I field a couple of Spezza questions, an Iginla update, give some trade opinions, and I tell you why ultimatums suck. Right here in this week's edition of Letters...

Darryl, Please forgive one more Q (I'm a 1st year, but very impressed, subscriber, who doesn't share your name/site with anyone in either of his pools). A points only, keeper (5 + 1G) pool, have to have D counting. It's my 1st year in, and I basically am rebuilding a trainwreck. I can keep 2 to 4 out of: Radulov Carle Backstrom (Wash) Frolov Semin and Kopitar. Already own the first 3 and am being offered a grab at 1 or 2 of the last 3 by a guy who is shooting to win. How would you rank these guys, long term? rich

Two mistakes here - one, I shall be addressed as "Dobber". Two, you describe to me how you refuse to tell anybody about my website. We're not off to good start, are we? I kid. Anyone who visits this site becomes somebody that I desperately want to see win their pool. Regular visitors of DobberHockey.com beat the non-visitors in their pools by a wide margin - I do not doubt this! I would prefer to own Radulov, Kopitar, Semin, Backstrom, Frolov, and Carle, in that order. Carle is still unproven and for defensemen I generally prefer to wait a little longer and rely on more proven commodities. Frolov is behind Backstrom because I'm not a big Frolov fan, but that is a personal bias. If you want to look at something that does not have bias (I hope), check out my fantasy player rankings , updated on the first of every month.

Dear Dobber;

I'm in a 9 man keeper league where we have 15 forwards 2 defence and 2 goalies active. I have a potent offence but need help in goal and I need more depth on the blueline. I've been offered the following trade; Cole, Rafalski, Emery, and a 3rd rounder in our draft

for Semin (thanks to the Dobber pool guide), Ehrhoff, T. Thomas and a 6th rounder. Do I not have to pull the trigger on this deal?

Regards, Mike

I think I would do this. Make sure you haggle though, get his pick upgraded or yours downgraded or get a second pick for a later year (or a later pick for the same year). You would be upgraded your defenseman and ditto for your goaltender. Cole will be a 70-point guy, whereas Semin is looking more like 80-90 - but is not yet proven to be that way. I think it is worth it.

Hoping you can help me answer this dilema i find myself in. Whether its a reply or on the Letters section. Our leauge is a keeper leauge. We carry 23 players and must protect 15 at the years end. We have 8 rounds of drafting before each season. Pretty simple format. I have some great youth up front. Zherdev, Havlat, Jokinen, Frolov, Langkow, Kovalchuk, J.Carter, Boyes. My other F i would keep would be Selanne. My D looks like: Phaneuf, Mara, Kronwall, Letang, Pitkanen and Luongo in net to round out my 15 protects. Ive had numerous offers for Selanne, who i want to move while he is hot as he doesn't fit my plan. I'm torn between 4 of them

1. 1st round pick (likely 14th) overall and D.Roy or Camalerri. 2. Teemu and my 2nd for Hemsky and his 8th 3. 1st round pick (4th overall) and a player of Knuble's skill. 4. Pominville and a 1st (likely 10th overall)

Thought i would ask this while the all-star break is on. Thanks again, keep up the great work, love the midseason guide and well thanks again! Jaron from Victoria

It's gotta be in the letters section - too many to address one by one...This on is tough. All four of yourderek roy choices are real solid - actually, not big on choice #3, but the rest are pretty even. I would have said take #2 for sure, if it wasn't for those picks being so lopsided. Can you work them any closer? Like a third for a seventh? If not, I don't think choosing 10th or 14th really matter, so essentially you would be deciding on Roy vs. Pominville vs. Cammalleri. Personally, I would take Roy, but if I were you would take the highest-ranked guy on my fantasy rankings. I will be updating these in a week, so go by that updated chart.

Hey Dobbs - loved your mid-season guide! I have been offered Spezza for Lecavalier, straight up in my keeper league. I am not going for it this year,hope to be next year, and the GM that offered me the deal is in 3rd place making a run. Considering it is a keeper league with G,A, +/-, PPP, SH, GWG. What would you do here?

Thanks, Paul

I would prefer Lecavalier simply because of his health. Spezza has more upside - he may even get 125 points one year, but he gets hurt so damn much I would probably charge more than Spezza if they want to get Lecavalier off my hands.

Hi Dobber -

Big fan of both your pool guide and your mid-season pool guide.

I am currently in a points only league, and I am planning on moving Jason Spezza back in for Friday's game. Which forward should I move down to my reserves in his place? My Active forwards are: Heatley, Savard, Marleau, Tanguay, Gomez, Datsyuk, Stastny, Erat, Semin, B. Richards, Huselius, and Sykora.

Thanks, Jason

I would move Gomez if it were me - Stastny and Erat are too hot right now, and the other guys should always be in your lineup.

Hi Dobber, I enjoy reading your website on a daily basis, keep up the good work!

Quick question – do you know how long Iginla is going to be out? I read somewhere last week that it looked liked he might be out until Feb. 15th? I run a fantasy league and actually I am in 1st place at the moment & he is on my team. My predicament is that if you IR someone in our league he has to stay on IR for a minimum of 4 weeks so I have been reluctant to put him down. At this point, I was thinking I would wait it out since the all-star break is this week and he won’t miss many games but I don’t want to wait too long. What are your thoughts?

Please reply. Thanks, Nick

That "somewhere" that you read that was probably here. I think I was the only one to give a ballpark date. If you IR him you will probably lose him for a week of playing time, but I think that is worth it...because what if he is gone longer? You can't have a guy kill your roster spot week after week like that.

Hey I am in a Keeper/Points only draft and I am currently in 1st place 90 points up following your advice so I thought I would ask you a quickie. I really need to get a mid/top tier RW. A team has appoached me inquiring the status of Tomas Vokoun, and he has givenme a 12:00 Noon cutoff tomkae a deal or he is doing a deal with another guy. Currently I have Vokoun, Emery and Luongo. His roster on the right side is as follows.

Mike Camellari Shane doan Marion Gaborik He also has Nittymaki so would it bebetter to got a 2v2 Like Vokoun and Anson Carter for Nitty and of his Right wings. If Gaborik stays healthy all season long will he outscore the other two? Th other problem ius b/c I am up 90 points is it worth me tinkering too much...I have been working out deals with other GM's to try to get Recchi or someone like that who would come at a much cheaper price b/c of his age. Celly

Oops. I'm late. Hey guys - if someone emailed me an offer where he would give me Sidney Crosby in exchange for my Nik Antropov, and he gave me a 12 o'clock deadline, I would email back right away and say "no". Anyone who wants to piss around with ultimatums when they make me trade offers obviously don't know me very well. By the way - you are winning by a wide margin so do not tinker...Vokoun is too valuable.

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