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Some observations on the Stanley Cup Final series - fantasy relevant or otherwise...





Final DobberHockey Expert Panel Results - the Panel was 12-3 for the playoffs, as were Chris Boyle and Tom Reeve. Congrats guys!

ExpertRecord After Three Rounds
Jeff Angus10-4 
Jason Arbuthnot4-2 
Chris Boyle11-3 
Matt Bugg7-3 
Ian Fergusson9-5 
Justin Goldman10-4 
Chris Holloway7-7 
Marty Kwianton6-8 
Ryan Ma9-5 
Eric Maltais9-5 
Stuart McDonald7-7 
Russ Miller8-6 
Tom Reeve11-3 
J Status9-5 
Andrew Walker6-8 




The DobberHockey Expert Panel is an impressive 34-11 in three years of prognosticating.




- Jordan Staal owners have to be thrilled with his play. However, they can't be thrilled by his role. I love Max Talbot, I think he's fantastic and an absolute must on any Cup team. But if healthy he is a 45-point player at best. I'm not a big Pascal Dupuis fan, but I loved his play in the Cup Final. He, too, is a 45-point player at best. If the Pens keep insisting on keeping Staal as a third-line center with no power-play time, he may struggle to get to 55 next year: and that's his fourth year.


- Crosby has such powerful legs, so why does he always hurt them? Groin, knee, ankle...he's a warrior who will play through pain, but that being said I wonder if it's fair to ever expect him to play more than 77 games in a season?


- Eight of the Top 11 scorers were in the Final. The other three were Ovechkin, Getzlaf and Backstrom.


- On July 2, 2008 I had this to say about Marian Hossa in my analysis of his signing: "Hossa took that money with the idea that he would win the Stanley Cup (on a personal note, Hossa's odds were better in Pittsburgh, where they certainly would have paid him that money. Statistically - the odds of a team repeating as champions are pretty slim. Just one year ago, most experts were certain that Anaheim would repeat - and prior to that, Carolina was the team to beat!)." If only Marian would listen to me...


- It's pretty clear to me that Petr Sykora and Miroslav Satan have played their way out of the NHL. They may hang on for another year as a third line player somewhere, but barring a miracle their 45-point days are over.


- Kris Letang will be a 40-45 point defenseman next year.


- Chris Kunitz had one goal in 24 games, to go with just 14 points. He is a 40-point guy dressed in 60-point guy's clothes. Like Mike Knuble, he lucked out with his linemates in Anaheim and Pittsburgh. He will remain with Crosby next year, and will get 55-60 points...but don't expect more. As we've seen, playing with Sid doesn't magically give you 70 points. In fact, nobody has yet. Though that will change as he matures and the truly talented kids in the system get to the show. But I digress...


- If Bill Guerin re-signs with the Pens (and if he's smart, he will - for the minimum if need be. Because it will extend his career), he'll be a 55-point guy next year.


- Dan Cleary is a playoff stud


- Val Filppula will bust out big time next year. A dark horse for 65 points


- Lidstrom is still the best defenseman in the league, but the gap between him and second has shrunk to almost zero. Clearly he has lost a step.


- Fleury was in his zone the last two games. That's the Fleury that I remember. The first five games - even though he won two of them - he was horrible. Shakey and too quick to go down, too slow to get up. Game 6 and 7 he had poise. After Game 5, I wasn't as interested in owning him in my keeper league. Now my faith is back.


- Next year will be the last we'll see of Rafalski-Lidstrom manning the Top PP. After that, you will see Kronwall and Ericsson slowly transition in there. And Kindl is waiting in the Wings (pun intended).


- Hudler is looking like one of those guys with so much promise but little chance early in his career....and then it's too late to give him that chance and he never pans out. He needs to step up to 70 next year to stay on track.


- Darren Helm will take Kris Draper's role, but with more skill. Look for him to more consistently top 40 points, with one or two seasons hovering around 55, in his career.



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