Draft List and Fantasy Guide updated through to yesterday. I’ll have the next one queued up for Friday night to get you as set for your weekend drafts as I can. I have two drafts myself this weekend – Saturday night is my Keeper #3 with the gentlemen from the Forecaster – keep 12, draft 13. Sunday is the Keeper #2, the one that I run – keep everyone, and five rounds of drafting (I have eight picks though).


Alessandro Seren Rosso translates a nice interview with Montreal prospect Alexander Avtsyn right here.


Quick note regarding Hockey Pool Geek and a recent column providing some insight that HPG calculates - Hockey Pool Geek offers a FREE 24-hour trial. So you can get all this info and more just by signing up and trying it out. But will that give you a full year of golden nuggets? No. It gives you 24 hours worth. Publishing this in a column isn't revealing any secrets to non-paying customers that the free trial wouldn't reveal.


We're trying something new for this month's Dobber Nation. I'm one of the guests this month and I'll be taking your questions. The questions are pre-recorded - dial (647)247-8010 and leave your name, hometown and question after the tone. Today and tomorrow you can fire in your questions!


Interesting tidbit from the Orange County Register - when Teemu Selanne scored his first NHL goal, Emerson Etem was three months old.


So far so good for Peter Mueller, who came through the exhibition game unscathed.


Dustin Byfuglien has been charged with boating while intoxicated. This will probably go down the same way it went down with Khabibulin - months and months of waiting for the final result, which may turn out to be a few days in jail during the summer.


Tomas Kubalik suffered a concussion (my word, not the official word) in last night's Jackets game. Kubalik had an outside shot at a spot, but it would appear that won't happen now.


A quick browse through the scoring summaries and names jump out at me – names of players who need to score. These are guys truly playing for their role with the team. Names like “Grachev” and “Kostitsyn” and “Bobrovsky” and “Couturier”. “Mayorov”, “Spurgeon”, “Johansen” and “Miele”… let’s delve deeper!


It was Winnipeg’s first game in a long…long time. So who scored the first goal? Nick Holden for Columbus. Evander Kane scored the first goal for the Jets. And the first goal in the other game was by Paul Postma (two games were played – one in Winnipeg and one in Columbus). So there’s your trivia. Can’t wait to see regular season action.


Then it was the Mark Scheifele show. The guy scored twice and added two assists in the second game. Postma had a goal and three assists. Poor Postma, being stuck behind Enstrom and Byfuglien…and Bogosian. D’oh!


I didn’t have Scheifele pegged as being NHL ready and didn’t have him in the NHL this year or next for that matter. A start like that certainly opened my mind up to at least the possibility.


Brassard and Clitsome were a combined minus-7 for the Blue Jackets in that second game.


Chris Mason, a little rusty, five goals allowed on 11 shots.


Meanwhile Mark Dekanich stopped all eight that he faced before leaving the game with a lower-body injury. Dekanich is noted as a dark horse by many experts. I’ll have to agree with them. But you won’t see any movement on that front until December. Think Corey Crawford from a year ago. He had, what, four wins before December? That’s because Chicago wanted Turco as their starter. So they threw out Turco every chance they could get. Well, that’s where Columbus is at right now. Even if Steve Mason doesn’t get it together, it will take a little while before the team starts doing something about it. You could see Dekanich 4-1-0 to start December, while Mason is like 12-15-3. If Mason is a .500 goalie (or worse) in mid-November, that is when I’d pounce on Dekanich and stick him on my bench for four or five weeks.


Ovechkin was playing last night and he was stymied. The Caps will be a more offensive team this season than they were last year. Not a great start though, getting skunked preseason.


Niclas Bergfors had two assists – another player who badly needs to perform. So is he Sergei Kostitsyn 2.0? Maybe, in terms of reigniting his career. But he never had S.K.’s upside.


Battle of last year’s rookie netminders – James Reimer stopped 18 of 22, Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 27 of 27. But with what the Flyers have invested in Ilya Bryzgalov, Bobrovsky could stop 200 of 200 shots in the preseason and never let in a goal when he gets in any regular season action – and it would still take him until December before he’d get back-to-back starts!


Toronto’s PP unit: Kadri, Connolly, Kessel, Blacker and Franson


Carey Price allowed four goals on 13 shots. Panic! Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! “Chill out, it’s just the preseason.” Whew, thanks Carey!


As I hinted above, Evgeny Grachev scored twice for the Blues. I doubt he’ll make the team, but with progress at the AHL level he could make it next year. If he takes that step this year then that better maps out his M.O. – a couple of years to get accustomed to the new competition and then he starts to roll.


Matt D’Agostini also scored. For the past year he has scored during whatever opportunity he is given. And once again he’s behind the eight ball this season. Stick with it Matt, you’re bound to move up the depth chart. You can’t be held down for long if you keep scoring (similar to what I rambled about yesterday with Gerbe). The problem is, the ceiling may be 50 points this year, thanks to what will probably be a lengthy delay in getting promoted to a scoring line.


My THN column from yesterday on Training Camp Battles – East.


Roman Josi is nursing an upper-body injury. Injuries hurt him in camp last year and cost him a spot. Looks like same ol’ same ol’ this year.


Ottawa has cut Matt Puempel, Mark Stone and Stefan Noesen, among others. Stone impressed. Lacks wheels, but has the hockey sense and hands. May not be enough, but we’ll see.


Buffalo cuts include Mark Pysyk. The Sabres still have 52 players in camp.


Nashville cuts include Austin Watson.


Florida cuts a bunch, including Bill Thomas.


Five consecutive days of practice for Sid the Kid. Not cleared for contact yet, but I figure another nine days of this and he’ll get that clearance. So says Dr. Dobbs, concussion specialist.


Congratulations to the four newest entrants into the DobberHockey Hall of Fame: Jeff Angus, Matthew Bugg, Jason Arbuthnot and Jason Collado. Thank you for helping the best damn fantasy hockey website grow and flourish!


Things I didn’t know until seeing the box scores – Niko Dimitrakos and Anders Eriksson were invited to Vancouver’s training camp. Seriously guys, publish that stuff. Fans want in the loop, no matter how small the detail!


Looks like the Canucks spent the entire third period in the box and Mark Giordano and Alex Tanguay each topped 10 minutes in PP time. Also chalk up an assist to Dobber favorite Paul Byron.


Two goals for Dobber favorite Jared Spurgeon, your darkhorse second PP QB for the Wild this season.


Edmonton PP – Barker, Gilbert, Hall, Belanger, Jones – with Omark and Paajarvi seeing significant time as well.


Patrick O’Sullivan needs this. Probably more than anyone. Else he becomes the next Gilbert Dionne. Four-point night for O’Sully. Andy Miele had three.


For the Ducks, Cogliano and Palmieri had two points each. Both are making a case – Cogs to get onto the second line, Palms to get onto the third line.



Bass vs. Cormier:



Spurgeon GWG:



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Jason Arbuthnot said:

RotoRanker @Richard J. DAngelo FrozenPool RotoRanker is another tool that already existed. Customize your stat categories and bookmark the resulting url. Now you have your own custom top 400 league lists!
September 21, 2011
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Dobber said:

... Mabus, that Round 21 issue was fixed on the weekend. Re-download frequently!
September 21, 2011
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Jerome said:

... To Jim:

Are you sure you're not playing NHL 2008? smilies/grin.gif
September 21, 2011
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HPG said:

It already exists... @Richard J. DAngelo - it exists man, that's the reason that www.hockeypoolgeek.com exists!

Check out the free trial if you haven't already...
September 21, 2011 | url
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Richard J. DAngelo said:

Wondering if this is possible With all the different leagues and stat categories, is it possible to design a program that will let the user input those categories and have the program sort out the top players for that particular league?

With the wonders of modern technology, I think that might be possible.
September 21, 2011
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Jim hound said:

Radulov Has anybody noticed that radulov appears to have played for Nashville against Florida on monday night. His name appears on the boxscore for the 5 - 3 game at any rate.
September 21, 2011
Votes: +1

Mabus said:

... Here is a clickable link


While I'm at it, might as well post the link to the other league (aka - the Wales). Keep in mind that they had 11 teams and we had 13, so it's hard to compare depth/strategies.



September 21, 2011
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Mabus said:

... Just had a look at the expert draft in the guide and noticed that round 21 is missing. I guess I'm probably one of the only people that read that far - tough to care about the insight made in the 300th person chosen.

The Dobber pro leagues have also drafted now. A couple of forums have popped up with the picks. Here is a link to the Campbell (aka - my league - I'm Lupul on my Clitsome and picked 3rd) for those that are interested in seeing the teams and a bit of insight into the various thought processes:

September 21, 2011
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Jerome said:

... Andrei Kostitsyn was flying last night. Best forward for Montreal hands down.
September 21, 2011
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Homer said:

Postma Postma will not be behind Bogosian for long if they both play like they did last night! Bogosians defensive play reminds me of Phaneuf without the hitting. Cheveldayoff passing on Couturier (which alot of fans questioned) is looking like a great move for that organization (based on one game smilies/grin.gif)
September 21, 2011
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Please start releasing HPG insights I have not paid good money for the insights gained by HPG. Please start publishing articles which give out the information for free. Otherwise, I'll just purchase HPG in the future.
September 21, 2011
Votes: +2

Ryan Ma said:

... RE: Free Service

Also I think you have a backwards way of thinking regarding paying for tools. I don't think you should think in terms of why pay for something when you can get it for free... I think you should think of it as if you find the tool helpful then you pay for it as a reward to the creator/owner.

The way I would approach it is that if you are a fan of DobberHockey (and all the free stuff that you get pretty much daily with it), then you buy the guides to support DobberHockey as a thank you to Dobber and all of his writers. I wouldn't go about it your way and think why should I go and buy Dobber's guides when I can get the articles for free every day?

At the end of the day you paid 20 bucks for it (cheaper if you bought a Dobber package). Over the course of 8 months, it works out to be something like 9 cents a day... If you really want to complain about paying 20 bucks when you can get the information for "free" then save your 20 bucks.

As I've said in my comments section of my column, there's way more tools at HPG that's well worth the 20 bucks. Pretty much all of the "experts" and heavy forum users are pretty much sold on HPG and it's advantages.

If you don't think it's worth the investment then don't pay. The product sells itself IMO. I just wanted to give it an extra boost with a shout out to help Paul and co. and thank them for the work that they do.
September 21, 2011
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Shoeless said:

@David Over the past week, there has been a miniscule amount of specific information released out of the guts of HPG that would be useful to anyone. Rankings are league specific, so unless you play in an identical (absolutely identical, right down to the number of bench positions) league to the one Ryan Ma does - the rankings he released are useless to you (I was involved in designing that league and trust me it is pretty unique). There really is no other data produced by HPG - any other numbers available in articles about HPG analysis can be had by going to NHL.com.

When you buy HPG services you buy analysis tools that you apply to your league and team. I have about 8 leagues set-up in HPG and there are no two leagues that have the same top 10 list. Stat categories are different, or roster size is different or league size is different or any number of other variables which even one difference will alter the rankings.

I am afraid you are sadly mistaken if you think there is information you paid for that is getting leaked - it simply is not the case.
September 21, 2011
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Ryan Ma said:

... RE: Disservice to HPG?

These are the only statements in my article that I could find regarding the mention of HPG.

Daniel Sedin leads the way with a HPG rating of 72 in standard Yahoo! leagues, but only has a HPG rating of 42 in leagues that have those two extra stats. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Dustin Brown maintains a HPG rating of 40 in leagues that record HITs and BS, but only a plus six rating in standard Yahoo! leagues.

It's not anything new for me to say that Sedin sucks in the peripheral stats and Brown is good... Does mentioning Sedin has a HPG rating of 72 and Brown 40 really give that much info away?

He also has an HPG two-year rating of ninth overall in leagues that counts Hits and BS It's no secret that Doan is good at HITs and BS. I didn't mention the entire list, so saying he's ninth isn't giving away the farm is it?

which has equated to an HPG rating of just 12th overall, this is a far cry compared to the fourth overall rating that he currently owns in standard Yahoo! leagues Once again Kane's rating... 12th overall means squat really. He's going to be owned in fantasy leagues anyways, it's a matter of when...

I was quite surprised to see Clowe’s name that high on HPG’s list of LWers, but statistically it does make a lot of sense. Quite "high" is a pretty broad statement...

His HPG rating of plus 21 is certainly something to take note of. You don't need me to tell you that Morrow's rating increases in leagues that count HITs... me revealing the number 21 says little about the entire list of LW players.

If you take into account the peripheral stats, he slides all the way down to 16th according to HPG.
Yandle takes a tumble, if you were a smart poolie you wouldn't need HPG to tell you that Yandle isn't great peripherally...

So I mean I don't think I did HPG a disservice by posting some of my findings. In fact Paul (a owner of HPG) actually sent me an e-mail to say thanks for giving him a shout out in the article.

I understand as a paying customer you kinda want to keep the advantage over your opponents since you paid for it, but I also take quite a lot of pride in writing quality articles to help my fellow Dobberities out as well. I use many tools like FrozenPool, HPG, Yahoo! player ranker to justify my findings/reasoning. I'm not going to short change DobberNation (and prevent it from growing) just to protect the ones who are willing to pay.
September 21, 2011
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David said:

Please stop releasing HPG insights I paid good money for the insights gained by HPG. Please stop publishing articles which give out the information for free. Otherwise, I'll just not purchase HPG in the future.
September 21, 2011
Votes: -2
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