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The DobberHockey Crew is 12-2 in these playoffs. I'll continue to brag about that record, because personally...I didn't do so well. But I told ya - next year I'll be picking my team in the playoff pool based on the Crew!


Here are the results and the predictions for the final round...looking at the picture, I'm sure you can guess our consensus...

The DobberHockey Crew said Anaheim in six, Ottawa in seven. Ottawa only took five games...otherwise, exactly right.


Angus was 8-4 and 2-0 last round...10-4


Notch was 8-4 and 1-1 last round...9-5, plus a bonus for the Round 2 extra prediction.


Burnsy was 8-4 and 1-1 last round...9-5


Lanky was 7-5 and 2-0 last round...9-5


Bugg was 8-4 and 0-2 last round...8-6


Gunther was 8-4 and 2-0 last round...10-4


Dobber was 7-5 and 1-1 last round...8-6


Yep, as a group we were better than individually.  




Angus: Ottawa in five.  I'd love to take the easy route and say seven, but the Senators have already beaten their toughest opponent. Conn Smythe to Alfredsson.


Notch: Ottawa in six. Stop me if you have heard this before, because nobody else can stop them, not even Pronger, Neidermayer, or Huskins.  Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater!!! Conn Smythe to his original pick back in Round 1 - Heatley.


Burnsy: Ottawa in six. Emery has made a believer out of me and Giguere just seems to play too deep in his net to survive against the big 3 of Ottawa. Conn Smythe goes to Alfredsson


Lanky: Ottawa in six.  Whenever Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson are on a tear, it's best not to bet against them (regardless of who they are playing).  They tore through good defensive teams and good offensive teams so far.  They faced 3 of the better goalies in the east, and made them look like amateurs in the stat column.  Anaheim has yet to face a scoring powerhouse team in the playoffs.Conn Smythe to Alfredsson.


Bugg: Anaheim in four. There's only one team that I feel can consistently beat the Sens, and that's the team that can throw Niedermayer-Pronger out against the best line in hockey. When you've got the depth to do that and still have Francois Beauchemin and Sami Pahlsson to clean up the leftovers, you have a Stanley Cup champion. As much as it pains me to say it as an Oilers fan, Pronger wins the Conn Smythe.


Gunther: Anaheim in six. As much as Canada would like to win the cup, it will be coming to another US team. Anaheim is very opportunistic. Ottawa will have to play mistake free hockey to have a chance. Conn Smythe to Pronger.


Dobber: Ottawa in five. They have won every round in five, so why fight it? Too much consistency. Alfredsson easily wins the Conn Smythe.


DobberHockey Consensus: Ottawa in six. Alfredsson wins the Smythe.


Most Surprising Thing in the Postseason So Far...


Angus: Pavel Datsyuk.  I guess it should be expected to see him break out, but he was phenomenal all postseason.  Glad to see it as he has long been a favourite of mine.


Notch: The most surprising thing about this year playoffs is that ever couple days you hear a story about a non-playoff team like Toronto.  Playoffs are for winners.


Burnsy: Most surprising thing has been the lack of overtimes


Lanky: Most Surprising thing about these playoffs to me is that Detroit made it to the conference finals, and Hasek played all 18 games for Detroit without getting injured...


Bugg: How easily the Sabres were rolled.


Gunther: The one year Daniel Alfredsson doesn't make a cup prediction, they get to the finals!


Dobber: San Jose's brutal showing against the Red Wings, and the sheer awesomeness of the Sens.


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