Johnny Cash couldn’t have known it, but he gave first-rate fantasy hockey advice in 1956 when he told us to “get a rhythm.”


Fantasy hockey is a schedule-based activity.  There are any number of crucial deadlines – drafts, weekly line-up decisions, waiver-wire windows, trade deadlines – some are only annual affairs, while others are week-after-week events.  We neglect these activities at our team’s peril.


Yet we’ve all done it.  From time to time, we miss crucial opportunities because we are too busy to take advantage of them.


And right now might be the busiest time of the year.  Our schedules often threaten to burst over the holidays, straining like Uncle Edgar’s shirt buttons after his fourth helping of mashed potatoes.


Sadly, multi-tasking can only take you so far.


Don’t forget last year’s unfortunate incident on the phone with grandma during the World Junior Championship when that bad goal caused you to launch into a Bruce Boudreau-style, f-bomb laced rant about your most hated Americans/Canadians/Russians (I’d include the Swedes, but does anyone really hate the Swedes?  Even Jacob Markstrom’s flopping about in the 2009 WJC final seemed to only produced a luke-warm emotion most closely resembling embarrassment).  Or maybe that was just me.




Since multi-tasking has its limits, successful business execs and military personnel have made a habit of staking out a predictable cycle of taking in information and making decisions for their organizations.  These cycles go by any number of names, but military folks have the coolest label for the concept – battle rhythm.


In short, a battle rhythm is a routine that helps get things done.


In our world, this might mean that you plan to spend ten minutes Monday night checking out the wire because the deadline for making a waiver-claim is Tuesday morning.  It might mean checking in on your team on your iPhone every Friday morning during your commute because the deadline for locking in your weekly lineup is Friday at noon. Maybe you catch 15 minutes of Roger’s Sporstnet or TSN’s Sport Centre over breakfast (and maybe like me, you flip ADD-like between the two). Most of us have a routine to some degree already. The point is to create a predictable minimum routine that is manageable and fits your needs.


Some will scoff at using simple scheduling as a safety net. Yet, while many of us devote hours to our squads, we remain ad hoc in our interactions, and this is a weakness.  It works wonderfully when time isn’t scarce. Unfortunately, problems can quickly arise when outside pressures intrude on our fantasy lives. Often our teams suffer in these cases, because let’s face it…there are a lot more important things in life than fantasy hockey (or so your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss/pet cat would have you believe).


Organizations using battle rhythms remain effective when things get hectic because their efforts have structure and are scheduled to meet their tasks.


So if you don’t have enough time on your hands, and your fantasy squad is slipping through the cracks, invest a few minutes to construct your own battle rhythm.   You might be surprised at how such a seemingly simple idea can help out so much.


Happy holidays to all, and to all a fine World Junior Championship!


And now I have to go watch that hilarious Markstrom video just one more time.  It’s so wrong, but it’s the time of year for guilty pleasures.



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kevinsrangers said:

... i always try during the week, usually mondays, to set my roto lineups till sunday. then i still try to get back everyday to see which goalies are starting ,whos hurt,etc. but if i miss, at least i have 2 goalies in, even if one doesnt start.(hate having 4 goalies on the bench with none in the lineup)
also whenever i do this i make sure to go past sunday because there are usually early games on sundays that start before i get to check out the pool, or sometimes weekends are just to hectic to get on a computer.
December 22, 2010
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hannuemen said:

Re: Team Sweden can suck it No lie I'm going on a Eurotrip from Christmas to January 8 and will be in Bern shortly after New Years. Since I have 3 other guys to back me up and not a pregnant wife I will be sure to track these swedes down and repay them for the injustice you received.
December 22, 2010
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Patrick Dunphy said:

Team Sweden can suck it Does anyone really hate the swedes?.!?!? I'll give an emphatic team america style "F*CK YEAH" to that. Pre spring of 2009 I wouldn't have said such a thing. That spring my wife & I travelled to Europe & managed to catch the semis of the world hockey championships in Bern, Switzerland. Having always heard how great those tourneys are in Europe from a fans POV and what a friendly experience it is for all fans. I was pumped - the highlight of our 10 day/ 3 country adventure. Here we are my 6 month preggo wife & I are making our way into the Canada-Sweden game dressed in full on Team Canada garb & these 2 swedes start jarring at me about winning in 2006. I retort to stop living in the past cause Canada's gonna roll tonight & that they'll really see what Canada is about in Vancouver. They deteriorate from there into f-u canada, Canada sucks & James weisnewski style hand mouth actions to the point where I just gotta ignore them before I do something stupid. Did I mention I'm there with my wife that's obviously preggo?!?

I was never happier to stand for an anthem as I was that day when Canada won 3-1. who has 2 thumbs & hates swedes?!? This guy.
December 22, 2010 | url
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dennis said:

Hall Hey check out 0:48. I didn't know Taylor Hall was in Mighty Ducks as a kid
December 22, 2010
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