Here are some amusing (or just plain awesome) pics related to hockey...and/or the site. I will be adding as more come in...

Feel free to email me your funny hockey-related pics! ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )







Sens Choke



ref missing some periods



May Day Kissing



dumb look



Canucks bribing refs



"RARR! I'm a Panther! RARR!"


Olli Jokinen




Missed the ad in the THN Ultimate Pool Guide? Here it is:


DobberHockey ad in THN





Dobber's Hockey Pools for Dummies




Alfredsson kills Buffalo






Flames new jerseys


crosby sens



Pens Destiny


Edmonton Losers




stars vs uterus





five hole








Darryl Dobbs - Dobber - at work



















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Andrew said:

Are you pregnant ref? Funny thing. My buddy and I are refs and he works in the in the junior league (USHL and NAHL). Wherever he was, somewhere in the mid-west, he saw that very poster at a game he was working and he liked it so much he offered the folks who brought it to every game comp playoff tickets to trade. I went to his house in Denver before we went to a Rockies game and there it was, hanging above his bed. Just thought that was pretty cool coincidence. Mutual hatred towards officials brings us all together.
September 15, 2009
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