Fantasy hockey is like anything else, if you want to be good at it you need to put in your time.

Making the jump from point only leagues to standard rotisserie is a whole new game of puck. Roto leagues demand a different mindset from poolies when approaching the draft and trade table. There are many cases in which a stud in points-only could easily turn out to be a dud in roto (and vice versa). To your benefit, the Market Buzz series wastes no time in revealing a player’s true rotisserie value and focus on separating the underrated from the overrated.


When a poolie gets asked who the most dominant RW in rotisserie is, their answer will more than likely be Corey Perry. His stock has risen since the 2007-08 campaign during which he recorded 29G, 25A, plus-12, 108 PIM, 17 PPP and 200 SOG.

Perry gives his owners a reason to love him more and more with each passing year - this season is no different. As of Saturday February 12th, the team-leading Duck was on pace for a career high of 41G, 45A, 123 PIM, 31 PPP, 271 SOG and an even plus/minus in 56 games played. Can he break 90 points?

What do these stats mean to you? Simple! He is a must own in all standard rotisserie and H2H leagues. An 80+ point right winger is a gem in any format, but the moment you add Perry’s peripherals - 100+ PIMs, 30+ PPP and 250+ shots on goal, and you have yourself a candidate for  the best RW in rotisserie.

Perry’s PG Roto Score:

On Pace, 16
Potential, 18
Ranked 12th (GMG)

Let's switch the focus over to a player who (in my eyes) ranks just as high as Perry, but much like Patrick Sharp, does not get anywhere near the same level of respect when you bring his rotisserie league value into the equation.

Jeff Carter – C/RW, PHI

Carter is currently on pace for 39G, 35A, 50 PIM, 21 PPP, 349 SOG while having a very respectable plus-21. While those numbers are impressive, Carter is still able to deliver more.  Like we saw in the 2008-09 campaign, under the right circumstances, he can be a 45G, 40A, plus-20, 60 PIM, 20 PPP, 350 SOG player.

Fact is, when poolies think of rotisserie studs, PIM monsters are the first to come to mind. While it is undoubtedly beneficial to have the likes of Hartnell and Backes on your team, in rotisserie, having a top SOG player (like Carter) is just as effective as having a top PIM guy (like Perry).

That said, if Carter consistently matched the numbers mentioned above, he would get an automatic pass into the Top 10 and essentially become more valuable than the likes of Henrik Sedin, Mike Green, and Dany Heatley.

Yes, continually hitting 45 goals per year may be a bit of a stretch, but Carter’s done it before. Over the last two seasons, Jeff put in 46 and 33 goals respectively. Add that to his current goal pace (39), and you’re looking at a total of 118 goals - just a touch off of 40G on average per season.

In addition, for those in salary cap leagues, Carter’s recent eleven-year contract extension with a $5.272 million dollar cap hit is surely something to drool over. Definitely makes the 26-year-old that much more attractive.

Carter’s PG Roto Score :

On Pace, 16
Potential, 18
Ranked 13th (GMG)

Buzz : As long as Carter keeps his C/RW tag beyond this season, he could arguably be the best RW to own in standard rotisserie based leagues like Yahoo. He’s a gem and should not be under sold.

We’ll finish this edition with a player who just might lose their title of top RW by season’s end…

Dany Heatley –  LW/RW, SJS

During his first two outings with Ottawa, Heatley recorded back to back 100 point seasons and proved himself to be one of the league’s top Roto studs. Ever since, poolies have been drafting him in the first round (or Top 12) in hopes of getting similar to these numbers:

05/06 – 50G, 53A, plus-29, 86 PIM, 43 PPP, 300 SOG
06/07 – 50G, 53A, plus-31, 74 PIM, 39 PPP, 310 SOG

Well, it’s been four seasons and Heatley has yet to deliver.  While the SJS forward may be putting up decent numbers, it would be great to see Dany notch another monster season under his belt. Even so, unless he picks up the pace in the second half, that monster performance will have to wait.  Fact is, Heatley is currently projected to finish with 28G, 40A, 62 PIM, 34 PPP and 231 SOG with a plus-3 after 56 games played.

Fewer than 70 points… really? The 28G and 34 PPP is nice, but overall - and looking at past seasons - it’s quite disappointing for a guy with first round expectations.

Thing is, Heatley could be (and is drafted to be) the best rotisserie RW in any format. However, if he finishes the season with the totals mentioned above, he might very well be revoked of that title and even worse, removed out of the Top 10.

Heatley’s PG Roto Score :

On Pace, 14
Potential, 19
Ranked 9th (GMG)

Buzz : Heatley has 8 points (4G, 4A) in his last nine games – that’s promising. Hopefully he regains a bit of ground because like mentioned in this article, both Perry and Carter are definitely capable of stealing the top RW rotisserie honours and running away with it. Truth is, it’s looking more and more like a realistic possibility.

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GMGates said:

Top 100 Roto Players released Check out the Top 100 Roto Players!

As for Kane he's ranked a little lower due to the fact that past G, A and PPP he's only average in the other categories. Mind you, he's ranked 41 in February, but could move up a spot or two to be in the top 40. If you look at the guide, you will visually see why RW's like Carter and Perry rank higher than Kane.

February 17, 2011
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

What about Kane? Does Carter's multi-positional status help or hinder? Should he become a centre, I would suggest it significantly hinders him. He is playing wing this year. He has very few faceoffs. I've got my fingers crossed that he's a winger next year!

Patrick Kane if very fancy stuff, has awesome age factor, and is proven. I would wonder that he should have made the list, even if you were adding another commodity to the discussion. Yes, lousy PIM, and although I haven't looked it up, I suspect lower hits and blocked shots. He's not a warrior, in the same fashion as a Perry.
February 14, 2011
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GMGates said:

None of these guys are over or underrated, and none of them are under the wire in any pool.

Good argument, but this is the first part of many to come so I had to start with the best.

Tomorrow you'll be pleasantly surprised.

February 14, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

would prefer to see more depth this article focuses on three of the biggest names at the position. Your opening paragraph states:

"To your benefit, the Market Buzz series wastes no time in revealing a player’s true rotisserie value and focus on separating the underrated from the overrated."

None of these guys are over or underrated, and none of them are under the wire in any pool.

But that's not what this article does at all...I wish it did. Some constructive criticism.
February 14, 2011
Votes: +0

robert finkelstein said:

... Great stuff Gates. See you over in the forums.
February 13, 2011
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