I'm not going to go over each and every pick from this point, but the ones that stick out. Here is the fantasy spin on the later rounds (two and up)...

(Note - read from the bottom...UP) 




Toronto took Matt Frattin at 99, and probably gambled that Ruzicka would slip down to 104. Phoenix acquired their 103 pick (don't ask me how) and the Coyotes have taken Vladimir Ruzicka

The Leafs traded up and pick 99th, 103rd and 104th.


In nine more picks, the Leafs will have back-to-back picks at 103 and 104. They will be the second and third picks for Toronto. With Vladimir Ruzicka still out there, I can't help but think they will take him.


There you go - Columbus selected Maxim Mayorov at #94. I had him as the ninth best fantasy prospect in the draft and Bugg had him as the 18th best. Now that he's in Columbus...ouch!


Round 4 begins


San Jose traded up to get goaltender Tyson Sexsmith at 91. 


Detroit did well at grabbing Joakim Andersson at 88. He is a two-way pivot who will fill in nicely on the second or third line in a few years. DobberHockey had him going 18th. Yes - 18th. Another steal for the Red Wings. 


Nope. They took a goaltender. Josh Unice at 86. Their streak of offensive awesomeness is over.


Chicago has another pick coming and they have me kinda excited (no, not that way). They have been drafting offensive gems like crazy and I have a feeling they'll grab Ruzicka or Mayorov. 


Tampa Bay took Luca Cunti right after the Leafs at 75th. Bugg had him ranked at 25. He has great offensive potential, but I have yet to see a Swiss player with great offensive potential actually do it at the NHL level. Regardless, watch him. Finally, the Lightning have something to be proud of in their system. 


Nope. The Leafs passed on Luca Cunti, Vladimir Ruzicka and Maxim Mayorov and they took Dale Mitchell. He not only brings them offensive potential, but he is also a leader in the dressing room. Think Ryan Smyth. 


The Leafs are up in three more picks with their first pick of the draft. Bugg feels that they will take Ruzicka. Cunti is also a possibility. Kudos to them if they get either. Even Mayorov would be a great pickup, because Toronto is another team that won't let the lack of a transfer agreement with Russia stop them. We shall see... 


Oh boy. The 'Hawks could have gone home and I would have been thrilled with their draft, as I already stated. But guess who they just grabbed at 69? The guy I just wrote about below - Maxime Tanguay. Like they don't have enough potential offensive stars. He'll be a great setup man in a few years. 


Another player that has not been drafted yet is Alex Tanguay's brother Maxime. Keep on eye out for the talented playmaker.


The Stars just took Sergei Korostin, a potential 40-goal right winger. Re-evaluate him in a couple of years, by then you know what you will have. He was taken 64th. DobberHockey ranked him 91. 


Round 3 begins now and still no Maxim Mayorov chosen. Even more surprising - Luca Cunti is still out there. 


The Devils took Mike Hoeffel at 57. Bugg has him ranked 100. He is a center that would compare to Vinny Prospal (again - all this info is in the Prospects Report - Buy It!). I just wanted to bring this guy to your attention because the Devils are awesome in the scouting department and if I'm not mistaken this is their first pick of the draft...


Chicago did it again. They will be an offensive juggernaut! Patrick Kane, Bill Sweatt and now...Akim Aliu. Raw talent and lots of it. If they can hone that talent, the right winger will be a star. He has an attitude problem (apparently) that shied teams away. Wow. The 'Hawks are the best drafting team this year, from a fantasy standpoint. This is lots of ammo for trades next summer, too. After all, you can't have four lines of offense! They will use some of these spare parts to swing a deal and could be a contender in 2008-09.


The Avs at 55 took a guy that's pretty close. T.J. Galiardi out of Dartmouth is an American playmaker with untapped potential. The pivot could be in the NHL in just a year or two and his upside is that of a second-line center. Bugg had him 36th. 


LA grabbed a decent pivot with 65-point upside in Swede Oscar Mollar. Bugg had him ranked 29th and the Kings got him 52nd. 


With Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Esposito and Talbot, it is clear that the Pens are extremely weak at the center position, especially young centers. So they drafted Keven Veilleux 51st (Bugg had him 47th). The NHL has him listed at center, but Bugg actually has him as a right winger. That must be their reasoning. Anyway, the guy is a monster. He's 6'4, 202 already. When he is done growing, watch out. 


The Mayorov watch continues. I also have my eye out for Vladimir Ruzicka and Luca Cunti. Akim Aliu also has some offensive upside.


Speak of the Devil. Trevor Cann just went. The Avs took him 49th. 


Two goalies have been drafted now. Phoenix grabbed Joel Gistedt out of Phoenix at 36. The Rangers grabbed Antoine Lafleur at 48. DobberHockey's top-rated goalie, Trevor Cann, is still out there. 


Mayorov would be a steal right about now guys. 


Florida grabbed Michal Repik. Another one to keep on your radar.


The Blues just took Simon Hjalmarsson at 39, who Bugg had ranked 61 in his mock draft (see the prospects guide). He has some finish, but his stats may have been padded by his linemates (i.e. Lars Eller).


Think the Blackhawks have a great future and an awesome stable of young talent? Well it just got better. They traded to get Boston's pick at 38th overall and drafted the fastest skater in the draft - Bill Sweatt.


Round 2 begins...

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