Fantasy Impact – Calgary has signed center Olli Jokinen to a two-year contract worth $3 million per year. (Is it 2008?)


The Flames get: A former star center looking to get his career back on track. After signing Alex Tanguay earlier in the day, Darryl Sutter dipped into the past to bring another former Flame back to Calgary. Jokinen scored only 15 goals last season in 82 games, split between Calgary and New York. Jokinen’s point totals since 2006-07 – 91, 71, 57, and 40.


Fantasy Players impacted:

I would say that 2010-11 is a make or break year for Jokinen, but for some inexplicable reason, Sutter gave him a second year with the contract. This move hurts star prospect Mikael Backlund, who now has to leapfrog some big salaries – Jokinen at $3 million, Daymond Langkow at $4.5 million, and Matt Stajan at $3.5 million. Jokinen failed miserably on a line with Jarome Iginla before, so don’t expect those two to play together again. I assume Stajan slots in with Tanguay and Iginla, but where does that leave Jokinen (and Langkow, for that matter)? Jokinen may slot in on the second line with his countryman Nik Haman and Rene Bourque.


If someone out there can justify what Darryl Sutter is thinking here, please let me know!


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Rene Bourque

2. Nik Hagman


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Backund

2. Langkow

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Eric Daoust said:

Quote by Einstein Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
July 02, 2010
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Larry said:

... Maybe Darryl is working on his insanity defense for when he goes McSorley on his coach smilies/grin.gif

Its one thing to bring him back- but 2 years? at $3mil per? who was he outbidding? After what Jokinen showed in Calgary, this is still an overpay, and 1 of Jokinen,Langkow or Stajan is going to be on the the 3rd line- does he not realize he was already hamstrung by the cap?
July 02, 2010
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Derek Arrowsmith said:

Jokinen/Tanguay Deals So if anyone is gonna try and put a shred of positivity to these deals, I think one has to realize that these are the make all or break all deals for Sutter, so if one or the other don't pan out, I think Sutter will resign as GM. So the bright side maybe that Calgary fans will either be getting a solid two way Center, with good hands finally get his mojo back, and if he gels with fellow countryman Hagman and Rene Bourque, does have the ability to get 70 points and score 25 to 30 goals next year !?! In Tanguay, Sutter is hoping that he can make some sort of a career comeback on a line with Iginla and Stajan and if he is to make a small comeback I can see it happening with Iginla by his side. Iginla desperately wants to have a big year himself. Yes both are hugely far fetched and utterly utopic (is that even a word?)but look on the bright side, you'll either get two players previously thought to have their best years behind them score 70 or so points each or more, or you'll get your wish and Sutter will almost certainly have to fall on his sword if that doesn't happen ! Either way, most of you die-hard Flames fans will get your wish one way or the other !! That's about the only way to put a positive spin on this day for a Flames fan imo. I should be so lucky to have these concerns, I'm a Nucks fan, so I had one of the better Free Agent Frenzy Day in recent memory ! Wee !!
July 02, 2010
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Mabus said:

... Argh - Someone should write an article about how horrible Sutter is as a GM. Yet another tough day for the city of Calgary. Jokinen makes players around him worse. If he signed for the league minimum I'd still be upset. I don't even know what else to say, but Sutter is obviously unqualified to hold a position as GM.
July 01, 2010
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Darren said:

... Jokinen to Calgary
Watched the entire 6 hr deal on TSN2. Every anylist (9 of them) were laughing their ass off. I can understand the Tangauy as a long shot but Jokinen? Great write up Angus, hit in on the nail. Totally ridiculous. Does Darryl now resign after the outcry for his head? Flames fans are probably as bad as Wild as the 29th and 30th teams in the show.
July 01, 2010
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Beejer said:

Bring back MacDonald!!! Why not bring back Lanny MacDonald. I just loved that moustache!!!

Sutter... Matt Lombardi is still available on UFA, hurry!!!
July 01, 2010
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Tony said:

JUICE The next obvious move is to trade for Huselius and put him on a line w/Tanguay and Jokinen.
July 01, 2010
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UKflames said:

In Sutter we (used) to trust.
If someone out there can justify what Darryl Sutter is thinking here, please let me know!

Ummmmmmm................................nope sorry.smilies/cheesy.gif
July 01, 2010
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