Welcome to the Roto Guide 2.0 (click here to read in PDF).

With puck drop under a month away and a new season upon us, it seemed like perfect time to take the opportunity to bring about the next chapter of the Roto list – extended categories. The Top 100 now officially features eight categories: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, Hits and Blocked Shots (BS).


As you will soon see, the new list is clean, simple and to the point. The biggest change is that the color coding chart from previous editions has now been condensed and labelled under one “Roto Score” (RS). Also in its place, every player has their top three category performances highlighted in gold, silver or bronze – giving a quick glance at each of their respective strengths.

The guide will also feature an alternating column that will change up monthly, giving readers the tools needed to self-assess their players on route to building a winning franchise. Kick starting the feature is the “Dynasty Draft” column. This report gives managers an idea of where each player in the top 100 may end up being drafted in large 24 to 30 team keeper leagues. In some cases, a fantasy owner’s view of a player’s rank may change with the information presented. This allows for flexibility, which will be further explained PDF.

For the poolies who enjoyed the standard six categories rankings, Brandon Praba will continue rolling those rankings out. Together, readers get two different settings and two different viewpoints. Really a win-win for all involved.

This edition is short and sweet in order to soak in the new Top 100 Roto Guide… however don’t miss the release of the DobberHockey Black Aces logo in the Black Aces report, following the rankings!


Download the latest edition and check out all of the previous ones by clicking here (on the left side of the home page under Fantasy Ranking - Top 100 Roto Players).


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david said:

... goligoski doesnt make the cut?
September 18, 2011
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Robert Esquire said:

What about SHP??? I sure wish you would include this category. Not only is it one of my favorites, but has been used by my 23 year old league since its inception.

I like this category because team rankings can change quickly, unlike something like SOG, where if you're 150 down there is little chance for movement.
September 15, 2011
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GMGates said:

... Thanks Ross the Boss!

Fixed! Send me a pm with your email and I'll send you the update.

(That goes to anyone else as well)

September 15, 2011
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Excellent Extremely well done! My only complaint is the colouring of the cells for good and decent stats. Even with my screen on high brightness it can still be tricky to differentiate. Other than that, my hats off to you!
September 14, 2011
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