Fantasy Impact: The Hurricanes have signed winger Patrick O’Sullivan to a one-year, two-way contract. He was a member of the organization for about five minutes during the 2008 trade deadline. Carolina moved Justin Williams to Los Angeles for him, but then he was quickly flipped to the Oilers for Erik Cole.


The Hurricanes get: A skilled, but soft and inconsistent winger. O’Sullivan had a breakout offensive campaign with the Kings back in 2007-08, scoring 22 goals and adding 31 assists. Since that point, though, he has struggled to produce. He scored only 11 times with the Oilers last season, and was promptly bought out this past summer (after being traded to the Coyotes first). He was a star in the OHL, and it was easy to see why after watching him only once. He skates very well, he sees the ice like a star, and he possesses phenomenal hands.



However, he seems unwilling or unable to compete at the level required to be a positive factor at the NHL level. He is a smart player but doesn’t go to the tough areas on the ice, and he has been called out numerous times for bailing out of plays to avoid a hit (one of the biggest no-no’s a player can commit in the game of hockey).


Fantasy Players Impacted: A two-way deal promises him nothing, but the Hurricanes have a number of forward spots open this year. After Jokinen, there are no sure things for the top two lines. Veterans like Erik Cole and Sergei Samsonov have a leg up because of their one-way contracts, but the Hurricanes appear committed to a youth movement. O’Sullivan will be battling the likes of Jeff Skinner, Drayson Bowman, Jerome Samson, Pat Dwyer, Zach Boychuk, and Zac Dalpe for a roster spot.


O’Sullivan could even slide to center behind Eric Staal and Brandon Sutter. Center is his natural position and he is a pretty decent defensive forward when he commits himself. This may hurt the short-term value of Riley Nash. This is a classic low-risk, high-reward signing. Worst case is O’Sullivan plays exactly like he did last season, and ends up riding the bus in the AHL all season.


O’Sullivan grew up in North Carolina, and he had a troubled childhood with an abusive father (read Gare Joyce’s book on the issue – O’Sullivan’s dad was/is a legitimate psychopath). However, it sounds like his father has moved out of the area.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. O’Sullivan


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Nash

2. Dalpe

3. Skinner

4. Bowman


If O’Sullivan makes the team... the lines could be as follows (bear with me, Carolina’s lineup is arguably the hardest to put together right now):



Boychuk-Sutter-Cole (Boychuk and Sutter have played together and clicked in the past)




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rjfisher83 said:

... I like the fact that you used a picture of him fishing the puck out of his own net.
September 17, 2010
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fzusher said:

... 1) Forget about Hurricanes line combos. There is no such thing. Nada. Don't exist. There two sure things in there - Staal will center the top line, and Kostopolous will play wing on the fourth line. All their other players will be sliding in and out of positions in the lineup all season because most players on that team are multi-positional, because many players on that team are injury prone, and because they like to spread offense and defense across the lineup.

2) There is room to accommodate Boychuk, Skinner, Tlusty, and one of Nash/Dalpe on the roster. Jokinen returned to third line center, and Samson and Dwyer are bumped to the press box (Samson) or AHL (Dwyer), end of story. If O'Sullivan is taken as a winger I think he slots into the Samson-Dwyer category - borderline roster player - for them entering camp. That's the starting point, and his performance in camp will move him up or down from there. If they try him at center, that means they keep Jokinen on wing, and then one of Boychuk-Skinner-Tlusty suffers, but really, all they have to do to secure a roster spot even in this case is outplay Larose and Samsonov, and that shouldn't be too difficult.

3) Bowman isn't hurt by this signing because Bowman was not making the team anyway, unless they had the intention to tank. Bowman was a team worst -17 on an Albany team in which two thirds of the players were even or plus and the next worst player was Mike Angelidis with -8. He is not ready for the NHL. If you expected Bowman in the NHL to start the season, get off the meds smilies/smiley.gif

[yes, I know everyone likes to trash +/- as a meaningless stat. It isn't. It's meaningless to compare +/- across teams, and even within teams looking at the middle of the +/- ranks, but especially when you look at AHL teams, 95% of the time, if you're in the top 3-5 players on the team in +/- then you were defensively sound and if you're in the bottom 3 on the team in +/- you were defensively crap and therefore not ready for NHL minutes on a winning team].

4) Even if O'Sullivan starts the season in the A, as long as he establishes himself as one of the top 3 callups, he'll see 30-60 games on this injury prone team, depending on how early he is called up and assuming he plays well enough on the callup.
September 17, 2010
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mike hess said:

go O I am happy to see the signing..smilies/smiley.gif He deserves the opportunity to fail/succeed on his on. Edm management/coaching issues during his tenure there are well known; I am acutally scared for that great new young talent going to Edm; Let's hope they, the management/coaching, don't screw them up and some of the senior player's step up and take leadership on the ice.

At 25, he has been through a battle with LA managment over contract, sent to siberia, EDM; plays 19 games and is injured, comes back the next year and doesn't do that well. One season does not make or break talent. Let him have his chance and then we can judge if he is lacking.

After all the abuse he has taken, to put up the gumption to take a two way deal and try again is fantastic. Yes, he has to win a slot, so Patrick go for it!!!!

September 17, 2010
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littleranger said:

... Darnnnn this drops Skinners chances of making the team smilies/sad.gif I thought I finally figured out Carolinas line combos after working on them for hours then this happens!
September 17, 2010
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Jeff Angus said:

... Dukla, don't fret. Two way deal. He'll only get it if he earns it.
September 17, 2010
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Ryan Lenethen said:

Thank God! I am just happy he signed somewhere, anywhere. I protected him last Monday in my pool as I was too cheap to pay the 20$ penalty to cancel a long term contract. At least I have a glimmer of hope that he is fantasy worthy, rather than not playing in the NHL at all!smilies/grin.gif
September 17, 2010
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Jocular Hockey Manager said:

Good move Carolina needs to do some enhancing. Yes the kids are interesting. Someone pushing the best out of them is an ordinary and necessary development. It's generally not in the best interest of the organization or the players, to have a kid line. (great kids in Carolina, but they aren't necessarily on the same level as the Edmonton trio). I absolutely love how Detroit develops their kids. Carolina needs to pay attention, especially right now. If a kid like Bowman/Terry/Tlusty shows he's ready, playing some games (40-60) at 10-12 minutes a night is likely in their and the organizations best interests. Inching ahead, rather than thrown in. If they're ready, they'll TAKE the job. O'Sullivan has NHL skills and could be a top 6 guy. His unwillingness to compete is well known. I hope he grabs hold of the reins, but don't hold your breath. He's been with three organizations that have featured opportunity (Minnesota, LA & Edmonton) and failed to firmly establish himself. A fourth life, is a very uncommon good fortune.
September 17, 2010
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Markus Kaut said:

Tlusty Suppose Tlusty is also impacted by this?
Where does he fit in on the depth chart?
September 17, 2010
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DuklaNation said:

... Ugh, totally sick move for all the promising Carolina prospects. Dont understand this move at all.
September 16, 2010
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