Each year I write out 10 fearless forecasts (some crazier than others). Last September was no different (check my list for 2010-11 out here). I was right in a few cases, I was close in a few cases, and I was completely off base in a few as well. How did you do with your preseason predictions (preferably those that were a bit out there)? The ball for 2011-12 is already rolling over on the hockey forum.


2011-12 Fearless Forecasts (feel free to post your lists below – actually more than that, you are ENCOURAGED to post your 10 in the comments section below).

10. Pietrangelo and Shattenkirk combine for over 100 points

Why? Two young stud defensemen playing with a group of terrific young forwards. This team is on the cusp.


9. Jaromir Jagr leads the Flyers in goal scoring

Why? The mullet is back, baby. Jagr is slower than Dave Andreychuk at this point in his career, but he'll see lots of time on the power play with Claude Giroux. I could score 15-20 goals playing with Giroux (not really, but it helps for my comparison).


8. Dion Phaneuf leads NHL defensemen in goal scoring

Why? I saw something in him after the Kaberle trade that reminded me of the trigger happy smashmouth defenseman from Calgary.


7. Carey Price wins the Hart and Vezina trophies

Why? He's a stud, and the Habs are going to do everything they can to compliment his game.


6. Corey Perry scores less than 40 goals

Why? Career year won't be repeated, don't see Visnovsky having another elite season. Hiller is a question mark until he suits up for a game, too. Lots of pressure on Perry to carry the team once again.


5. Parise and Weber are both traded at some point before the 2012 trade deadline

Why? The Devils need to start building for the future, and Parise's looming free agency is a scary proposition. The Predators have one more year with Weber (he's restricted next summer), but Suter/Rinne need new contracts in 2012. Am I advocating a trade involving these two players? It sure would make sense, wouldn't it?


4. St. Louis wins the Central Division

Why? Great team. Chicago made some interesting moves but it isn't a sure thing they'll be better. Columbus got better up front but they still have a below average goaltender. Detroit finds ways to win, but their core is aging. Nashville always hangs around there, but lots of question marks regarding their three best players.


3. Keith Ballard finishes with more points than Christian Ehrhoff

Why? This one is a bit of a reach - Ballard was awful for most of last season. However, if he sticks with the Sedins at even strength and on the power play, he'll see a lot of second assists. Ehrhoff sees a downgrade in talent in Buffalo regardless of who he lines up with.


2. Matt Gilroy scores 20 goals for the Lightning.

Why? Tampa Bay desperately needs an offensive puck-rushing defenseman. Bergeron can't play defense at all, and he's a liablity at the best of times. Gilroy could surprise.


1. Claude Giroux wins the Art Ross Trophy

Why? He'll see a huge increase in both even strength ice time, quality of linemates, and power play ice time. He's one of the most naturally gifted forwards in the game. And he's a personal favorite of mine.


Let's hear 'em!



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Jason Marcewicz said:

Fearless (3rd time's the charm?) 1. Detroit's Zetterberg or Datsyuk sustain major injury; Detroit misses playoffs
2. Flyers' Jagr amasses >100 points
3. NJ Devil Kovalchuk is traded to NY Islanders for draft picks
4. Buffalo's Leino gets 35 goals
9. Ken Hitchcock returns to NHL head coaching job
10. Edmonton Goals For >240
August 22, 2011
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Jason Marcewicz said:

Fearless (corrected) 1. Detroit's Zetterberg or Datsyuk sustain major injury; Detroit misses playoffs
2. Flyers' Jagr >100 points
3. NJ Devil Kovalchuk is traded to NY Islanders for draft picks
4. Buffalo's Leino gets 35 goals
5. Pittsburgh's Crosby plays >40 games
6. Boston's Tim Thomas loses starting job to Rask
7. Ottawa's Alfredsson gets injured and retires
8. TB Lightning's Gagne scores >35 goals
9. Ken Hitchcock returns to NHL head coaching job
10. Edmonton Goals For >240
August 22, 2011
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Jason Marcewicz said:

Fearless Great predictions everybody! Here's mine:
1. Detroit's Zetterberg or Datsyuk sustain major injury; Detroit misses playoffs
2. Flyers' Jagr >100 points
3. NJ Devil Kovalchuk is traded to NY Islanders for draft picks
4. Buffalo's Leino gets 35 goals
9. Ken Hitchcock returns to NHL head coaching job
10. Edmonton Goals For >240
August 22, 2011
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Derrek said:

Fearless 1. Dynamic Duo In Montreal?!
No, not Batman and Robin, Cammy and Pleks, and they will combine for over 140 points, not including Cammy's postseason points!

2. No change, perfect cents
The same 8 teams make the playoffs in the East with Carolina and New Jersey just missing them, St Louis is the only new team to make them in the West (sorry Phoenix)

3. More Games, MORE POINTS!
Crosby and Ovechkin play 82 games, both get 115+ points! (110 wouldn't be fearless)

4. No Points for you... NEXT!
No one on Florida, Atlanta and Phoenix breaks 60, and No one on St Louis, Edmonton, Ottawa or Toronto breaks 65

5. The HEAT is GONE
Dany Heatley finishes with less than 30 goals and less than 60 points

6. Keep your Head Up
The NHL hands out an 8+ game suspension in the first month and none for the rest of the regular season

7. The Back-stoppers are Back
A goalie wins the Heart trophy with 40 wins, 10+ shutouts and over .935 save %

8. Family Feud
The Sedin's get less points than the Staal's... 200+ for the 3 Staal's and under 190 for the Sedins.

9. The Heat is On!
Dany Heatley sco... NO, the real heat are the flames this year. Iginla picks up where he left off, and has a good first half and finishes strong for a close to 50/50 season and Tanguay is near 80 points

10. Love for Radulov
He comes back before the seasons end and makes an impact for Nashville, they also keep Weber get to the conference finals
August 20, 2011
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Mellow said:

Mr.Mellows Madness 1. Mike Smith emerges as a legitimate #1 goaltender in Phoenix
Last season Smith showed flashes of the ability Tampa Bay saw in him when they traded Brad Richards (Smith being the key piece in that deal). A fresh start and a much healthier season could see Smiths numbers greatly improve in 2011-2012.

2. Jonas Gustavsson emerges as #1 in Toronto
Another highly-touted young goaltender whose progress has been hindered by injuries. Gustavsson is probably in the best shape of his life right now and should Riemer stumble out of the gate he has the potential to shine.

3. Claude Giroux hits the century mark
Giroux has always had the potential but now has a very good opportunity to emerge as a legitimate superstar in the NHL.

4. T.J. Oshie rises to the challenge.
The one year contract Oshie received should light a fire under him to prove he can be a consistent leader for the St. Louis Blues. With the talent around him I see Oshie putting up career numbers this season.

5. Andrei Markov stays relatively healthy, putting up 50+ points.
Talk about fearless forecasts, I'm going out on a limb here and saying Markov plays in 70 NHL games, scoring 55-60 points... 40 or so of which are on the powerplay.

6. David Desharnais emerges as the full-time 2nd line centre in Montreal.
Eventually you have to put aside the fact that Gomez is making the money and realize you have to play the forwards who get it done.

7. Alexander Semin bounces back.
Every sub-par season Semin has had he's bounced back from. Look for a return (partially because of his being called out publicly by teammates) to 70-80 points.

8. Evgeni Nabakov finally lands in Detriot.
Nabakov gets his wish and is traded to the Red Wings at some point in the 2011-2012 season. Wow, does Eklund actually make money doing this sort of thing?

9. The Los Angeles Kings finish first in the West.
We've all been waiting for the LA Kings to take that next step and I believe it happens this season. Lombardi finally pulled a trigger on a blockbuster and it'll prove to be a great trade for the Kings. They now have the offense, the defense and the goaltending to compete with anyone in the league.

10. Ryan Johansen emegers as Columbus' #1 by seasons end.
Johansen is tried at centre between trigger happy wingers Jeff Carter and Rich Nash... magic ensues.
August 20, 2011
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Hockey Hoser said:

Hockey Hoser
1.Tyler Ennis, suprises and scores 75+ pts
2.Ryan Nugent-Hopkins starts for Edmonton but suffers injury forcing him back to juniors
3.Kris Versteeg is traded from Florida before the trade deadline
4.Calgary Flames make the playoffs
5.James Reimer slumps but Gustavsson picks up some of the slack
6.Leafs suffer too many injuries and finish bottom 5
7.Vancouver suffers from the playoff lag but find their form for the playoffs
8.Boston misses the playoffs
9.Washington wins the President’s trophy
10.Malkin wins the Hart
August 20, 2011
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mick said:

Fearless Forecasts 1. Chris Tanev scores 30 points.
2. Someone in Nashville breaks the 60 point barrier.
3. Pronger retires at some point in the next 12 months.
4. Gaborik misses 40 games.
5. Schenn outscores Jagr.
6. Perry receives the rocket richard trophy again
7. Benn leads the Stars in Scoring
8. Weber gets traded to New Jersey
9. Both Sedins reach 100 points plus
10 Blum reaches 40 points
August 20, 2011
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slicktee519 said:

... 1. E.kane leads Jets in scoring.
2. Landeskog will prove that he is NOT NHL ready.
3. Mikko finally breaks 80 point barrier.
4. Nash and Carter do click together. 165+ pts
5. Leafs panic and pick up Nabby.
6. NYR miss playoff, Sather is FIRED!
7. B. Ryan scores 50 goals, flirts with 90 pts.
8. Stamkos doesn't reach 90 pts this year.
9. Buffy will be over-rated in drafts, Enstrom outscores him by 15 pts
10. Ottawa has more points than the Leafs.
August 20, 2011
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Diffusion said:

Here are mine... 1. Crosby Misses at least half the season
2. Montreal wins the East
3. Carey Price wins the Vezina
3. Skinner wins the Art Ross
4. Filatov leads Ottawa in scoring
5. Neuverth gets 35 Wins
6. Backstrom and Ovechkin combine for more than 200 Pts
7. Kovalchuck gets 60 or less points
8. Chris Neil leads the league in PIM
9. Rick DiPietro plays more then 40 games
10 Kyle Turris finally has his break out season and gets 70 points

August 20, 2011
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Haakan Loon said:

Fearless Forecasts 1. Ryan Callahan hits 35 goals and 80 points
2. Rask retakes starting job from Thomas
3. Lidstrom fails to reach 40 points
4. Dallas Stars surprise everyone to have a great season and win their division
5. Lecavalier and St. Louis both reach 100 pts
6. Malkin scores at less than a point per game pace and Pens miss playoffs
7. Benn gets 75+ pts
8. Berglund gets less points than Stepan
9. Nashville and Detriot miss playoffs
10.Florida fails to have a player reach 55 pts
August 20, 2011
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paul said:

... 1. Brandon Dubinsky scores 30 goals along with 100+pims
2. Blake Wheeler leads the Jets in goals
3. Andy MacDonald takes one step backward to Mark Streit but will take 2 steps forward the season after next.
4. Kovalchuk scores 50 and is a minus player with the devils missing the playoffs again.
5. Patrick Berglund breaks out and puts up 70+ points.
6. Halak wins 35 with double digit shutouts
7. Cam Ward wins 40 games
8. Roloson is the tampa MVP
9. Logan Couture scores 18PPG
10. Vinny Lecavalier scores 92 points again
August 19, 2011
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