The Stars have reacquired right winger Jamie Langenbrunner from the New Jersey Devils for a few draft picks.


The Stars get: a two-way forward with a track record of strong playoff production. However, of Langenbrunner’s 33 career playoff goals (in 137 games), 21 of them have come in two seasons. He seems to be a feast or famine type of player. At the age of 35 the legs aren’t as good as they used to be, but he still has a nose for the net. Perhaps a change in scenery will reenergize him – he has looked miserable all season captaining the Devils.


The Devils get: A conditional 2nd round pick in 2011 if Dallas either signs Langenbrunner before July 1st (he is an impending UFA) or they make it past the first round in the postseason. The two teams also agreed to swap conditional picks in the 2012 draft.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Obviously, this move helps Langenbrunner . He will be tried out on the wing with Morrow and Ribeiro. He is probably a better fit on a checking line (perhaps with Steve Ott and Tom Wandell), but Dallas will want to see if they can get some production out of him first. In New Jersey, it opens up some power play time for David Clarkson, as well as a roster spot for one of the rookies. The Devils are far from done.


Players this helps, in order:


1. David Clarkson

2. Mattias Tedenby

3. Steve Ott


Players this hurts, in order:


1. Jamie Benn

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slufoot said:

top-6? I don't think this impacts Benn at all. Langenbrunner wasn't acquired to round out the top-6 or help the PP. They got him for playoff production and for the character he brings to the dressing room. Guaranteed he'll see more time with Ott and Burish than he will with Ribeiro and Morrow.
January 07, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Stars/Devils 1. Wow. Nice move by the Stars. This may be the first indication that Dallas has chosen to make a run this year and won't be trading B-Rich... just letting his contract play out.

2. The Devils are TOAST. It is over. Kovalchuk is a plague. The only thing going for Lou Lam is that the NHL allowed his contract - which is certainly low enough for him to be tradeable. But until they trade Ilya, they are a bottom-10 NHL club... just like Atlanta was.
January 07, 2011
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Michal Smida said:

Josefson Josefson can also get some extra ice-time after the trade.
January 07, 2011 | url
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STONE. said:

... Does he make the Stars better on the PP?
January 07, 2011
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littleranger said:

... Nieuwendyk just said he'll be used on a line with Burish/Ott to start. His right handed shot will be used on the PP.
January 07, 2011
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