Wondering what your plan of attack should be this summer? Preparing for a draft? Upset about some trades you made in the past? I’ll weigh in with my thoughts on the interesting and important issues.


This week, I took a look at the team submitted to me by DobberHockey reader and member Brendan G (known on the message boards as ‘teamramrod’).



League: The MJHL


Team: The IceHawks


League Rules:

Dynasty League


11 teams in league


Forwards: Goals = 1, Assists = 1


Defensemen: Goals = 1, Assists = 1, +/-


Goalies: Wins = 3, Ties = 1, Shutouts = 2


Active Roster size: 14 forwards (no positional requirements), eight defensemen, and two goalies


The Roster:


Niclas Bergfors

Mikkel Boedker

Derrick Brassard

Nikita Filatov

Valtteri Filppula

Claude Giroux

Anze Kopitar

Ville Leino

Josh Bailey

David Perron

Jordan Staal

Steve Stamkos

Kyle Turris

James van Riemsdyk

Jakub Voracek


Cam Barker

Zach Bogosian

John Carlson

Erik Karlsson

Alex Pietrangelo

Michael Del Zotto

Kris Russel

Ryan Sutter

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Bobby Sanguenetti


Jonathan Bernier

Jimmy Howard

Jaroslav Halak

Tuukka Rask

Michal Neuvirth

Jeff Deslauriers

Jacob Markstrom


The Breakdown:

This team is   STACKED for the future, especially on the blue line and in goal. The Icehawks finished dead last in the league in 2008-09, and 10th in 2009-10. I would expect a top three or four finish with this group in 2010-11, and then some serious, serious dominance. To add to the embarrassment of riches, Brendan has accumulated the first three draft picks, and he plans on taking Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, and Jordan Eberle.


Brendan wants to shop Halak, and now may be a good time with the uncertainty surrounding his future with Montreal. However, only move him if you get fair value. Don’t settle for a downgrade in goal and a minor add-in.


I have never seen a team with so much young talent before. Ever. I'm frankly surprised that you have been able to accumulate such an embarassment of riches. Even though you have been a bottom-feeder for two years, I still don't get it. Do any of your  competitors read DobberHockey at all?


Recent trades:


Ray Emery for Anze Kopitar, Ryan Suter, and the 11th overall pick

Unless Ray Emery’s mom is in your league, I am not even sure what to say here...


Marc Staal, Brent Burns, and three 3rd round draft picks for Josh Bailey and the 1st overall pick in the supplemental draft

Depending on who you pick, this is a solid trade. Staal is nothing special with the scoring categories in this league, and same goes for Burns. He has upside, but so do the rest of your defensemen. Bailey has lots of upside, and I like him even more in leagues that don't count PIM.


The Recommendations:


1) Sit back and enjoy. More seriously, start to accumulate some veteran talent. All of your young players are great, but hedge your bets by trading some of them for proven offensive producers. You have the depth to overpay in certain situations. Your patience (finishing dead last and second last over the past two seasons) is going to pay off, but do your part to speed up the process.


2) Give the GM who made the Emery/Kopitar trade a psychiatric exam.


3) Get ready to win often.

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Brendan said:

... Derek: Thanks for the compliment.smilies/wink.gif. I have drafted 17 of my roster 7-F,5-D,5-G, and traded for 16. On paper this team looks great, but fantasy wise it's done squat, yet! I have drafted and traded for specific position, and age. So far, so good. Patience is the key. By the way I also have Hedman on D, not sure if Angus missed him or I had. Cheers.
June 03, 2010
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Brendan said:

... Notorious: Thats what I'm trying to do. There are four teams in my league, still short a starter. I hope to capitalize.
June 03, 2010
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Brendan said:

Stacked UK: The three thirds were throw ins on various deals. I make it a point to ask for mid to late round picks, to make these trades. These picks for whatever reason don't hold as much value, when your trying to compete. I only had seven roster spots open, and twelve picks. They afford me to overpay (perceivably) to get what I want. They are great for GM's that trade away all their picks early and are left scrambling.
June 03, 2010
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UKflames said:

Stacked!! That is one hell of a team for the future, does everyone in your league have a "win now, stuff the future" attitude smilies/cheesy.gif

Just out of interest, apart from the trade mentioned what did you give away to get the first three picks?????
June 03, 2010
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derek said:

UMM I dont think this is even a real can you have that much of the young talent in the league?
June 02, 2010
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notoriousjim said:

... Emery was worth that deal at the start of the season, but his value fell apart really fast. I would add that trading Jeff Deslauriers and Halak for a some solid Forward depth would be a good deal. Your entire bench is taken up by goalies.
June 02, 2010
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angus said:

... I'd trade Kopitar away too if it helped me win, I guess!

June 02, 2010
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Brendan said:

... Angus, thanks for the audit. Like I said a fresh set of eyes is appreciated. Whether it's to give constructive critisizm or to validate.
First off, I hope none of my copmetitors read Dobberhockey. I know some do, but won't admit it.
Secondly, the GM of the team that traded for Emery is my father in-laws. Dave, if you read this, accept my apology (don't feel too bad, he won the championship this year).smilies/wink.gif
June 02, 2010
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