Each year I write out 10 fearless forecasts (some crazier than others). This past September was no different (check my list for 2010-11 out here). I was right in a few cases, I was close in a few cases, and I was completely off base in a few as well. How did you do with your preseason predictions (preferably those that were a bit out there)?


10. Three teams from the Southeast make the playoffs.

Why? Washington is a no-brainer. Atlanta has improved leaps and bounds, and I also really like what Steve Yzerman has done in Tampa Bay. Carolina has an outside shot if Cam Ward has a strong season.


Outcome: Washington and Tampa Bay are in. Atlanta was in contention until they collapsed in the second half. The Hurricanes are on the cusp. I'd say this one was decent.


9. Lubomir Visnovsky leads the Western Conference in scoring (amongst defensemen).

Why? Anaheim has horrid depth on defence, but their first unit on the power play is incredibly talented. Visnovsky has a great shot, and if he’ll have the likes of Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan to pass to if he decides not to shoot.


Bang. On.


8. Tyler Bozak leads the Leafs in scoring.

Why? He thinks the game well, he faces almost zero competition from other centers within the organization, and he’s added some size this summer.


Not even close. Grabovski emerged as the go-to center, and Kessel is his usual 30-goal self.


7. Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan combine to score 90 goals.

Why? Dropping my bold prediction from 100 to 90. Anaheim is going to ride its top guns hard, and these two are going to benefit. Don’t expect Ryan to stick at center. He’s a better winger at the NHL level.


Closer than I had expected. 81 goals and counting.


6. Washington doesn’t win the Eastern Conference.

Why? Boston is deeper on defense and stronger in goal. Also, the Southeast Division has improved considerably this summer.


Flyers could prove me right.... But the Caps are there once again.


5. Only one Canadian team makes the playoffs.

Why? Calgary is on the fence. Edmonton has improved, but how much? Toronto is a bubble team. I’m not sold on Montreal yet. Ottawa is a good team but they have holes in the lineup (most notably between the pipes).


Montreal and Vancouver. Close but no cigar.


4.  Jaroslav Halak wins the Vezina Trophy.

Why? Great goalie, strong team, tremendous coach. The Blues are poised to make some noise.


Right division, wrong goalie. Halak isn't ready for a starter's workload.


3. St. Louis wins the Central Division.

Why? See above. Also, an emerging core of talented players at both forward and defense.


A year or two early...


2. John Tavares and Matt Duchene both score over 45 goals.

Why? Both had solid rookie campaigns. Duchene was more consistent, Tavares was a bit streaky. He doesn’t have as much help on Long Island as Duchene has in Colorado, but both have the skill set to score 40 as soon as 2010-11.


Both have taken offensive steps forward, but the big breakout hasn't occured yet. Tavares needs more support, Duchene needs more seasoning.


1.  Chicago struggles to make the playoffs.

Why? Turco has been anything but solid over the past few years. A lack of depth could haunt the Hawks if the injury bug strikes. The Central Division is the toughest in hockey.


Battling for eighth as I write this.

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Simon Beauregard said:

I had those long-shot prediction with friend 1. Toronto would make the playoff (or at worst finish bubble)
- Close but no cigars... a few games short (lost 10$ dang!)

2. Edmonton would make the playoff
- No comment.... at least i didn't bet on this one...

3. Tampa would be 1st in division
- They were... sadly the season is 82 matchs... do i get ½ pt?

4. NewJersey would miss the playoff big time
- Too little too late, they started so bad... still i get the point

5. Lecavalier would score 90+ pts
- Like dobber said... i'm a believer... sadly traded Ehroff for him... smilies/sad.gif

6. Kessel would get 75+ pts including 30 goals
- 63pts in 81 games... but improving... no point for me though

7. Latendresse would get a career high 70+ pts
- Hum ok... injured most of the time, total: 6pts out of 11 match... EPIC FAIL

8. Gonchar would get 50+ pts and +10
- Euh... 27pts (and minus 15) in 67 games... but who knows what he would have done in those 13 games missed.

I guess i should better stick to NFL lol
April 07, 2011
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... These were mine:

My Fearless Forecasts
10. Sergei Gonchar is nominated for the Norris Trophy (following a 60+ point season)
9. Zbynek Michalek leads the Pittsburgh D in scoring
18 points was not enough
8. Pascal Leclaire doesn't get injured at all this year
[b]moving on
7. Olli Jokinen tops the 80 point mark
6. Michael Grabner leads the Panthers in scoring
I'll give myself this one, he led the Isles in goal scoring
5. Edmonton makes the playoffs
4. Mike Comrie and Patrick O'Sullivan each score at least 30 goals
3. Alex Kovalev gives one last hurrah with a 70+ point saeason
2. Tampa Bay wins the Southeast Division
they were leading for a long while, but they suck
1. Washington struggles to make the playoffs
they were shitty for a bit
April 07, 2011
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P S said:

2 Minutes For Bearding
dredged up mine from the beginning of the year September 25, 2010
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P Swami said:
2 Minutes For Bearding
10 for the bank
10. Hank and Dank finish the season with the exact same amount of points.
- admittedly not that risky and still got it wrong..FAIL

9. Anaheim surprises everyone and makes the playoffs on Hiller's back.
- Hiller did alot to get them there, and aside from may's expectations they are there....WEAK PASS

8. Edmonton finishes tops in the division.
- HAHAHA! i suppose if one were standing on their head i would be right! FAIL

7. Berglund leads the Blues in scoring.
- Well second to Backes so FAIL

6. Crosby & Ovechkin miss 40 games between them this year.
- Must be my crowning acheivment of these piss poor predictions...BIG PASS

5. The last place team in the east misses the playoffs by 9 points.
- FLA out by 21 pts and counting...FAIL

4. Jason Spezza does not lead the sens in scoring this year.
- errr... even with only 60 GP he still managed to do it. goes to show how crappy the sens have been!...FAIL

3. Phoenix make the cup finals.
- we will have to see, but im not holding my breath...PUSH

2. Boston has another top 3 draft pick thanks to the leafs.
- well, the leafs have proven me wrong. not sure how many teams get in the lottery but this has to be a.... FAIL

1. Subban struggles to top 30 pts this year.
- 38 and counting. can i still call it a struggle to top 30? probably not. another FAIL.

these are obviously not that easy to pull off. i went 2-7-1, so kudos to you angus!
April 06, 2011
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heater said:

... if you put money on vegas odds on all these predictions you'd be way ahead... in that light, great results...

anyone can predict vancouver to win their division etc and have a better than 50/50 performance..

nice piece and follow up, angus..
April 06, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Gold Star As predictions go, I thought this was a really good bunch. On the very fine line of being bold, interesting, and attainable. I remember reading these and liked them very much. I definitely give these a big thumbs up and a big gold star. I remember disagreeing firmly with the STL prediction, probably the boldest call of them all. (but man, I've had a brutal year of predictions... P.Martin over Letang... I remember telling somebody to drop Lundqvist early in the season... brutal Pengwin, brutal)

As for the Vezina, the only argument that can be made is that Rinne plays in a harder conference. But both Rinne & Thomas fared better (by both GAA & SV%) against the West, than the East! So, I think Thomas' extra .10 in GAA & extra .009 in SV% has to give him a definitive edge. And I think the NAS defense is better than BOS too. Everybody always thinks "Boston, Chara, good defense"... but this team gives up 32.7 shots against per game, 2nd worst in the NHL.
April 06, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... I'd give it to Rinne. You are probably right though, Craig.
April 06, 2011
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Craig K said:

#4 "Right division, wrong goalie."

Are you actually implying that Rinne will beat out Thomas for the Vezina? Amazing season by Rinne, but he's only going to the awards as a spectator. I'm pretty sure that they've already engraved TT's name on that one. Otherwise, great article.
April 06, 2011
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mike hess said:

good forecasts on the whole Angus...delightful read, congrats on fessing up, but overall not very bad at all...

St. Louis I agree you are a year out of synch....
Tavares lost a lot of support to injuries so who knows what might have been?
Montreal, who would have predicted Carey Price's return in such strong fashion. Boston killer first half....

50/50 is good enough for me this year, I just had to pick the right 50% to use...smilies/cheesy.gif
Visnovsky, Perry, Ryan and Vancouver all on my team and I won the league..thanks for the help
April 06, 2011
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AL said:

grindin griers
Vis All I have to say is thank you! I know there was a lot of talk about Vis leading the way for D men in the West but I made it a goal to draft him in my one year league, and got him at round 10. Not only leading the West but the entire NHL! Definitely came through in some tight spots for me this year.
April 06, 2011
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Eric said:

Hockey Hoser
inferior? I think more like psychic. I don't think those predictions are inferior. If you believe people could see in the future, I'd call Angus a clairvoyant! A score of 30-40% on say the Zenner Card test would mean you'd have ESP. Except I would imagine the probability of knowing what card out of 5 turns up next would be higher then trying to guess 10 random events with infinite variables.
April 06, 2011
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Puckhead said:

Angus unleashed... Angus, maybe poll the members in advance of next season, and pick 10 or 15 top fantasy questions to answer. That way, you are offering your take on questions asked directly from the guys who will criticize your predictions otherwise...just a thought. That being said, I enjoy your predictions, and 3-4/10 is decent. Nicely done!
April 06, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... I'd make them a tad more realistic if I was shooting for 50. I'm happy getting the 3 or 4. Better than last year. smilies/smiley.gif
April 05, 2011
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KJ said:

Big Kjell
Bad result Kudos for sticking your neck out...but not a good result. You need better than 50/50 or your predictions are inferior. smilies/cheesy.gif
April 05, 2011
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