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Here are the individual and averaged predicitions for the third round of the NHL playoffs from Dobber, Angus, Bugg, Ma, Miller, and more! The panel's consensus picks were 12-3 last year, and we boast an impressive 34-11 record over the past three seasons! However, this season the panel has struggled a bit. Matt Bugg has been the most successful, going 9-3 through the first two rounds.

Expert PHI vs. MTL SJ vs. CHI Record to date
Dobber PHI in 7 SJ in 6 (4-8)
Jeff Angus PHI in 7 SJ in 7 (5-7)
Matt Bugg MTL in 7
CHI in 7
Chris Boyle PHI in 6
SJ in 7
Russ Miller PHI in 6
SJ in 6
Ian Fergusson PHI in 6 CHI in 7 (6-6)
Justin Goldman MTL in 6 SJ in 6 (6-6)
Marcus Schalle MTL in 6
CHI in 6
Marty Kwiaton PHI in 7
CHI in 6
Ryan Ma PHI in 6 CHI in 6 (7-5)
Brent Lemon MTL in 7 SJ in 7 (5-7)
Steve Johnson MTL in 6 CHI in 5 (7-5)
Ryan Van Horne MTL in 7 CHI in 6 (5-7)
Consensus PHI in 6
CHI in 7 (5-7)

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GMGates / 'Gatticus' said:

... How is the consensus MTL in 7?

PHI has 7 votes compared to MTL's 6.
3 voted for MTL in 7, 3 voted for PHI in 7
yet 4 voted for PHI in 6...

wouldn't the consensus be PHI in 6?
May 17, 2010
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Mabus said:

... It would be interesting to add a vegas odds column. The most interesting lines are the times that the panel disagrees with the betting community - like Detroit/SJ last series.

May 16, 2010
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Dobber said:

... And that, my friends, is why I'm getting my ass kicked in every playoff pool this year. And it was so promising, too...smilies/cry.gif
May 16, 2010
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praba said:

... it's okay to have a bad record this year, no one would have thought the eastern conference finals would have had 7 vs 8.
May 16, 2010
Votes: +1
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