Looking Ahead - Fantasy Hockey


There is just over one week of regular season hockey left but that is still 6% of the season so lots of points to be had.  If the NHL continues scoring at the same rate there should be over 400 more goals scored and over 700 more assists awarded.


If you are in a dog fight in a one year league it may be time to try to squeeze out a few more games.

Here is a look at the number of games remaining for all the NHL teams including games on April 3.

Six games – Sabres, Flyers, Blackhawks

Five games – Wild, Thrashers, Sharks, Senators, Red Wings, Predators, Penguins, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Lightning, Kings, Islanders, Flames, Devils, Capitals, Canucks, Canadiens, Bruins, Blue Jackets,


Four games – Avalanche, Stars, Rangers, Oilers, Hurricanes, Ducks, Coyotes, Blues


If can’t make any moves until Saturday here is how things look including April 4 games.

Five games: Sharks, Senators, Sabres, Red Wings, Penguins, Kings, Islanders, Flyers, Canucks, Canadiens, Bruins, Blue Jackets, Blackhawks, Avalanche

Four games: Wild, Thrashers, Stars, Rangers, Predators, Panthers, Oilers, Maple Leafs, Lightning, Hurricanes, Flames, Ducks, Devils, Coyotes, Capitals, Blues


The only other suggestion I can offer you is that if you have the ability to make daily moves and want to squeeze a few bench players into the line-up you may want to consider picking up extra Flames, Red Wings, Blue Jackets, Ducks or Blues.  For the next ten days, on average, they play less on the same night at other NHL teams so you might be able to swap them in for one of your regulars a little more easily.


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