A fun time was had by all at the Marlies game on March 07. Wings, pizza, beer, a luxury suite, fantasy hockey fans - and a good hockey game...



 Marlies 6


That's Russ Miller on the left. We'll leave out the names of the guests to protect their anonymity ;) . The guy in the middle is registered as "shelack'em" in the forum. The gentleman on the right just had a baby girl two days ago.




Marlies 1


Dobber, sipping on a cold one. For those keeping track - that's the only one he had.



Marlies 2


Just a couple of sober guys. Dobber on the left, Keith ("rocket2man" in the forum) on the right - he was the one with the camera.



Marlies 3


Look how thrilled she is to pose with the Dobber. 'Thrilled'... or perhaps that's fear.



Marlies 4


Some members of Dobber Nation




Marlies 5


Russ Miller on the right. The camera broke before we could get a picture of Stuart McDonald. Some would say that's a good thing - naw, just kidding Stuart!




Marlies 7


Hmmm...perhaps Dobber actually had more than one...


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