Fantasy Impact: The St. Louis Blues have signed center Jason Arnott and winger Jamie Langenbrunner to one-year deals, each for $2.5 million plus bonuses.


The Blues get: an aging and injury-prone center who is now probably best suited for the third line. As well, an aging and slowing down winger who is now probably best suited for the third line. Both players help as far as dressing room presence, but there isn't a lot of wiggle room - or any, for that matter - to add a youngster from within.


Fantasy Players Impacted: I don't believe Arnott will negatively impact anyone. He is a 65-game player who will log third-line ice time. The Blues will learn quickly that they have eight or nine forwards who would be more productive on the power play. Langenbrunner hurts the usual scapegoat - Matt D'Agostini. Never getting any respect, D'Agostini will continue to a be a 45-point player. That is to say, he's a 35-point player when the lineup is healthy, and a 60-point player when injuries strike some of the other guys. Vladimir Sobotka is another player who deserves a little more ice time, but won't get it now.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

None. Unless you count Arnott and Langenbrunner getting another season out of their worn-down bodies.


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. D'Agostini

2. Sobotka

3. Alex Steen



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Peter Puck said:

... Micael, Arnott received a NTC with this one-year deal, so not sure about a trade before the deadline.
July 07, 2011
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Anthony Lancione said:

STL. American Veteran hotbed! Just a quick interesting observation, with respect to Jamie Langenbrunner more so-- St. Louis continues to be a haven for veteran American on the back 9 of their careers looking for a nice U.S. Family town to enjoy their twilight years in the NHL.

Just ask Keith Tkachuk, Doug Weight, Scott Young, Billy Guerin at 1 point, now J.L. Plus even Jason Arnott who has played in and seen his family grow up in the U.S. The past 13 years sort of falls into this category as well.
July 07, 2011
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

... I really like this move for the Blues. St Louis has very little veteran influence. Langenbrunner & Arnott are former captains. Nichol a grit guy, that knows his place. This trio should offer excellent on ice, off ice and dressing room leadership. Additionally, having been through the wars, they should be a settling influence for the club when things go wonky. Oh, and they can play too. Scoring isn't the critical element for these vets to bring. Perfect for guys on the home stretch to solid NHL careers. They will clearly help in the push for a playoff berth. Good job by St Louis.
July 06, 2011
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michael riley said:

... If the Blues are in the playoffs, they keep them to make a run. If they are not in the playoffs, they trade them for 3rd round picks. Basically paying $5 million for some draft picks and/or stanley cup experience. Smart move.
July 06, 2011
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Josh Machney said:

jman I'm usually not too good at sensing tonality in written text, but Dobber, I'm sensing these signing annoy you.

Me too, I'm for giving those young guys every opportunity on that team.
July 06, 2011
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