The Capitals get: An elite starting goaltender with a lot to prove. Tomas Vokoun had to settle for a measly one-year, $1.5 million contract, a far cry from the $5 million he has made each of the past few seasons in Florida. Did Philadelphia jump the gun on Bryzgalov?


Fantasy Players Impacted:


Huge, huge huge impact on both Braden Holtby and Michal Neuvirth, in the short term. Vokoun will likely see 45-55 starts, giving the rest of the workload to Neuvirth, who likely becomes the back up now. Long term, this is a great situation for Neuvirth, who can learn a lot from his fellow Czech. Holtby goes back down to the AHL for at least one more year.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Tomas Vokoun, duh.

2. Neuvirth in the long term.


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Neuvirth

2. Holtby


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Pengwin7 said:

Vokoun's Turn 55-60 starts for Vokoun.

If you are Bruce Boudreau, you have two failed playoffs with two different young goaltenders. You can't go back to that well again and fail - people will say "What are you doing? Why didn't you try to give your experienced goaltender a shot?"

And, if you already know that you need to try your experienced goaltender in the playoffs... then you can count on giving him his usual starts during the season.

For Vokoun, this is 60 games.
July 02, 2011
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fzusher said:

... Only snag is Caps are now about 1M from cap with 12 fs, 7 ds, and 2 gs signed and Brouwer and Alzner still to be resigned (I am not counting Jay Beagle, counted by capgeek). Both players could command 2-3M each, so someone will have to be moved. I am guessing it is likely to be a D. They won't want a roster player back other than perhaps a depth guy, so it'll be prospect/pick. If they don't need that much salary and he's healthy, could be Poti. If they need lots of salary, Green. Wideman is in between those two. Watch Isles and Jackets. Maybe Avs. If Alzner or Brouwer go to arbitration and get award, opens up buy out window for Caps. Will be interesting to watch.
July 02, 2011
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ultrawhiteness said:

textbook this is an amazing decision of many levels. cheap? check. flexible? check. great talent? check. mentor for young promising goalie? check. avoid rushing other young goalie prospect? check. make philly look stupid? check.
July 02, 2011
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Mike said:

Capitals Wow! I think George MacPhee has done a great job filling the holes he considered necessary to take the next step. Adding Vokoun is huge, and sure makes them a legitimate contender.
July 02, 2011
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Shoeless said:

Flyers comment Absolutely the first thing I thought about was what the heck did the Flyers do?
July 02, 2011
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