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The panel is 9-5 for the posteason and can still pull off a 10-win record. Lanky and Ryan Ma missed a round, but hold a solid 8-2 record to lead the individuals. Check out DobberHockey's predictions for the Stanley Cup Final, including some other things to watch for...



Prior to the first round, we made some calls that we'll review for you right now. Conn Smythe - only Status, Miller and Lanky picked the Pens to go to the Final...only Miller and Bugg picked Detroit. So only those four could possibly have chosen the Conn Smythe correctly. Miller and Lanky chose Crosby, while Status went with Fleury. (Bugg said Carey Price)


Five people are still in the running for the top scorer of the postseason. Lanky, Maltais and Miller all went with Crosby, while Status chose Malkin. Bugg said Pavel Datsyuk.


We also had a category in which we would select the top scorer in the playoffs who had fewer than 50 points in the regular season. Unfortunately for Ryan Malone and RJ Umberger, who had 51 and 50 points respectively in the regular season, they do not qualify...their 15 points are pretty impressive. Actually, nobody predicted Johan Franzen and his 15 points. Jiri Hudler, Nik Kronwall and Stephane Robidas are the other top guys in this category. As for who was actually picked by an expert - Joe Pavelski was the top dark horse. His nine points was tops, and yours truly (Dobber) picked him. Runners-up are Lanky, Notch and Angus chose Marleau, who had eight points.


Now, onto the Final Round: 


 PIT vs. DETConn Smythe08 Record
DobberDET in 4Zetterberg8-6
AngusDET in 6Zetterberg9-5
BuggDET in 5
MillerPIT in 7Crosby9-5
StatusPIT in 6 Fleury
MaltaisPIT in 6Crosby6-4
MaPIT in 6 Crosby
GoldmanDET in 6Zetterberg7-5
HallseyDET in 6Zetterberg4-2
LankyPIT in 6 Crosby
NotchDET in 6
Zetterberg 8-6
Panel consensusDET in 6 Zetterberg9-5


Other questions for the Panel:

Will we see Hasek or Conklin play any minutes this round?
Who will total more points - Malone/Hossa or Holmstrom/Zetterberg?
Lidstrom/Kronwall/Rafalski or Gonchar/Whitney/Letang?
First person Lidstrom or Crosby hands the Cup to? 


 Hasek/Conklin?Malone/Hossa vs Holm/ZettLids/Rafal/ Kron vs Gon/Whit/LetLidstrom/Crosby will hand Cup to:
DobberYes - ConklinHolm/ZettLid/Rafal/KronOsgood
AngusYes - ConklinHolm/ZettLid/Rafal/KronChelios
BuggNo Holm/Zett
StatusYes - Hasek Malone/Hossa
MaltaisYes - HasekHolm/ZettLid/Rafal/KronMalkin
MaNo Malone/Hossa
LankyYes - Hasek Malone/Hossa
Panel consensusNoHolm/ZettLid/Rafal/KronOsgood or Malkin



About the Panel:
Dobber – Darryl Dobbs, founder of DobberHockey and columnist for
Angus – Jeff Angus, author of Angus Unleashed
Bugg – Matt Bugg, author of Bugg Bytes
Miller – Russ Miller, author of Eastern Edge
Status – J Status, author of The Wild West
Maltais – Eric Maltais, author of Croaks from the Fantasy Frog
Ma – Ryan Ma, author of Maasquito Buzzings
Goldman – Justin Goldman, author of School of Block and co-host on Dobber Nation

Hallsey - Chris Holloway has been covering the ramblings whenever Dobber is too hungover
Lanky – Tim O’Brien, forum moderator and stats contributor
Notch – Steve Johnson, author of Notch’s Saturday Picks




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