Jason Arnott


The New Jersey Devils acquired center Jason Arnott from the Nashville Predators today, in exchange for prospect Matt Halischuk and a 2011 2nd round draft pick.


The Devils get: a 35-year-old center with one year left on his current contract. He is set to earn $4.5 million in 2010-11. Arnott has been Nashville’s captain for the past few seasons, and he will slide in behind Travis Zajac on New Jersey’s second line. He has played over 70 games only once in the past four seasons, though. He finished 2009-10 with 19 goals and 46 points in 63 games.


The Predators get: a solid two-way prospect in Halischuk. He projects as a character player at the NHL level.


Fantasy Players Impacted: This deal ends any chance of Ilya Kovalchuk returning to New Jersey. It probably bumps down either Jamie Langenbrunner or Brian Rolston to the third line as well. Arnott had fantastic chemistry with Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora back when the Devils won the Stanley Cup in 2000, but that was over 10 years ago. Still, I’d expect him to play with Elias and Rolston or Langenbrunner (Sykora is a free agent as well...).


On Nashville’s side, something obviously has to give. Is Colin Wilson ready to take over as the number one center? He played a lot at wing last year, but he will most likely make the move back to the middle for 2010-11. This also opens up a spot for Cal O’Reilly in the top six (assuming Nashville stands pat with their current center group, which isn't likely).


David Legwand is a third line center paid like a second line center, and this deal changes nothing with him. The Predators are currently at about $39 million in committed cap space with 17 contracts. Lots of room to make moves, even with their internal budget.


Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Colin Wilson

2. Patrik Elias

3. Cal O’Reilly


Players this deal hurts, in order:

1. Dainius Zubrus

2. Jamie Langenbrunner

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Peter said:

Arnott Value I think it changes his value too a little higher. But I dont' think there'll be much improvement though.
June 19, 2010
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Darren said:

... I really can't see Langenbrunner as a 3rd line player. He is way too valuable and was actually a mainstay with Parise-Zajac before the Ilya trade. I don't see why it won't go back to that as they did very well as a unit. Lang has had back to back 60+ campaigns and I see no reason why Rolston or Zubrus beat him out. If anything this trade will benefit him if he's not on that top unit.
June 19, 2010
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indianapwns said:

... This might be a bit of a stretch...but I've heard a lot of the reason that Radulov left the NHL in the first place was because of the way Arnott treated him after Rads tackled Arnott and gave him a concussion...Does Arnott leaving town affect Radulov coming back at all? I'd be more inclined to come back if I didn't have an angry Arnott breathing down my neck....
June 19, 2010
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angus said:

... I don't see Arnott's value changing one lick. I'll put that in, though. smilies/smiley.gif

It could hurt Langenbrunner because I see Rolston as the best bet to play RW with Elias and Arnott. That means one of Zubrus or Langenbrunner gets the top line, the other gets the third line. Whichever one loses out is hurt.
June 19, 2010
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Shoeless said:

... Thanks for being on top of this stuff Angus - nice to get a distillation of fallout so quickly when you are lazy like I am.

I am curious as to why you haven't mentioned whether this deal helps or hurts the guy that got moved - Arnott.
June 19, 2010
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Claudio said:

Langenbrunner Question on why this hurts Langenbrunner??
June 19, 2010
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B.Hendy said:

... Wouldnt suprise me if they did sign Sykora dirt cheap and reunite that line
June 19, 2010
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