Taken from the pages of the Top 100 Roto Players - March Edition, here is the Top 11-20 G/SOG Roto Keeper Monsters (RKM).

A few weeks ago, the Top 10 was a hot topic, With every following report, there is sure to be heated debates in regards to the positioning of players. Excluded from this list are the popular young guns on Entry Level Contract (ELC). Some of them could have definitely made an argument to be in the Top 20, but instead, they will be showcased in their own Roto Keeper Monsters, G/SOG Young Guns Edition.


Top 10 Roto Keeper Monsters, G/SOG Edition

11. RW - Dany Heatley, SJS

Like seen in last month's Right Wing Rant, Dany Heatley is several seasons removed from being a back to back 50 goal and 300 SOG player. Those numbers would have placed him alongside Crosby and Stamkos. If this season's totals are a preview of things to come, Heatley will see his overall numbers slightly decline. Although, like Kovalchuk, we can only assume that he will regain his consistent 40 G self again.

Consistent : 40 G, 275 SOG
Potential : 55 G, 325 SOG

12. C - Eric Staal, CAR

The All-Star Game hometown captain has been averaging (minus the 09-10 season) 35G / 300 SOG since the 07-08 season, and you can't really argue with those numbers. There is nothing stopping him from continually reaching those numbers going forward. A Power Play with Jussi Jokenin, Jeff Skinner and Jamie McBain will definitely be lethal. Staal is also another candidate to possibly de-thrown Ovechkin as top shot taker in a given season.

Consistent : 35 G, 300 SOG
Potential : 45 G, 300 SOG

13. LW - Rick Nash, CBJ

Much like Staal, Nash has been a very consistent player. If you average out Nash's NHL goal scoring career - minus his rookie year - you will get a total of 35.8 goals per season. Count on Nash to meet that average again this campaign.  While the CBJ sniper hasn't been a high SOG taker, Nash is on pace to match his only other 300+ SOG campaign (2007-08) with a projected finish of 331. If he could put up those numbers on a regular basis, a spot in the top 10 would be very likely.

Consistent : 35 G, 250 SOG
Potential : 45 G, 375 SOG

14. RW - Bobby Ryan, ANA

In rotisserie, Ryan can be considered a poor man's Corey Perry - except in these categories. Bobby Ryan recently rocked a 30 goal Turkey and will undoubtedly net in at least five more to finish the season. If Ryan had played the entire 2008-09 season, we would most likely be discussing a 35 goal three-peat.

Consistent : 35 G, 250 SOG
Potential : 45 G, 300 SOG

15. RW - Corey Perry, ANA

We have all witnessed the emergence of this roto stud. In addition, there was a poll on a few weeks ago that resulted in Perry being voted top RW in rotisserie leagues. If that's the case, we better see him drafted as such in next October! Keep in mind that being ranked 15th may seem low, Perry's true roto strengths are his all around numbers.

Consistent : 35 G, 250 SOG
Potential : 45 G, 300 SOG

16. C - Ryan Kesler, VAN

Kesler was labeled by THN as the league's perfect beast. Thumbs up to those that either drafted or traded for Kesler earlier this year / season. It is a treat to have witnessed Kesler's transformation into a solid roto player that can rival the goal scoring Daniel Sedin - both on pace for 40 or more goals. The only thing knocking on Kesler is the fact that he's a center, therefore LW and RW take precedent over him in positional requirement leagues.

Consistent : 35 G, 250 SOG
Potential : 45 G, 300 SOG

17. RW - Marian Gaborik, NYR

Gaborik is the first player on this list to be tagged with an additional set of numbers. Why? Because we all know that there are two versions of Gabby. Which one will you be drafting? Wish I could tell you, but regardless, when healthy this guy is a powerhouse.

Seasons healthy (75 or more games played) : Four (78, 81, 77, 76)
Seasons injured (74 or less games played : Six* (71, 65, 65, 48, 17, 60*)
Total Games Played (638*) per Season (10) Average : 63.8 GP

At 64 games played, Gaborik is still very capable of getting you 30 Goals... just know that it will come with a lot of frustration. However, if you are a risk taker and do not mind having a rotating IR spot, Gabby will gladly make his way to your team... mind you, he will make a great 1-2 punch with the next guy on the list!

Consistent if healthy (77 GP) : 40 G, 275 SOG
Consistent if hurt (64 GP) : 30 G, 200 SOG
Potential : 55 G, 325 SOG

18. LW - Alexander Semin, WSH

Much like his mentor (or what appears to be), Semin is tagged with three sets of numbers for the same reasons mentioned above. In six* seasons, Semin has only finished with over 75 games played once. He has another over 70 (73), but the rest can be considered injured seasons.  When healthy, he has shown to be just as effective as Gaborik. If the comparisons weren't enough, the Washington sniper has recorded very similar "injured" and "healthy" seasons. That said, it will be interesting to see how Semin plays on another team. Would he continue to post up the same numbers? I think so.

Consistent (if healthy) : 40 G, 275 SOG
Consistent (if hurt) : 30 G, 200 SOG
Potential : 50 G, 325 SOG

19. D/RW - Dustin Byfuglien, ATL

The first D-man to appear on this list edges out Mike Green for one major reason - Byfuglien is miles ahead in shots on goals and sports arguably the best dual eligibility status available to hockey poolies. Dustin has become a must own stud, especially if continues to post up massive SOG totals.

Consistent : 20 G, 325 SOG
Potential : 30 G, 400 SOG

20. RW - Jarome Iginla, CGY

How could I justify leaving out a goal scoring machine who has successfully posted 10 consecutive 30 goal plus seasons? Age haters, step aside. Iginla is only 33. While another 50 goal season may be out of sight, it is very reasonable to expect 30.  If your team is in the position to win now, make an offer for Iginla. Don't let the age bother you because even with a three year scope, at 36, Iginla will still be productive. Heck, look no further than 38 year old Alfredsson (barring this year's injury) and 40 year old Selanne!

Consistent : 30 G, 250 SOG
Potential : 50 G, 325 SOG

Honourable Mentions : Patrick Marleau, Johan Franzen, Vincent Lecavalier and Mike Green will be featured in the next G/SOG Edition, Top 21-30 Players. Can you guess the other six?


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CharLos said:

... Next 10, Zetterberg, Marleau, Franzen, Vanek, St. Louis, Towes, Moulson, Lecavalier, Green, Weber
March 18, 2011
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GMGates said:

... Byfuglien vs. Green - valid argument.

But it is not so near sighted as you think - past (consistent) stats speak for themselves.

If Buffy keeps his consistent 20G and 300 plus SOG, it out weighs Mike Green, who will be a consistent 20G but only 250 (or less) SOG. In fact, Green has never hit 250 SOG in a given season.

If all roto categories are involved, Green is obviously the better choice, but in a G/SOG combo battle give me Byfuglien!


March 17, 2011
Votes: +1

Andrew K said:

Byfuglien So... after one season (where he has already slowed down in the 2nd half) Byfuglien suddenly usurps Green on a G/SOG keeper list? Are you f****** nuts?!? Why are people so near sighted??
March 17, 2011
Votes: -1

Chris said:

Prediction Nice post. For the other players in the the top 21-30 I'm gonna say (in no particular order) - St. Louis, Kopitar, Kane, Toews, Zetterberg, Tavares.
March 17, 2011
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