A few days ago we took an inside look at players who have performed significantly better at home over the season and have more home games left on the season than road games. This information could set expectations for your playoff run and reveal who is worth playing or benching, depending on which town they're skating in. To build on that logic, I will now look into the road warrior, a player who has performed better on the road than at home this season.


Logic would tell us that the number of players who perform better at home is likely greater than the number who perform better on the road. Through my research I have found this to be true. Some players thrive while on the road with the travel life, hotel rooms, time away from home and some of the players might be guys on your roster that you never even realized.


The Sedins have typically shown great success at home, while sometimes struggling on the road. That is, until last season when they both dominated everywhere and Henrik took home the Hart. While Henrik has 41H/40R points this year, Daniel Sedin is finding his groove on the road, scoring 47 road points to his 39 home points. After tonight's road game, the Canucks will have 12 games remaining on the year, with 6 at home and 6 on the road. If you happen to own Daniel and this trend continues, you'll be happy to know that Vancouver plays three times in the final week of the season, twice on the road.


While most of the Philadelphia Flyers have been successful at home, Danny Briere has an impressive 33 road points in contrast to his 21 home points. After tonight's home game, the Flyers have eight road and six home games remaining. If you're a Rich Peverley owner, it might interest you that only 10 of his 38 points have come at home this year. After Boston's next three games (all on the road), it might be time to cut bait for the year since the BruCrew will have only three of 12 games left on the road.


In Atlanta, Bryan Little has 16H/24R points this year and Tobias Enstrom has 24H/26R points. Little's stats are more impressive, but the fact that Atlanta has only five home games remaining and nine road games makes both of these two great options down the stretch. In Ottawa, Daniel Alfredsson has 10H/21R points on the year with seven home and eight road games remaining.


Logan Couture has been on a tear when traveling, scoring more than double the amount of points on the road as he does at home (14H/31R). Unfortunately for fantasy owners, the Sharks have eight home games remaining and only six road games. Couture should not be dropped, but be aware when determining who to bench on a heavy night. Mikko Koivu has also been a road warrior this season (18H/31R), but has seven home and six road games remaining. The bright news here is that his next two games are on the road and three of his final four will be on the road as well.


In Edmonton, Sam Gagner has found himself playing better away from the pressure of the home town crowd, scoring 16H/26R points on the year. With Edmonton playing seven of their remaining 13 on the road, he would have been a solid option down the stretch. Unfortunately for fantasy owners, he was injured last night and will be out for the remainder of the season.


As the season winds down, team schedules will be closer and closer to an even split. Taking a closer look at these types of situations though could mean the difference between a couple critical points in a head-to-head playoff matchup and ultimately prove to be the difference in determining a champion or runner-up.


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JW said:

maya has the knife
Peverley Peverley's fantasy value in Boston has decreased dramatically from what it was in Atlanta... he has only 2 points in 9 games since becoming a Bruin.
March 14, 2011
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Nice article Keep up the good work
March 13, 2011
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