Fantasy Analysis: Calgary has sent winger Dustin Boyd to Nashville for a fourth-round draft pick.



The Flames get: a surprisingly low draft pick, considering the return on some of the players moving about. Proof positive that a young player with upside is worth less in the NHL than an aging and declining - but proven - veteran.

The Preds get: another Ryan Jones, but with a tad more offensive upside. In other words - they upgraded. So Jones and a fourth for Boyd isn't a bad swap.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Only Boyd. On one hand, he wasn't getting the ice time he deserved in Calgary and it was getting to the point where it would hurt his development if it went on any longer. On the other hand, he is now in Nashville where the coach is reluctant to give young players ice time and where the offense is spread out. On a team where nobody gets 60 points, how many can Boyd get? Probably not more than 45, unless the team around him starts scoring more.

Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Dustin Boyd

Players this deal hurts, in order:



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