The panel (12-2 heading into this round, end up 12-3 after a VAN loss) is back for one more kick at the can! Four of our writers accurately predicted a Vancouver/Boston final – Ian Fergusson, Justin Goldman, Gates Imbeau, and Russ Miller. Gates leads the way with a stellar 12-2 record. On to the picks…


The breakdown:


Dobber 11-3
Angus 10-4
Bugg 7-7
Ma 6-8
Miller 11-3
Fergusson 11-3
Goldman 8-6
Imbeau 12-2
Kwiaton 9-5
Lancione 9-5
Laidlaw 11-3
Lucarelli 8-6
Poleck 10-4
Kom 9-5
Renaud 9-5


The picks:


Expert VAN vs. BOS Top Scorer Top Scorer
Dobber VAN in 6 H. Sedin Horton
Jeff Angus VAN in 6
H. Sedin P. Bergeron
Matt Bugg VAN in 5
D. Sedin
P. Bergeron
Ryan Ma VAN in 7 H. Sedin Horton
Russ Miller VAN in 5 D. Sedin
Ian Fergusson VAN in 6 H. Sedin Lucic
Justin Goldman BOS in 7
R. Kesler
Gates Imbeau VAN in 6 D. Sedin Krejci
Marty Kwiaton VAN in 7
D. Sedin
Anthony Lancione VAN in 6
D. Sedin
Steve Laidlaw VAN in 6 R. Kesler
Tim Lucarelli VAN in 6

Dave Poleck VAN in 6
H. Sedin
Jeffrey Renaud BOS in 7 D. Sedin Krejci
Brian Kom VAN in 5
D. Sedin
Consensus VAN in 6
D. Sedin


(will be updated as picks come in)


The why…




In goal I'd give the edge to Thomas right now, but not by much and if any goalie can match Thomas, it's Luongo. The rest of the Bruins team has shown they are a force to be reckoned with, but Vancouver is simply quicker and more skilled.




With all areas Forwards, Defense, and Goaltending being a wash, Vancouver wins the cup thanks to their special teams.  Boston's PP is abysmal in the playoffs and that will haunt them against the Canucks.




Though I'll hate to see that silly Olympic host city trivia bit stay valid, I think the difference between the teams in pure talent is too much for Boston to overcome. Bruins have sandpaper, but Canucks do, too, plus a fair bit more.




Sedins are finally rolling in the playoffs and Luongo  hasn't been better, but more consistent than Thomas. Van has 17 PP goals to Boston's five.



There's always the argument that Home Ice Advantage is slightly overrated in hockey, however, H.I.A. for a Canadian team is undoubtedly underrated. Recall the famed 'Red Mile' in Calgary. Recall the absolutely electric atmosphere in Edmonton(apparently hit highest decibels ever for a hockey game...yes ever), etc. Bobby Lou now has the opportunity to seriously 100% validate his legacy that was not defined in the Vancouver 2010 games due to all the star power in front of him.




I said at the start of the playoffs that I just couldn't bet against Tim Thomas. I know it's a trite comment to make, but I believe winning the Stanley Cup is his destiny. I also think Zdeno Chara becomes a distraction for Luongo, especially during Boston power play chances.



Vancouver's lone weakness through the first two rounds was a lack of production from the Sedins. With Daniel and Henrik now firmly in the game, it's tough to see how the Canucks can be stopped.




Vancouver's speed up front and on the back end will give the Bruins fits.




Boston has struggled a little getting to the final, while Vancouver has exorcised their playoff nemesis Chicago and made Shark bait out of San Jose.  Getting Malhotra back will be an emotional boost and only add to the Canucks outclassing the Bruins.




The Canucks have all the tools, top to bottom. Two concerns:

1. Manny Malhotra rushing into the lineup and perhaps disrupting the roll they are on.
2. If this gets down to a Thomas vs. Luongo battle, then it will be Boston four straight. Kesler will still win the Conn Smythe




I’ve thought it was Vancouver’s time to finally hoist the Lord Stanley’s cup all season long but if there is one goalie that could somehow rise above the awesomeness that is Daniel and Henrik Sedin, it’s Tim Thomas. I believe ice literally runs through his veins and if a goalie is going to breakdown under pressure over the next two weeks, it will be Roberto Luongo not “Tank” Thomas.

Ma (ever the statistician):


Vancouver has  home ice advantage, Luongo career 2.44 GAA and .933 sv% at TD bank center. Van PP% efficiency 28.2%, BOS PK 79.4. Van has edge in special teams.



I like Vancouver because they are the deeper team overall. They were my preseason pick to win it all, and I see no reason to jump ship.



The Sedin twins found their cycle against the Sharks defense - it will be much of the same against the Bruins. Vancouver will capitalize on their PP and off of Boston turnovers. Thomas may steal a game or two - but it will be too little too late. Canada finally gets their Cup.




The Canucks have so much offense and an excellent defense corps that the Bruins just can't match.


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Russ Miller said:

The Comish
... Personally, I think Chara is very classy, just misunderstood, like most giants. I actually like Lucic and to a lesser extent Horton. When the Canucks win the Cup I think many in the hockey world will throw up a little when Maxim Lapierre hoists Lord Stanley's cherished chalice; I know I will.
June 02, 2011
Votes: +1

Derrek said:

Anyone but Boston Miller said
"the Canucks outclassing the Bruins"

The Green men have more class then Boston.

Maybe I'm taking this out of context, maybe I'm from Montreal, or maybe Lucic, Horton and Chara can take their dirty antics to Broadway and make a play called Bullies... Pronger would be the hero of the story!

Side Note - Glad Max Pax is fully recovered, and will be even happier when Van beats the classless Bruins
May 31, 2011
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Alex McDonald, Age 11 said:

Alex McDonald, Age 11
... Even in victory, the Canuck fans will still need something to complain about. The Canucks will win in 6, so the fans will NOT get to see the Cup awarded in person.

(And if Boston does end up winning, of course THAT will be in front of the Canuck fans, just to rub salt in the wound... if the Bruins win, it will be in 5 or 7.)
May 30, 2011
Votes: +0

Austin said:

Austin Well the nucks series's have gone 7-6-5 games. I am going to predict a sweep. Hopefully for the Canucks!

Nucks in 4 smilies/smiley.gif
May 30, 2011
Votes: +2

mick said:

layover Yes I think the extended layover will be a factor.
1. Kesler will have time to heal - he looked hurt in game 5 versus SJ.
2. Malholtra will have more time to get in practice. A malholtra return is huge as it means that Henrik won't be taking defensive faceoffs in key situations it will be Kesler and Malholtra with both on the ice at the same time.

Canucks are going to win this on special teams. Look at how tampa lit up Thomas on the PP, the canucks will do the same and their PK frustrate Boston.

Canucks in 5.
May 30, 2011
Votes: +0

Bruins in Ruins said:

just too much With Chara shutting down the Sedins being the only storyline that can change this series, I just don't see the Canucks losing at this point. Maybe Lucic and Horton will try to bait Kesler and Burrows into some post-whistle nonsense, and maybe the refs will single them out and give the Canucks a few PP chances. Even with all the shadyness around Colon Campbell's influence on Bruins-related discipline this season, nothing is gonna stop this blue and green train until there's a parade in Vancouver.

It's about time someone won the cup at home in front of their fans...
Canucks in 5!
May 30, 2011
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Brayden said:

Canucks layoff Does anyone think the extended break for Vancouver is going to be a factor?
May 30, 2011
Votes: -1
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