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With DobberHockey all but ordained “Fantasy-Hockey Central”, it only makes sense that we host challenging – and free – pools for the thousands of readers who frequent the site.

Now some long awaited info on the three-tiered 2007-08 DobberHockey rotisserie league, as well as the current DobberHockey Playoff Pool (which, by the way, is Dobber’s way of weeding out the weak), as well as the upcoming 2008-09 version of the three-tiered roto league.


2007-08 Three-tiered Roto-League

The usual rotisserie rules, four goalie cats and six offensive cats. Daily transactions.
Tier 1 – The Experts Division
TOP 2: The Comish, Notch
BOTTOM 2: Sticks & Stones, Bugg’s Brigade

Tier 2 – The ‘Pro Division’
TOP 2: Repent Tokyo, Doulos
BOTTOM 2: Pete, Dynamo

Tier 3 – The ‘Rookie Division’

TOP 2: rattus rattus, Youth Injection

Comish (Russ Miller of Eastern Edge), Notch (Steve Johnson of Notch’s Saturday Picks), Repent Tokyo, Doulos, rattus rattus and Youth Injection all receive the Ultimate Fantasy Pack 2008C for FREE which includes Dobber’s 2008 Fantasy Prospect Report (out June 1), Dobber’s 2008-09 Fantasy Guide and Draft List (out August 1 and updated through mid-October), Dobber’s 2008-09 Midseason Fantasy Guide (out early January), and Dobber’s Interactive Playoff Draft List 2009. The package is valued at $40.80, on sale now for $27.95.

In addition, each of them get a free DobberHockey T-Shirt – or hat – from Spreadshirt. These six gentlemen need to email me  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with the item that they want and I will place the order. Anyone else, if you want to purchase or browse some swag CLICK HERE . There is a great promo on where if you purchase a tote bag, you get 15% off of your order (use coupon code: BOSTONECO).

2008 DobberHockey Playoff Pool

This box-pool setup (brought to you by ) is now in the third round. Jason Chamberlin is in top spot with 157 points. Les Khan is next at 152 and Travis Giles rounds out the top three with 151. The top names I recognize from the site or from our forum: Guy Incognito is 30th at 145, Fergusson (who I believe is Ian Fergusson of “Expert’s Audit”) is 82nd at 142, Lanky himself – Tim O’Brien – sits at 94th with 141, and fzusher is 100th at 141. You can find Dobber at 572nd spot with 129.

The top prize in this pool is an autographed Nicklas Backstrom jersey. The Calder candidate signed this jersey, compliments of – your pool managing solution to your complicated keeper league.


Second prize in this pool will be a Rbk EDGE Authentic jersey brought to you by, fully customized to your needs by team/player. Fully licensed by the NHL – you won't find better, faster or cheaper service anywhere for authentic hockey jerseys. These guys supply retail stores, so skip the middleman and just buy direct from them! Visit by clicking on their logo.

Third prize is from Sever is a goaltending equipment supplier and they are offering a blocker ($225 value) as third prize. They will customize the colors to your specifications. Click here for an example , and visit Sever’s website by clicking the linke below:





Finish in fourth place and you get Dobber’s Fantasy Prospect Report 2008, Dobber’s Fantasy Guide 2008/09, Dobber’s Midseason Guide 2009 and Dobber’s Interactive Playoff Draft List 2009. Free. If you already purchased it – as many of you have – I will give it to you for 2009.


You can access this pool via quick access, by using login: dobberhockey08 and password: ruleyourpool



2007-08 Three-tiered Roto-League

Same rules as before, only the transactions will be done weekly under a bidding system where each team will have $100 (pretend dollars) to bid on free agents for the season. Independently tracked and Russ Miller will be the commissioner for all three divisions.

Tier 1 – The Expert’s Division
Dobber, Russ Miller, Jeff Angus, Eric Maltais, J Status, Ian Fergusson, Ryan Ma, Justin Goldman, Steve Johnson, Tim O'Brien, Repent Tokyo, Doulos

Tier 2 – The Pro Division
Matt Bugg (down from expert), Rattus Rattus (up from the entry division), Youth Injection (up from the entry division), hoopje, zorro, hockeylifer, smoothfun, Fergie, 87Flyer, Orrfan, Loki, Shoeless
All of the above are invited to join this division, with the top two moving up and the bottom two moving down. If any of the above decline this offer, the offers will go to, in order: Crazynuck, Sin Bin, Chicleteur. Invites are chosen based on forum posts.

Tier 3 – The Rookie Division
Dynamo45 (down from pro), Pete (down from pro), 12 more participants, via random draw - those who pay for the fantasy guide by July 15. This league will be 14 players.

Prizes are as before, plus the opportunity to move up to the next division.




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