Fantasy Analysis: Chicago has dealt Dustin Byfuglien, Ben Eager, Brent Sopel and Akim Aliu to Atlanta for Marty Reasoner, Jeremy Morin, and the 24th overall draft pick and the 54th overall draft pick.


The Blackhawks get: a lot of salary relief. Probably $5.5 million when it's all said and done (Eager's contract). In Morin they get a prospect who is two or three years away, but were it not for the wait he would be a Top 20 guy on my Fantasy Prospects List. As it stands now, he's ranked 60. They also get two great picks. This all keeps the fantastic players flowing through the system. It's the Detroit philosophy and look what a franchise they've been for 20 years. In Marty Reasoner they replace John Madden on the checking line nicely.

The Thrashers get: a huge second-line winger who should be good for 55 points a season and a solid playoff warrior. But will Byfuglien still be with Atlanta in five or six years when they finally make it back to the postseason? A waste of great assets. They also add Sopel's veteran presense as a depth defenseman, an underrated agitator in Eager, and a fading prospect in Aliu.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Byfuglien should have a career year next season. That was in question in Chicago, where he would certainly bounce around from the first to the fourth line, and even on defense. In Atlanta he will always be a first or second liner - those lines just won't be as good, that's all. Eager really benefits. He could barely get into the deep Chicago lineup, but he'll get every minute of ice time that Colby Armstrong had and it says here that he'll produce more offensively - as well as, of course, PIM. I really like Eager with this move, though he does get hurt a lot so that could derail things in a hurry.


Morin was a great prospect to own, but in a lot of leagues he won't be worth owning at all now. Instead of waiting a year on him in Atlanta, you will be waiting three years or even four in Chicago. Jack Skille was going to be a full timer in the fall, it was just a matter of who's spot he will take. Now we know - Byfuglien's. So his value was going up, but it didn't actually "go" up until this deal happened. Aliu's value is helped with this move, but he is in a downward spiral and it's not like Atlanta helped Angelo Esposito out of his downward spiral.



Players this helps, in order:

1. Eager

2. Skille

3. Byfuglien

4. Troy Brouwer

5. Andrew Ladd


Players this hurts, in order:

1. Morin

2. Clarke MacArthur



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Derrick said:

No mention of how this may change the Chicago PP? Buff did have a role there and his absence will likely open up a spot. Was wondering who has the best chance of taking it.
June 24, 2010
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Darren said:

... I would disagree a bit and start off by saying what a robbery Chi just pulled.
Byf is the hottest thing going right now and kudoos for Chi cashing in on that. Yes he was amazing in playoffs, but he did not cash in last regular season and it will happen again. The guy parks himself in front of the net and no one can move him. Why? There are no enforcers playing in the p/o's and no one wants to take a dumb penalty so you have to deal with it. However, come regular season its a differnet story and that's why he's nothing more than a 45 pointer. You mention he will be a second liner and hit 55, but his playing mates won't be as talented. Some can argue this but I think the main point is he is two totally differnet players with different style from regular season to playoff. Atl will grow tired of his inconsistency and he'll bounce from 2nd-3rd line 35 games in IMO. Wow, did Chi clean up there!
June 23, 2010
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Larry said:

great deal for the Hawks They definately sold Buff high,$3mil/ for a guy on your 3rd line is a bit much. Getting 2 good picks for him and Sopel while shedding salary is pure gold! Reasoner at$1.1mil for Eager (unsigned)also falls in the Hawks favour, getting Morin for Aliu is just iceing on the cake! They probably still have to shed a little salary (as well as dumping Huet to the minors),but so far they done very well.
June 23, 2010
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Chad said:

Kyle Beach No mention of him in this article or in the list of players this helps? What are your thoughts on Beach?
June 23, 2010
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YearOfTheFish said:

... Not a done deal yet as per Bob McKenzie: It is my understanding Chi-Atl trade hold up is indeed because Atl would have 51 contracts with trade. Atl has to move a contract first.
June 23, 2010
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