Fantasy Analysis: Anaheim trades Evgeny Artyukhin to Atlanta for defenseman Nathan Oystrick and a conditional 2010 draft pick.


Anaheim gets: depth on the blue line in the organization.


Atlanta gets: a huge winger who is often criticized for not using his size enough. Artyukhin is a rare player who could be a 45-point, 200-PIM guy if he could put the entire package together. But he can't. Or won't.


Fantasy Players Impacted: In Atlanta, Artyukhin finds himself back on a team that is not very deep up front. If Atlanta trades Colby Armstrong, as they are expected to, Artyukhin could find himself on the third line. Now 26, he is in his prime and if ever there was a time to perform it would be now. He has a penchant for starting strong on a new team. With 22 games left, don't be surprised to see nine points and 45+ penalty minutes. Meanwhile, Oystrick in the Anaheim system gives them another alternative to Brian Salcido when it comes to recalls. Salcido is still just 24, but is starting to look like an Oystrick. That is to say - an offensive defenseman with promise, but who is fading.

Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Evgeni Artyukhin

2. Dan Sexton

3. Mike Brown
4. George Parros

Players this deal hurts, in order:
1. Brian Salcido


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Santo aka Ross10019 said:

... Thanks Dobber. Here's the original source, from the Orange County Register Ducks blog:

–General manager Bob Murray said through a team spokesman that Artyukhin did not request a trade.

The big Russian winger clearly did not work out for the Ducks, though, as his wildly undisciplined play hit a nadir with a three-game suspension for slew footing in October. He essentially fell out of the lineup after mid-December and finished with four goals and five assists with 41 penalty minutes in 37 games as a Duck.

The move kills two birds with one stone for Murray, who needed to keep Dan Sexton up with the club while shedding one of their extra forwards.

“Oystrick is a player we expect to battle for a position on our defense next year,” Murray said through the spokesman. “In addition, this opens up a roster spot to bring Sexton back, which is something we felt was important.”
March 02, 2010
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Dobber said:

... I didn't know about that. I was getting mixed signals from the ECHL assignment. But that makes sense. I stuck him into No.2. In a roto league, I really think Arty jumps in value a lot. Whereas Sexton will be good for one category - points - and even then only modest.
March 02, 2010
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Santo aka Ross10019 said:

... GM Murray directly stated that a primary reason for the trade was to open up a forward roster spot to get Dan Sexton up with the big club. I'd say he should be top of the list of players who this trade helps.
March 02, 2010
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