 is the best yet. So great, in fact, that I’ve decided to give it away for free – to anyone who has purchased a Guide from somewhere else. You send me an email with a copy of the “other guy’s” Fantasy Guide, and I will send you mine. Granted, it’s two months old now, but I want you to flip through all the content, read the gold, and compare it to the other guy. What did the other mags have for Craig Smith this year? Jamie Benn? Claude Giroux? Matt Read? Then give me a shot next year.


One final plug – the DobberBaseball Fantasy Prospects Report is being released later today – be sure to drop by the site and pick that up if you’re in a baseball keeper league.


One point in the first eight games. That’s your typical Marc-Edouard Vlasic. We long ago gave up on this guy’s offensive potential in the NHL. After his surprising season as an 18-year-old and even better third-year campaign, we haven’t seen Jack nor Squat out of this guy in the last two seasons. But wow, something has certainly clicked. Three more points last night give him 10 in his last 10.


In one of my keeper leagues, I own Crosby. I have 241 points and in second place to a team that has 244. Pretty proud that I’ve kept the team competitive sans Sid, much like the Penguins have. Here is a special message for that guy in first place – start trembling with fear. Party is over.


I think Nikita Filatov is finally taking the bull by the horns. Just a hunch, but from reading this it would seem that he took his last conversation with Sens’ brass quite seriously.


Although Peter Mueller has been placed on injured reserve, this is just pushing paperwork around the desk. He is still skating with the team daily and could still play any time within the next week – although you won’t catch me putting money on that.


After a nervous first NHL game, Brendan Smith has now tallied points in games two and three of his career. As you know, because you’ve been reading this site, Smith is an elite prospect defenseman who is NHL ready. The Red Wings like to take it slow with their d-men, but they may not have a choice with this guy. We could see Ian White slide down the totem pole just a little bit here. But we’re accustomed to seeing White as a 34 to 38-point player. This would just put him back there, instead of the potential 45 that he might have reached.


Eric Staal was put on a line with Jeff Skinner and the move worked – Staal was finally a plus-2 and he posted two points. It was just his third multi-point game of the season. He has been shut off the scoresheet 15 times this year. Yeah.


Still waiting for Phil Kessel to relax. And Joffrey Lupul, of course, isn’t a Top 5 scorer.


How important is Alex Goligoski to the Dallas Stars? Regardless of the point total, the team has lost all five games that he’s been out. Yes, I know he’s only been out for four – but he was knocked out of the first period in that fifth game, so I’m counting that. Dallas was 11-3-0 before the injury.


Tyler Myers injured his wrist or possibly his hand Saturday and I get the feeling he’ll miss some time. We’ll get an update on that today. But this could be the opportunity that Sekera has been waiting for. It’s a dogfight for good ice time in Buffalo.


Tough news in Edmonton – Corey Potter is out for the next four weeks. Ryan Whitney is back soon, but not soon enough to replace this loss.


So the Caps are all panicky. And as well they should be. Lines have been juggled and Dmitry Orlov has been recalled. Alexander Semin practiced with Eakin and Johansson, but warning: he also practiced on the fourth line. He was only moved up to the Eakin/Johansson line because Joel Ward left practice (injured?). If Ward is okay, you may see Semin get scratched. I also believe Mathieu Perreault will draw in.


The Blues have recalled Brett Sterling, the AHL’s second-leading scorer with 22 points. He’ll replace the suspended Chris Stewart and the injured TJ Oshie. He’d have to make a quick and frequent impact with minimal ice time in order to garner any fantasy relevance. Then again, he did it last year in Pittsburgh. Oshie is day-to-day with a wrist injury.


Jimmy Howard – Robbery!


I love this goal. Man, the Panthers really have their act together. Tallon is a genius – and to think my column in the summer was about how genius he was about the future. Well, the future is now. Anyway, here is the goal:



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slufoot said:

Tallon's Panthers Guys give credit where credit is due.

Re: Tanking
This is Florida, not Chicago or Edmonton. While it would have been easy to tank, that franchise cannot afford to lose too many games for attendance purposes. Tallon has proven he can draft well - so picks 8-15 shouldn't be too bad for him, especially in a deep draft like this year's.

Re:need for 1st line players
These they already have in Markstrom, Campbell, Kulikov, Huberdeau, and Weiss (yes I said it). Weiss is proving that he is indeed a top line player - elevating the game of his linemates: Fleischmann, Versteeg (two players who've been wildly inconsistent in their short careers).
The Booth deal he easily won because he shed a 2nd/3rd liner who makes top-4 money, and a minor leaguer making NHL money. He didn't care who Vancouver sent the other way.
November 21, 2011
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Larry said:

Tallon Tallon was in a situation no other NHL gm has been in, massive cap space he had to spend-with no real big names willing to sign in FLA (ie-Richards/Ehrhoff). IMO- he paid 1st line money for 2nd/3rd line players-generally not a good idea, where Tallon proves his real worth will be at the trade deadline and the draft table. They have some good prospects- but could definately use more 1st line/top pair players.Hopefully Markstrom is the long term answer in net, the play of Theodore is a huge boost this year.
I still think he lost the Booth deal - even though Booth hasnt done much in Vancity yet.
Some players struggle to 'play up to' their big contracts- Campbell was one of them, as he was awful right after he signed the big deal- (Bieksa is another), while Campbell may not be worth $7m- he is a top pair dman and not as big a drain on the cap as he was 3-4 years ago.
November 21, 2011
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Graeme McLean said:

Comparing Guides Hey dobber,
I'm a long-time fantasy guide subscriber - so much so that I never buy other materials. How about reversing your offer and sending me some of the "other guys" materials to compare smilies/grin.gif


November 21, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Tallon = Genius? (Put a check in the "Doubter" column) I don't know if I agree with using the word "Genius" for the Tallon Situation.
A phrase like "no lose situation" seems more appropriate.

Tallon is a new GM.
A new GM is wise to make a ton of moves.
Case 1: If they go well, he looks like a "genius" for team-building.
Case 2: If they go bad, it looks like he tried and get "genius" points later when he cashes in on his top draft pick.

Q: What is the worst thing a GM can do?
A: Build a team that overperforms, gets out to a hot start, and then finishes just out of the playoffs - 9th/10th/11th in the conference. Draft pick between 10-15. Ugh.

There was a team last year that got off to a nice start last year with some former Chicago Blackhawk cast-offs. They had lost their superstar from the previous year. The team had a new feel! By end of November they were 13-9-3. (Florida is currently 10-6-3). "Prove Yourself" motivation and a new atmosphere can carry a team for a few months... and then players resort back to the players they are.

Tallon was in a no-lose situation. I'm not giving him any points for "genius".

He's accidentally built a team of players motivated to overperform for a few months.
The team will miss the playoffs and the draft pick will be unsubstantial.
Versteeg & Kulikov are going to have a lot of bargaining power at their RFA summer.

Silently, somewhere... Tallon is cursing under his breath.
My 2 cents.
November 21, 2011
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derek said:

Filatov Dobber/ you still consider Filatov a buy option?
November 21, 2011
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shaun b said:

Ramblings Thanks for the valuable info.

I didn't really pay too much attention to Smith but looking at his limited ice time over the past few games compared to the peripheral stats. Pretty impressive to me. He looks to be a multi-cat performer.

Here's hoping Ruutu is the real winner of the Staal/Skinner union.

I have Crosby, Malkin, Neal and Letang in one of my pools, yippee! If Halak and Ward didn't set me back 2 months in goalie stats, I'd be running away with already.

The Jagr injury seems to have put Matt Read on Grioux's line. Let the points roll in.

November 21, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Filatov It's been nothing but negative whenever i would see Filatov's name so it's nice to finally see his name attached to something positive. Sounds like he had an awesome game and hopefully that will lead to his confidence coming back as well as his promise in the NHL.
November 21, 2011
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Happy Crosby Day! Dobber, i am right there with you in my fantasy leagues as well.
Keeper league, i am sitting in 2nd place without 87.
One year points only league (i took Crosby 3rd overall, ballsy i know), i am sitting in 3rd place.

I can't wait to see my offense finally going full tilt with 87 leading the way.
November 21, 2011
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Dobber said:

skinner Oh boy - Brett Skinner recently followed me on Twitter, so he was on the brain I guess

Smith - touch call. I would not be 100% certain in answering that one, but I'm leaning towards yes
November 21, 2011
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james said:

- Yeah good idea to scratch Semin, a 6 mil player, and Ovies buddy...then lose to Phoenix and we should see the end of the Boudreau era...maybe they should scratch Ovie and Semin...that will really motivate the rest of the team who get paid regardless of who wins or loses.
November 21, 2011
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JW said:

maya has the knife
... Who is this Brett Skinner that you speak of? Worth owning in a deep keeper league? smilies/cheesy.gif
November 21, 2011
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Killer67 said:

B Smith Hey Dobber, do you think he sticks with the Wings or is this just a tease? I was going to wait to call him up next year from my prospect team but I'm in first and could use the D boost.
November 21, 2011
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