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It's a case of being so good for so long, you are overlooked because it goes without saying. Naturally, Kenny Holland is the top GM (oops re: below). Too good for too long. I mention Tallon because the Blackhawks are about to be too good for too long.


Vancouver has signed Cory Schneider to a contract. He will be Luongo's backup this season and will hopefully push the big man into returning to form. If Lou doesn't change back into his superhero clothes, it wouldn't shock me if Schneider pulled a Rask. The Canucks also signed Anton Rodin to a contract.


Phoenix GM Don Maloney was named GM of the year today. As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, the GM of the year award should be announced for the season 10 years prior. So today's award should go to the GM of the year in 2000. That is the only way to truly tell. Maloney did a fantastic job, but his best move was hiring the coach. The best GM right now to me is probably Dale Tallon. So while Stan Bowman gets all the glory (my exact words last summer when he took over) from the Stanley Cup, Tallon gets forgotten. But I will say this - Florida fans (both of you) are in for a real treat.


I forgot to mention this - but St. Louis prospect Jori Lehtera already has a contract with the KHL. He will be playing there this year, but the Blues retain his rights.


I have two more letter spots open for my monthly mailbag. Just go to and in the fantasy section you can submit a question to me. The mailbag will be published on the first Wednesday of each month in the summer. UPDATE - filled, thank you.


The Oilers have signed star prospect Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson to an ELC. MPS will be in training camp in the fall and he'll get a long look. I think he would best be served with one year in the AHL. The Oilers will have Eberle, Hall and possibly Linus Omark on their team, and I'm not sure they want to roll with four rookies. Not that it didn't work for Colorado last season. But MPS could use a year adjusting to North American hockey.


Atlanta signed their star prospect Jeremy Morin. Also profiled in the Fantasy Prospects Report, which I released yesterday, he is probably two years away. But he has a lot of offensive potential. O'Dell is a bit of a surprise - and quite last minute. I looked and looked for news of an O'Dell signing yesterday morning (the deadline is June 1 or he goes back into the draft). I was ready to make a last minute change, but instead I put his profile in the "miscellaneous" section as I figured he was going back into the draft. But NHL GMs are just like the rest of us - wait until the last minute. So that was an error that I'll fix for the final version that will come out after the Cup is won.


I also have Chicago's Bill Sweatt in that section, but later discovered the clause in the CBA that actually keeps him as Chicago's property until August. Look at me, the first time I open a UFA/Misc section in the Prospects Report and already two miscues!


The June rankings will be up later today. I'm a chicken with my head cut off right now, but slowly forcing my fingers into every leak in the dam. I will prevail!


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kevinsrangers said:

... Schneider pulling a rask and unseating luongo would be awsome. id love to see their CAPTAIN sitting on the bench for long streches of time.hehe.
June 02, 2010
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Jon Dey said:

Edmonton... I think that they would be very smart to bury all of their young studs for a year, and make other deals for players in the final year(s) of bad contracts. Thus picking up more prospects or picks along they way, and probably finishing near the bottom of the league again, or late call-ups to energize the fanbase.
That is the smart move. But alas, Management and ownership probably can't allow or sustain that, let alone the fanbase. Thus I think most, if not all will be rushed.

However, I don't think they will have that much trouble, because they will develop together as a young team, and build together. Short of suffering major injuries, which could happen in the AHL as well, the team can't lose in either case if they do it right. Rookie development is usually most hampered when burried on a veteran team and getting no ice-time. If they all play together, whether in the AHL or NHL, they should do good together.
June 02, 2010
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Dave Poleck said:

GM What is harder? Being elite for 15+ years or bottoming out and building around high draft picks.

Ken Holland....highest pick since 2000 (aside from 19th overall from the Lottery year) was 27th. Constantly been drafting late round talent and since lockout, has been bringing in players and reviving their careers in Detroit.

Im not saying Talon should be discredited because he made a lot of great, great moves and later draft picks, but a lot of their success has to do with the bottoming out years.

I am biased of course smilies/smiley.gif
June 02, 2010
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Carcillo said:

Jori Lehtera You mentioned yesterday that Lehtera signed with Blues and will get a long look at the camp. However he also signed a contract to KHL and will play there next year. Blues only signed him to retain his rights and after two years they can give him a one way contract.

June 02, 2010
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sentium said:

... The Swedish hockey federation got pissed after so many young Swedish players signed NHL contracts and enacted their forced agreement to keep young players from leaving Sweden what they consider to be too early. Basically, it means that if a player wants to take part in "the talent development plan" which includes playing on the national team, then they are forced to sign this agreement. If a player signs the agreement and then leaves the country before turning 22, he must pay a fine of about $50,000 to the federation. This was suggested a few months ago and it was uniformly opposed by both the players and the agents. It's been put into action to keep Swedes from going to play major junior hockey in the CHL, or to play college hockey in the NCAA, or to play AHL or NHL hockey too quickly after getting drafted. It's asinine and they've effectively started a chicken race. It will be interesting to see who won't budge.
June 02, 2010
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Dave said:

Joel Broda The Washington Capitals were unable to agree on an ELC with Broda so the Calgary Hitmen forward will re-enter this years draft.
June 02, 2010
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