There has been a theme of younger players with the first part of my top 10 2013-14 sleepers list. The top three will be released over the next week or so - one veteran and two young (but very established) NHL players. All three are household names, but they deserve to be on the list because of where I see their production going in 2013-14.


Any guesses? As a reminder - one veteran looking to bounce back, and two younger and established stars.




A very happy birthday to Mr. Glen Hoos, DobberHockey's resident graphics man!




I am officially handing the website manager/editor reins over to Mike Amato and Steve Laidlaw at the end of August… so only a few ramblings left! Lots to talk about today – let’s get to it:




The countdown is well underway for my top 10 sleeper picks for this season:


#10 Jaden Schwartz

#9 Cal Clutterbuck

#8 Drew Shore

#7 Ryan McDonagh

#6 Cam Atkinson

#5 Gustav Nyquist

#4 Sven Bartschi




Advanced stats are featured throughout the 2013-14 DobberHockey Guide.


Here is a primer as to why you should use them (or at least become familiar with them) to make yourself a better and more well-rounded poolie.




Don't forget to check out Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract, a "primer" on statistics in hockey.




I’d say breakdown of who will play with Tavares/Moulson this season is as follows:


Bouchard 40% of the time (more if healthy for 75+ games, which is very unlikely)

Clutterbuck 25% of the time (read the above profile on him)

Okposo 15% of the time

Bailey 10% of the time

Strome/others 10% of the time




I am kind of bullish on a Nashville forward this year, and that rarely happens. I think Colin Wilson has the opportunity to separate himself from the pack this year in terms of offensive production. The Predators have brought in some really strong defensive forwards, and I can see them giving some of their players more of an offensive focus because of this (Wilson, Fisher, Forsberg, Hornqvist).




Okposo has been tried there in the past, with limited success. Both Bailey and Moulson are much better on the left wing. Clutterbuck isn’t a prototypical top line player, but he has chemistry with Tavares and would give the Islanders fantastic balance from lines one through three.




I think Cory Schneider will start in at least 60 (and probably closer to 70) percent of the Devils games this season, regardless of what they say about the situation right now.




I see Clowe having a strong bounce-back season in NJD – I think the Devils will use him as a primary playmaker, at both even strength and on the PP. That is what he was for the Sharks, but he was more of a depth option behind the big guns there.


Elias is still the top LW in New Jersey, but I could see them playing together on the man advantage.


As for Travis Zajac…. He has lost his two best linemates, but things can’t get any worse for him, can they? A blown Achilles in 2011-12, and he was out of sorts for all of 2013. I have him pegged for 49 points – I simply don’t see how he will do any worse given the role he will have with the team this season.


What are your thoughts on Zajac for this coming year?




I enjoyed this interview with the Legion of Doom on the Flyers official site (it is on the right side near the top). Renberg still looks like he could play.





Hard work lifted Jason Garrison to the NHL – he was playing house hockey in his formative years (your classic late-bloomer). A great story to show young hockey players that you don’t have to be on the top rep team year after year to make it in the show.


I have Garrison pegged for 15 goals, 35 points, and solid blocked shot totals this year with the Canucks. He scored at a similar pace last year not counting his slow start, and that is without seeing any PP1 duties (which should change this season).




Here’s an extensive profile if a prospect who I like – Carolina defenseman Danny Biega.


If there is one thing we all know, it's that the Hurricanes scouts love mobile defensemen and they haven't been shy about drafting or making trades for them. Some of them have worked out better than others, but Carolina's philosophy has remained the same, as they have continued to stockpile puck-moving defensemen both at the pro and amateur level.

The term "puck-moving defensemen" is often used to describe offensive defensemen and most fans incorrectly assume that they are liabilities in their own end.



And a profile of a prospect who has yet to pan out at the pro level after a strong junior career – Toronto’s Carter Ashton.


Ashton's role on next season's Marlies team will have changed; going into his third professional season, Ashton will be seen as one of the leading forwards. With the team's key young players such as Nazem Kadri, Matt Frattin and Joe Colborne having moved up, and with key veterans such as Mike Zigomanis and Tim Connolly having moved on, Ashton will be expected to fill one of the top roles on the Marlies, and be an offensive leader.

If Ashton can return to his rookie season scoring levels, he will have a chance to re-establish himself as a solid top nine prospect.



Also really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the draft war room in Columbus, featuring a lot of their new GM, Jarmo Kekalainen.




Many NHL teams are searching for the next Milan Lucic. Good luck finding him.


The Hurricanes are hiring a back-up mascot performer. Any interested candidates?


Jay and Dan have moved down to the States for Fox Sports 1 – looking forward to their debut as Fox attempts to challenge ESPN (otherwise known as the Tebow/Lebron/A-Rod network).


No contract, no problem. Kadri putting in the work this summer.




How will the reduced salary cap constrain the Canucks this season? They actually aren’t doing too bad at the moment (but an injury or two would change that in a hurry).




Glove save and a beauty from Jose Theodore, although I don’t know about that fedora…







I have started to take on clients online for my fitness/nutrition coaching. Here is more information on some of the services that I offer.


It’s different than working with someone in person, but I enjoy it a lot as it is another way for me to share my passion for health with others.




How is this for home grown talent? 14 current Dobber Sports writers got their start with our Black Aces program. My break came back during 2006-07 with the Wild West column.


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canucker16 said:

... The vet has got to be Weiss, and the younger players... hmm... Skinner and Landeskog are my guesses. Can't wait!
August 15, 2013
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Toews said:

... Iggy as the Vet.... Silferberg and duchene for the other 2
August 15, 2013
Votes: +0

rataylor22 said:

... Consensus on Richards.

Young guys I would say some combination of Seguin, Skinner, RNH, Landeskog, Duchene
August 15, 2013
Votes: +0

Dunnder said:

sleepers B Richards must be the veteran.

Sam Gagner and Jeff Skinner for the established young guys
August 15, 2013
Votes: +0

angelofharlem said:

... Thanks for the b-day wishes Angus!
August 15, 2013
Votes: +0

SeaDawg said:

Top 3 Sleeper pick guesses Veteran bouncing back: Brad Richards

two young, established players about to bust out: Tyler Seguin and Colin Wilson
August 15, 2013
Votes: +0

Reddawg said:

ty Thanks for everything Angus, you'll be sorely missed.
August 15, 2013
Votes: +1

Axeman33 said:

... Thanks for sharing the CBJ Draft video. I love watching that stuff and seeing how some of these things come together and the potential deals between the GMs. I found it interesting to hear that Edmonton was offered CBJ's 1st round pick for their two 2nds and they declined.
August 15, 2013
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austeane said:

Thanks Yes, thanks for everything you have done to make this community, website and business what it is today. On a more personal level, thanks for giving me the opportunity to write and the feedback along the way to make me a better writer.

You are a big part of the reason why people like Mike and Steve are here and ready to take big roles on the website.

Good luck with your future endeavours in both hockey and fitness/nutrition,
Austin Wallace
August 15, 2013
Votes: +1

Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Thank you Thank you for everything Angus! Looks like you are handing over the reigns to two great guys as well!

Cheers to the Dobber Community!
August 14, 2013
Votes: +1
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