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Six years. And $27 million. That's what Max Pacioretty signed, in terms of an extension with Montreal. Did he cash in? In my books, he earned that contract, but the Habs made out like bandits by the time the third year hits. A risky deal, going long term with such a price tag on a player with little proven… but this one is worth it. That's the only way for owners to get deals done at a good price - roll the dice. And Pacioretty's camp felt some urgency because with the new CBA there is a chance that the term is limited to five years.

Interesting to see the Avs sign Giguere to a one-year extension. To me, you don't give extensions unless you are giving it to a player in the upper tier for his position - or to a long-time player who is loyal to your club. Giguere is neither of those things. It's not like good backups won't be available next summer. And it's not like he's been an Avs player for so long that the team is making a statement about their loyalty. Signing a backup goalie to a one-year, $1.5 million deal could hardly be called a mistake. Not at all, it's actually a good bargain. But to do it now seems pointless, especially with Ryan O'Reilly still unsigned.

Jeff Angus continues to expand his work, this time with Defending Big D. Here is his piece on defensemen the Stars should target. In my fantasy guide, I have:

Alex Goligoski    73           12           43           20           Trevor Daley      79           4              28           46

S. Robidas           76           5              25           62           Mark Fistric         63           1              7              40

Philip Larsen       76           5              31           20           Aaron Rome       57           3              12           74

Brenden Dillon  40           3              16           36                                                                         

…where the columns are GP, G, Pts, PIM.

I love the loyalty that Shane Doan is showing for his team. His desire to keep himself and his family happy above all else is very obvious and nice to see. Once you already have a few million in the bank, it doesn't matter if you make X amount or Y amount - free agency is your chance to choose where you want to live and who you want to play with. He's doing this right.

The Canucks have signed Brendan Gaunce to an ELC. Gaunce was drafted 26th overall this past summer. Here is what Brendan Ross wrote for the Fantasy Guide. This was not published - I had to cut several of Ross' entries because of space. So you're seeing it here for the first time:

Brendan Gaunce

Trading away centerman Cody Hodgson hurts less when you can almost immediately replace him with a better suited third-line centerman in Brendan Gaunce. Vancouver could not have asked for a better fit in their organization than what the big strong dedicated pivot playing out of Belleville provides them with. Lacking ideal top-six scoring upside, Gaunce makes up for it as he possesses a highly intelligent hockey mind and elite level intangibles including a remarkable work ethic and leadership qualities. His shot is NHL-ready and he could likely step into an NHL lineup soon if he can improve upon his mobility.

Upside: 25-35-60

Likelihood: High. Gaunce plays the game with impressive hockey sense and owns the versatility to play in a second or third line role. With the Canucks having good scoring depth down the middle, Gaunce will slide in perfectly as the third line center. Look for Gaunce to play in a few more major junior seasons and possibly a year or so adjusting to professional hockey in the American Hockey League before taking the jump to NHL action.

NHL Due Date: 2014-15, more likely 2015-16

You can read more about prospects over at - check out Brendan's ramblings from yesterday right here.

Wow - Gary Bettman made $8 million dollars last year.

Gilbert Brule has signed to play in the Swiss league next season. He's the poster boy for development gone wrong. In fact, as you know, I've turned his name into a verb. "The team is going to Gilbert Brule that player out of the league."

Interesting look by the Hockey Writers at the Eastern Conference teams and how they have fared since the lockout. Buffalo is actually second in the Conference with 689 points.


Gates here – Thanks to all those that voted for the 2012-13 DobberHockey banner. Your winners are Claude Giroux, Erik Karlsson and Jonathan Quick. We are now down to one final vote – the wildcard. One of Steven Stamkos, Alex Pietrangelo, or Carey Price will join the winners above to be featured on DobberHockey's main page banner this upcoming season.

Gilbert Brule's first 12 NHL goals:

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OceanMon said:

Spreadsheet Update ETA? Hi Dobber,

When do you expect to have your spreadsheet updated? I'm really looking forward to the PPP and +/- projections.

August 14, 2012
Votes: +1

lusshouse said:

Sorry to copy what I said on yesterday's page
Not sure where to post this.

What's up with Lucas Lessio? Where should I pencil him on my radar list? He was detailed in last season's guide + on DobberProspect, but he's not on the Prospect guide this year, and he's not on the top 215 prospect list here on DobberHockey.

Yet, he made the Canadian team and hasn't looked out of place to me. Actually, he's played a lot (confirmed by Ross' tweet today).

Has he gained value?
August 14, 2012
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