I am so tired of this clown's act.



While I am a big fan of Eddie Belfour's go-out-party-and-have-fun side, I am not so fond of his I-have-a-7-year-old's-temper-wah-wah-wah side.

He is another example of a Hall-of-Famer who does not know when to retire. That in itself is fine. If a former great player wants to embarrass himself by playing the game at a level far beneath him - fine. It happens all the time. But at least the Mark Messiers and the Steve Yzermans of the world have something positive to add to their team.

Belfour is nothing but negative.

First, let's look at his talent. He doesn't have any anymore.

Onto the next point. What - you need proof of point No.1? He has a losing record and his save percentage is below .900. Yes, he is on a weak team (with Todd Bertuzzi out of the lineup), but he really is slow. His final year in Toronto was a disaster. His final year in Dallas was a disaster, too. And now, the (hopefully) final year of his NHL career is a disaster. He should have retired when he was 39, and went out on top.

Now onto the next point, and the real reason why this guy makes my blood boil. Baby Belfour is refusing to talk to the South Florida media. Why - because they are critical of you? They hurt your feelings? What - you can't take comfort in your big pile of money and your many beautiful women?

Spoiled. That's the operative word here.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is he refused to comment on Joe Nieuwendyk's retirement. While Jarome Iginla, Brett Hull, Mats Sundin, Martin Brodeur, etc have all had nice things to say about their former teammate, Belfour had this to say:

"No comment".

About Belfour, Dobber had this to say:

"You're a clown."  Ed Belfour - Clown

While Nieuwendyk is another example of a Hall-of-Famer hanging on for too long, he is also another example of one that still contributes positively to his team.

You should look into that, Eddie.

"No comment" is what Belfour had to say about the man who is the main reason he has a Stanley Cup ring on his finger. In 1999, Dallas won the Cup. Nieuwendyk was the Conn Smythe winner. That tells me he played a pretty big role in the win. In fact, the series was so tight, that an average performace by Joe may have cost them that Cup. He played great, so the Sabres were beaten. Barely (and not without contraversy).

I hope that when Belfour retires, the entire NHL has the same attitude as he did. No ceremony. No fancy media write-up.

No comment.

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