People love being right, and I am no different. I have had my share of swings (Zach Parise the most notable) and misses (Steve Bernier, Paul Kariya) over the past few seasons. Making bold predictions before the season starts is something I enjoy doing, and I know many of you do as well. Last season I posted 10 Fearless Forecasts on my section of the hockey forums. I’ll review those below, as well as list off 10 more Fearless Forecasts for the 2010-11 season.


Last season:


10. Vesa Toskala is a finalist for the Vezina Trophy.

Time to crawl under a rock.

9. James Neal outscores Brenden Morrow.

Neal had 27 goals and 55 points. Morrow had 20 goals and 46 points. Bang on.

8. Sam Gagner and Patty O are 1-2 in Oilers scoring.

Staying under that rock…

7. Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry combine for 100 goals.

62. A far cry. Again, I pushed the limits a bit too much with some of these .(But that is where the fun is, right?)

6. Marian Gaborik plays over 75 games, scores 50+ goals, and becomes the biggest hit on Broadway since "Cats" (was that ever a hit?)

Hit, close miss, and hit. Gaborik was worth every penny of his $7.5 million contract for New York.

5. Atlanta has the #1 PP in the league, but fails to make the post-season once again because Kari Lehtonen gets hurt.

Horrible PP (25th), Lehtonen hurt, playoffs missed. Call this a wash.

4. Toronto wins the Northeast Division.

What was I thinking?

3. Dany Heatley scores 60 goals, winning the Hart Trophy. With team TBA.

Didn’t click with Thornton as well as many hoped/expected. Funny how hockey on the ice is different than hockey on paper.

2. Crosby and Ovechkin are shut out of every major award.

Hart = Henrik, Richard = Crosby (tie), Pearson = Ovechkin, Art Ross = Henrik. I’ll say this one was a miss.

1. Detroit misses the playoffs.

Too much.


All in all not too bad considering how bold (fancy word for stupid) some of my forecasts were.


2010-11 Fearless Forecasts (feel free – actually more than that, you are ENCOURAGED to post your 10 in the comments section below).

10. Three teams from the Southeast make the playoffs.

Why? Washington is a no-brainer. Atlanta has improved leaps and bounds, and I also really like what Steve Yzerman has done in Tampa Bay. Carolina has an outside shot if Cam Ward has a strong season.


9. Lubomir Visnovsky leads the Western Conference in scoring (amongst defensemen).

Why? Anaheim has horrid depth on defence, but their first unit on the power play is incredibly talented. Visnovsky has a great shot, and if he’ll have the likes of Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan to pass to if he decides not to shoot.


8. Tyler Bozak leads the Leafs in scoring.

Why? He thinks the game well, he faces almost zero competition from other centers within the organization, and he’s added some size this summer.

7. Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan combine to score 90 goals.

Why? Dropping my bold prediction from 100 to 90. Anaheim is going to ride its top guns hard, and these two are going to benefit. Don’t expect Ryan to stick at center. He’s a better winger at the NHL level.


6. Washington doesn’t win the Eastern Conference.

Why? Boston is deeper on defense and stronger in goal. Also, the Southeast Division has improved considerably this summer.


5. Only one Canadian team makes the playoffs.

Why? Calgary is on the fence. Edmonton has improved, but how much? Toronto is a bubble team. I’m not sold on Montreal yet. Ottawa is a good team but they have holes in the lineup (most notably between the pipes).


4.  Jaroslav Halak wins the Vezina Trophy.

Why? Great goalie, strong team, tremendous coach. The Blues are poised to make some noise.


3. St. Louis wins the Central Division.

Why? See above. Also, an emerging core of talented players at both forward and defense.


2. John Tavares and Matt Duchene both score over 45 goals.

Why? Both had solid rookie campaigns. Duchene was more consistent, Tavares was a bit streaky. He doesn’t have as much help on Long Island as Duchene has in Colorado, but both have the skill set to score 40 as soon as 2010-11.


1.  Chicago struggles to make the playoffs.

Why? Turco has been anything but solid over the past few years. A lack of depth could haunt the Hawks if the injury bug strikes. The Central Division is the toughest in hockey.


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Vincent Melanson said:

Bold Predictions 1. The Calder won't go to an Oiler.
2. Nittymaki will play more games than Niemi
3. Matt Duchene will outscore Paul Stastny
4. David Backes will have more than 65pts
5. Tim Connolly will play at least 75 games and will be a point-per-game stud
6. The Philadelphia Flyers are for real and will win the Division
7. Ilya Bryzgalov and the Coyotes will struggle. No playoffs for the desert dogs
8. Ryan Getzlaf will break the 90 pt barrier
9. Sutter will be fired before Christmas
10. Tampa Bay will make the playoffs and will have 4 players over 75 points
September 28, 2010
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meek said:

My 10+. 10. MPS wins the Calder over Seguin and finishes third in Oiler scoring behind Hemsky and Horcoff with 26 G's & 36 A's for 62 pts.

9. The kids lead the Oilers to contend for a playoff spot - but fall short in the final week and finish 9th - 1 point out of the playoffs.

8. Sheldon Souray gets traded before Xmas - sayyyyy to the Pens for a conditional draft pick. He plays only 15 games - then gets hurt and is out for the rest of the season.

7. Tampa Bay makes the playoffs. Montreal doesn't. Carey Price rides the bench, gets hurt, or is traded before the all-star break.

6. Taylor Hall misses 1/3 of the season with injuries - but still gets 17 goals and 40 points. Eberley, Penner and Gagne each hit 20 G's.

5. Oilers are in the top 3 the league in PM's. Steve MacIntyre leads the league in fighting majors.

4. Top 10 scorers: Ovechkin, (55) - Malkin, (51) - Kovelchuk, (51) - Stamkos, (4smilies/cool.gif - Parise, (45), - Iggy, (42), - Gaborik (42) - Crosby (41) - E. Staahl (40) - and Kopitar (40)

3. Nikoli Happyboozin is not successful with his DUI appeal, but cuts a deal to do his 30 days sentence in the off-season and then is released after 10 days.) He plays 30 games for the Oil and gets hurt again for the year.

2. Chicago struggles in the regular season, but they still make it to the conference finals.

1. Vancouver goes the the SC finals but loses to NJ in 7. All other Canadian teams miss the playoffs.

(this is my 1st post here. - don't rip me too bad) smilies/wink.gif
September 27, 2010
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cymro said:

... Big Ev - I know he's topped them in points, but I'm tipping him to do it again in 10/11! Thanks for the reply tho. Lovin' this article - my draft is tomorrow!
September 25, 2010
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Dale McCarthy said:

... 1. The Los Angeles Kings challenge for 1st place in the Western Conference.
2. Tomas Kaberle gets traded.
3. Halak has a mediocre season and the Blues miss the playoffs.
4. The Montreal Canadiens have two 40-goal scorers.
5. Kovalchuk does NOT lead the Devils in scoring.
6. The Vezina is a two-man race between Rask and Quick.
7. Tyler Seguin wins the Calder and Brian Burke still insists he'd make the trade again.
8. Half the Canadian teams make the playoffs with Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal seeing post-season action.
9. Richard Peddie is spotted at Tim Horton's standing near the counter mouthing everyone's words as they place their order.
10. Ron Wilson is the first coach fired.
September 25, 2010
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... cymro, #4 has already happened
September 25, 2010
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cymro said:

First Post - Lovin Okay, first time posting but here are my 10:

10. Filatov fizzles at 15G 20A 35P. Ken Hitchcock silently nods and grins.

9. Somehow the Sutters secretly know more than we think - Jokinen puts up 65+ points and Iginla hits 50 goals for the first time since 07/08.

8. Tavares plays less than 50 games due to injury, but DiPietro plays more than 40 (and puts up decent numbers).

7. Tampa Bay finish second in the Southeast, with Ellis and Smith splitting the starts right down the middle. Stamkos hits 40+ goals, but so does Gagne and Lecavalier is back to 100 pts.

6. Minnesota make the playoffs. Somehow. Montreal do not.

5. Craig Anderson, Jimmy Howard and Jonathan Quick all lose their starting jobs by December.

4. Malkin has a career year, topping Crosby and Ovechkin in points. Ovechkin takes the Rocket Richard though.

3. Carey Price is run out of Montreal (telling fans who pay upwards of $100 a ticket to 'chill'? Seriously?) but Montreal fans also get a bit of love when....

2. ...PK Subban wins the Calder, while Tyler Seguin is his closest competitor. Edmonton fans execute a single, collective and synchronized facepalm when their holy trinity of rookies misses out.

1. Tukka Rask wins the Vezina, and even though Savard misses the entire season with post concussion syndrome.....the cup goes to Boston.

Admittedly some of those are pretty wild and a few not, but if I hit .500 on them I'll be pretty thrilled.
September 25, 2010
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Pengwin7 said:

A good man Anybody who willingly & publicly admits their mistakes is a good man.
Love your stuff Angus - keep it coming, wrong or right.
September 25, 2010
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Larry said:

good as gold-book it Dano! 1. After a season that sees Fisher and Comrie score over 30 goals each-Sean Avery proposes to Lindsay Lohan.

2. Daniel Sedin wins the Art Ross with the exact same stat line as Henrik had last year. He doesnt thank Hank in his acception speech.

3. In a final push to make the playoffs, Darryl Sutter convinces Chelios to come out of retirment. Leaf fans call for Burkes head thinking Chelios as there 14th dman might have saved them from finishing dead last.

4. Gary Bettman gets Ron Mclean from HNIC fired after Ron calls him a douche on air.

5. Tijuana Mexico is rumoured to be the home of the latest NHL expansion team,after being awarded the 2013/14 AllStar game.

6. During an appearance on OTR with Michael Landsberg, Bobby Clarke starts a fight when Landsberg calls Carcillo a sissy. Clarke breaks his dentures on Landsberg hair.

7. Bruce McNall with a letter of support from Gordon Gecko and $100, buys the Coyotes and moves them to Las Vegas. A pissed off Jim Ballsille attempts to buy the state of Nevada.

8. After watching the Bruins pick a future star #1 overall with the Leafs pick, Burkie claims they didnt want the kid anyways due to his failure to correctly spell the word 'truculence'.

9. Jaromir Jagr's early 90's mullet is elected into the HHOF on the first ballot. Ryan Smyth makes the announcement.

10. Vinnie Lecavalier leads Tampa to a Stanley Cup win over the Halak led St.Louis Blues, Montreal media are unsure if they should restart the Vinnie to Montreal rumour, or the fire Gauthier for trading the wrong goalie rumour.
September 25, 2010
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Jeff Angus said:

... AWESOME feedback, gents. And 2 for 10 aint bad considering how out there most of mine were. smilies/smiley.gif

Love these lists.
September 25, 2010
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gregory churchill said:

Spitball's insanely bold 100% proof 2010-11 NHL forecasts THN Comeback Player of the Year; Nikolai Khabibulin, old enough to be grandfather to many of his team-mate's,Nikolai leads the rocketing diaper-boys into first in the northwest by Christmas. The rejuvenated, re-conditioned, re-committed, re-habbing bulin-wall leads the NHL in save %, minutes, saves, wins, and several other stat-geek categories. Few poolies rejoice. Dobber writes, oops.

Calder; Oliver Eckman-Larsson, leads the Western Conference Champion Phoenix Coyotes in d-scoring. NHL analysts say OEL reminds them of a young Drew Doughty.

Lady Bing; Brandon Sutter. No sophomore slump slows Sutter. Seventy points from the Cane's second-line center and just a handful of minors. The young star earns the first Lady Bing award ever for the famed Sutter clan. Asked for their thoughts on Brandon's historic accomplishment, Darryl and Brent curtly mutter " no comment ", and turn away.

Hart; Zack Parise, becomes the first NHL star to exceed 60 goals and 60 assists in one season since Mario Lemieux, over fifteen years ago. Parise gives credit to his teammates, his coach, John Maclean, his parents, his junior coaches, the training staff, starts, break for commercial.

Norris; Mike Green, tops 100 points and leads the NHL in +/-. Still, there are donkeys braying about Green's suspect defensive zone coverage. Asked for his thoughts about "the Green controversy ", Bobby Orr says, " what defensive zone coverage? he always has the puck! " Veteran reporters are reminded of something similar someone said about Wayne Gretzky many years ago. But they can't remember who.

Vezina; Ilya Bryzgalov, announces to a suddenly shocked-silent audience his recent KHL signing with Blackgoldenstan, a resort town in southern Belaruskia. Bryz says the imminent re-relocation of the Yotes to Winnipeg is at the heart of his decision. " I'm a golfer, " Ilya tries to explain, " Anyone know the length of Manitoba's summer? Three weeks? Anyone see the size of those mosquitos? " He silently wonders if it is too late to begin chuckling at his own these crazy yanks really think there is such a place as Blackgoldenstan?

Adams; John Maclean, leads the Devils to first place overall in the NHL. His training camp decision to put Ilya Kovalchuk at rw creates the most dominant trio in decades. Dubbed the zip-line ( Zajac, Ilya, Parise ), they lead the Devils easily into the playoffs, only to be shut-down by eighth seed, and eventual Cup Champion, Ottawa, in round one, in only four games. Maclean is fired the next day.

Art Ross; Travis Zajac, Zip-line centerman is first since Big Joe Thornton to tally over 90 assists. Travis wins the scoring title by a single point over line-mate Zack Parise on the season's final day when a blue-line bomb from Kovalchuk deflects off Zajac's tailbone and past a bemused Tim Thomas. Zajac suffers a severe gluteus maximus hematoma, and misses round one of the playoffs.

Conn Smythe; Robin Lehner, called up to the NHL on April 1, after regular Sens goalie, Pascal Leclaire severs an artery whilst clipping his toe-nails, Lehner embarks on a Dryden-esque run through the playoffs, culminating in the first Stanley Cup triumph for a Canadian-based team in decades. Yeah!

Richard Trophy; Daniel Sedin...or, er, Henrik? Shock and confusion at the podium as both Sedins approach to accept the Richard Trophy. Daniel's name is on the award, but Henrik claims that it was in fact he playing left wing all season for the Canucks, and it was in he who scored the 68 goals that lead the league in 2010-11. " We were just having a little laugh," explains Daniel. " Last year, Coach Vigneault claimed that he could finally tell us apart. In training camp, we switched positions and didn't tell anyone. Guess we fooled Alain! "

September 25, 2010
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
My Fearless Forecasts 10. Sergei Gonchar is nominated for the Norris Trophy (following a 60+ point season)
9. Zbynek Michalek leads the Pittsburgh D in scoring
8. Pascal Leclaire doesn't get injured at all this year
7. Olli Jokinen tops the 80 point mark
6. Michael Grabner leads the Panthers in scoring
5. Edmonton makes the playoffs
4. Mike Comrie and Patrick O'Sullivan each score at least 30 goals
3. Alex Kovalev gives one last hurrah with a 70+ point saeason
2. Tampa Bay wins the Southeast Division
1. Washington struggles to make the playoffs
September 25, 2010
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mike hess said:

Predictions Angus....good job of telling us how you did last year and putting your finger in the air on the new ones; more in the air on some .

I struggle with Bozac's forecast as others believe he falls back to earth this year with more competition.

I think Montreal steps up and there are two Canadian teams in the playoffs.

I think Turco will long as Chicago remembers to play defense too....
September 25, 2010
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Dobber said:

... love the logo/pic Angus!

September 25, 2010
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Greg said:

My 10 predictions 10. Kovy sticks at RW and alongsie Parise combines for 90g. Devils top line best in NHL.

9. Chicago repeats as Stanley Cup champs after knocking out the Sharks and Niemi in a grueling 7 games conference final. Toivonen will be their starter by then. In the finals they defeat the Devils in 6.

8. Malkin comes back with a bang and takes the Art Ross.

7. Phaneuf leads the Eastern conference D-men in goals scored (over Green by 1).

6. Lidstrom wins yet another Norris.

5. Magnus Paajarvi Svensson sticks with the big team and takes the Calder in the process. Bernier comes in at a close second as he doesn't get enough games under his belt.

4. DiPietro stays healthy for the season leading the Isles to the 8th and final playoff spot.

3. Dallas will finish in the basement with the worst record in the league, a paltry 25 - 57.

2. Selanne has a spectacular last hoorah putting up nearly 40g (3smilies/cool.gif in the process.

1. Brodeur defies age and takes yet another Vezina trophy.

Bonus: Concussion come back players Booth and Bergeron both eclipse 35 goals and 65 pts.
September 25, 2010
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P Swami said:

2 Minutes For Bearding
10 for the bank 10. Hank and Dank finish the season with the exact same amount of points.

9. Anaheim surprises everyone and makes the playoffs on Hiller's back.

8. Edmonton finishes tops in the division.

7. Berglund leads the Blues in scoring.

6. Crosby & Ovechkin miss 40 games between them this year.

5. The last place team in the east misses the playoffs by 9 points.

4. Jason Spezza does not lead the sens in scoring this year.

3. Phoenix make the cup finals.

2. Boston has another top 3 draft pick thanks to the leafs.

1. Subban struggles to top 30 pts this year.
September 25, 2010
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flaupmes said:

... LDM: Unfortunatley #10 isnt going to happen (I would love it though), and Filatov isnt eligible for the Calder.
My forcasts are a little tamer, but I would ahve to say that:

1. Comrie leads the league in points scored per dollar earned
2. Vokoun to Philly at the deadline (let Holmgren figure out the cap)
3. Turco leads G in assists
4. Darryl Sutter attempts to coax Valerie Bure out of retirementsmilies/wink.gif
5. Feaster takes over for Darryl Sutter (who is subsequently "promoted" by the trade deadline. Brother Brent stays on board.
6. Lecavalier is downgraded to the mid #30s on Dobbers top 300 list by February
7. Stamkos wins the Rocket Richard.
8. Mark Streit leads the East D in scoring (with Green injury)
9. Colorado misses playoffs
10. EDM gets another lottery picksmilies/angry.gif
September 25, 2010
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Luffy D Monkey said:

Luffy D Monkey
Here are my 10 10. Canucks miss the playoffs.

9. Duchene sophomore slumps to the tune of 35-40 points.

8. Filatov wins the Calder trophy.

7. Kostitsyn brothers combine for 55 goals.

6. The Leafs finish last in the NHL.

5. Flyers miss the playoffs.

4. Malkin wins the Rocket Richard.

3. Kari Lehtonen gets 70+ starts and notches over 30 wins.

2. Two NHL teams other than the Coyotes change ownership or location.

1. Ovechkin gets 60 points or less.
September 25, 2010
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Reuben said:

My fearless forecasts Good stuff Angus. I hope some of your forecasts work out.

Here's my 10 on a lazy Friday night.

1. Drew Doughty takes a step back offensively to the low 50pt area, but it doesn't matter because Jack Johnson hits 50 as well.

2. Alex Tanguay and Olli Jokinen both end up in the mid-60's and Calgary makes the playoffs.

2a. Mikka Kiprusoff wins the Vezina. (no, I'm not based out of Calgary)

3. St Louis makes the playoffs and a big reason is Erik Johnson, who blows up with a 55t season.

4. The Sedins both go over 100points, despite struggling all season to find a consistent winger to play with.

5. Washington runs away with the East. Wait, they did that last year. Okay, Washington wins the East with 7 players over 60 points (Ovie, Backstrom, Green, Semin, Fleischmann, Laich, Knuble) They just bloody outscore everyone, in other words

6. Ilya Kovalchuk hits 100pts.

7. Minnesota finishes last in West; Florida bottom of East.

8. Colorado misses the playoffs...think StLouis and Columbus from the 2009-10 season.

9. Boston wins the Northeast, and gets the 4th overall pick thanks to another shoddy year for the Leafs.

10. PK Subban wins the Calder...only because Markov misses 40 games with injuries, and Subban is forced to be Montreal's PP quarterback.
September 25, 2010
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Darren said:

... How is 2/10 not too bad!!!
10) No way Atl makes P/o's.
9) Duncan Keith, Drew Doughty, nough said.
smilies/cool.gif Like it
7) Like it
6) Nope, only getting better with age
5) Like it
4) Tuuka Rask. B's will go with the young star 65 games and he will shine in sophmore
3) Detroit - huge bounce back year (even with Howard!)
2) Like it
1) No way
September 25, 2010
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Derek Reese said:

2010-11 Fearless Forecasts 10. Iginla will score 40 goals
9. No Oiler will win Rookie of the Year
8. Washington has a 3 guys top 100pts
7. Kovachuck scores 50 goals
6. Malkin out scores Crosby
5. Minnesota finishes last in Western Confrence
4. Detroit misses playoffs
3. Toronto finishes higher than Montreal in standings
2. Phaneuf gets nominated for Norris trophy
1. Doughty wins Hart trophy and Norris trophy
September 24, 2010
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Kevin Luu said:

... I think the Tavares+Duchene prediction will be the biggest miss on the list
September 24, 2010
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Fat City Hacks said:

Guts Angus, this is the first comment I've ever left on this site, despite being a reader/fan for a long time. While I don't always agree with your opinions, I had to post up that I've got a ton of admiration for your integrity. Every year, I buy Dobber's fantasy guide along with a few other poolie mags (I want to know what my competitors are basing their strategies on, eh?), and one of my tests for another mag's value involves digging up last year's edition and checking their forecasts against actual outcomes. I like that you have the guts to offer up a review of your own track record without making me do the research - I don't know of any other hockey site/mag that has the jam to do that. Seems like ALL of your competitors act like last year's mag never came out and when I check their previous season's forecasts, their performance hits around 25% at best. You and the Dobber team have a hit rate that's way higher and for that, I have nothing but respect for the job you do. And oh yeah, thanks for helping me enter this year's draft as the 2-time defending champ!
September 24, 2010
Votes: +2

Sean said:

Turco gotta disagree with the Hawks prediction. I think people will be surprised how good Turco does on Chicago. A change of scenery is exactly what he needed.
September 24, 2010
Votes: +1
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