The Tampa Bay Lightning have traded winger Nikita Alexeev to the Chicago Blackhawks for Karl Stewart and a sixth-round draft pick. Don't underestimate this deal, poolies.



Tampa Bay: acquires some toughness for their fourth line, as well as a draft pick in exchange for a player that they gave up on.


Chicago: acquires a big, talented, underachieving forward. Yes, this deal is a small one, but Alexeev could become a 70-point player under the right conditions. However, he is a gentle giant - far too soft for his size and I don't anticipate a coach like Savard to bring out the monster in him. I would put the odds that he reaches his potential at 5%. However, he could become a serviceable 55-point player on the second line. Those odds are much stronger at 40% for next season.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Only Alexeev really. Although Ryan Craig will get an extra minute or two of ice time now. 

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