A player has cropped up over the past week who has grabbed my attention. He has a decent shot of panning out – and continuing to pan out – for the long term. The player is almost certain to be a great short-term asset. A big part of our love for fantasy hockey is the hope that under-the-radar players bring. We’re dying for the respect and admiration of the other owners in our league for being the first to dig up the latest gem.


Undrafted winger Dan Sexton looks very promising. The 166-pound former Bowling Green standout is the latest in a long line of college players scooped up by the Ducks and seeing ice time at the NHL level. At 187th, he just missed cracking the DobberHockey Top 185 fantasy prospects – he won’t miss the January list, you can count on that.


Without delving into exact numbers, approximately 10 or 15 undrafted college players sign with an NHL team. You may see half of them play a single game in the NHL and you may see three of them actually forge an NHL career. So for the Ducks to sign Andy McDonald (Colgate), Dustin Penner (Maine), Andrew Ebbett (Michigan) and Ryan Shannon (Boston), it’s pretty impressive. Granted, Shannon is fringe, but perhaps if he had not been injured so often during key audition windows we would be singing a different song about him. At any rate, the Ducks seem to be reeling in a good one every two years, which is incredible. And now they can add Sexton to the list. Even if he turns out to be a fringe player, you still have to hand it to the Ducks NCAA scouting department.


It’s doubtful that he will be fringe, however. Just 22 years of age, Sexton is making his mark early. So early that if he were to hit a wall now, he will get a dozen more chances over the next three years before he would join the likes of Junior Lessard and Marty Sertich in Bustville.


Playing on a line with Saku Koivu and Bobby Ryan, Sexton has five points in his last three games (five in five overall). He’ll have seven weeks to establish himself and secure a spot on that second line. Teemu Selanne will return at that time and the Sexton magic will probably slow. But if he can continue at a good clip – say 17 points in 21 games, give or take – he’ll stick around on the third line much like Ebbett did a year ago.


Since he’s three years younger than Ebbett, the outlook on Sexton is much brighter. Consider the same scenario that we saw this past summer – Ebbett came off a strong second half (thanks to a Selanne injury), but the Ducks filled their top six with Joffrey Lupul and Koivu, thus pushing Ebbett down to the third line. On the third line, he was a bust and was subsequently waived.


If this happens to Sexton – that is to say, if Anaheim picks up a couple of second liners this offseason and Sexton struggles as a third liner, he would be far too young to give up on and, unlike Ebbett, he would not have to clear waivers to be sent down next season. So long term, the outlook is pretty good. He certainly has the attention of Ducks’ brass.


And now he has ours.




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DuklaNation said:

... Might be a decent pickup for this season but for keepers? no. Whats with this love fest for smaller skill players anyways? I recommend to stay away and concentrate on the better long term options. These guys can be had cheap for a reason.
December 14, 2009
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Dobber said:

... A Binghamton pick up, not an Ottawa pick up. Ottawa passed and based on an AHL season and four college seasons the Ducks signed him. To me - that's close enough to make my point.

Kunitz! I knew I forgot one, didn't feel complete to me and it was nagging at me
December 14, 2009
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fzusher said:

Ebbett ... Wasn't a Ducks pick up. He was actually a Sens pickup, who played a year in Binghamton, posting almost a point per game, and only then signed with the Ducks. Ironic, really, as he would have been a great fit on the 2nd line in Ottawa, freeing Mike Fisher to play on the 3rd line and Chris Kelly on the 4th line, where both belong.

Two other undrafted Ducks college pickups who carved themselves a nice NHL career: Chris Kunitz (Ferris State; he actually played on the Anaheim and Cincinatti Ducks with Dan Bylsma in Bylsma's last season in 03-04) and Curtis Glencross (Alaska-Anchorage). Ryan Carter (Minnesota State - Mancato) was also an undrafted college signing, and though he's yet to become a regular NHLer he has played 95 NHL games.
December 13, 2009
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sentium said:

... Picked him up, now he's making it difficult for me to decide who to drop when all my guys return from the IR. Good problem to have smilies/smiley.gif
December 13, 2009
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