Fantasy Impact: The Carolina Hurricanes have reacquired Cory Stillman in exchange for Ryan Carter and a draft pick.


The Hurricanes get: The final piece of their top line from the Stanley Cup winning 2006-07 season. Stillman will skate on the top unit with Eric Staal and Erik Cole tonight. He’ll help a slumping power play with his creativity and playmaking abilities.


Fantasy Players Impacted:


Stillman gets one more kick at the can and his production should increase with added motivation. He takes away a roster spot from a forward in Carolina, and he also takes ice time away from at least one young Hurricane.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Stillman

2. Eric Staal

3. Jeff Skinner


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Sergei Samsonov

2. Chad LaRose

3. Jiri Tlusty

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Ian said:

... Unfortunately for Skinner owners, tonight's win indicates Skinner might pay the price with the Stillman arrival.

About 30secs of PP time for Skinner, while Stillman saw top time.

Won't affect Skinner longterm, obviously, but still...
February 25, 2011
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Kudelski's Krushers said:

Kudelskis Krushers
Huh? v2 So you don't see Jokinen on EITHER PP? That's kind of shocking. I'd have him there over Ruutu any day of the week.

So far we've both been wrong though as the PP1 (which scored) looked like this:

Stillman - Staal - Jokinen
Corvo - Pitkanen
February 25, 2011
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Jeff Angus said:

... Derrek:

Ryan Carter is a 4th line center at best. Zero value unless your league has 30 teams and 30 player rosters.

This helps Skinner because I see both on the PP - Stillman is a helluva playmaker.

Not much impact on Ruutu - I'd say the lines are:

February 25, 2011
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Kudelski's Krushers said:

Kudelskis Krushers
Huh? Angus, did you just pull names out of a hat for the help/hurts?

I agree that this helps Stillman and Staal. However, if Stillman plays the half-boards on PP1 it hurts Skinner as he takes turns with Jokinen playing there. The Canes like to keep a man around the net on the PP and I doubt that will be Juicy or Skinner.

I agree that this hurts Samsonov as he is either permanently line four (as opposed to getting juggled there) or even possibly in the press box now. I can't imagine how this affects LaRose though? It's not like he was getting much ice time on that top line, if that's what you're thinking. Skinner-Ruutu-Larose have been a frequently used line all season.

Finally, if anything, this deal helps Tlusty. The Canes were seemingly starting to question whether they were deep enough to spread their scoring across three lines. By adding Stillman as a threat on the top line, they can keep the "checking" line of Jokinen-Sutter-Tlusty in tact (I put checking in quotation marks since they are fairly effective offensively as well).

So who does this deal help/hurt?

1. Stillman
2. Staal
3. Corvo (stands to benefit a lot from an up-tick in PP% given his PP TOI)
(4. Carter, if he manages more TOI in FLA)

1. Samsonov
2. Bodie/Samson (one of them will have to be regularly scratched or demoted)
3. Dwyer (with Carter gone, Dwyer is pretty much locked into L4 C, whereas he had previously seen some minutes as a L3 winger, interchangeable with Tlusty. This probably isn't a huge deal though since the 4th line doesn't play a helluva lot).
February 25, 2011
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josh said:

Ruutu What about Ruutu?? Could he possibly get the bump off one of the top two lines?
February 25, 2011
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Derrek said:

Helping Skinner? How does this trade help Skinner in the short term? If Stillman gets top PP unit time, who's expense is it at? Wouldn't it help Cole if he stays on that top line?
Skinner doesn't play that much with Staal, I just see this as cutting even more of the possible time they would have on the same line.

Just another note/question, this trade has no affect on Ryan Carter? is he that fantasy irrelevant?
February 25, 2011
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