Re-launched DobberFootball last night! Optimized for multiple platforms and the Fantasy Football Guide is released on July 23. Buy it before July 23rd you get 20% off. You may have noticed how awesome DobberBaseball has been since January thanks a new staff and new management - well the same thing has been done to football.


The big news yesterday was post-worthy, so I broke down the Daniel Carcillo trade here, and the Dustin Penner signing here. So there goes half my ramblings material for a typical summer day…


And while I'm linking to things, here is my latest for The Hockey News - my offseason fantasy outlook for the Los Angeles Kings and the Minnesota Wild.


The Lightning signed prospect defenseman Mark Barberio to a one-year deal. It's a two-way agreement, meaning he'll likely be sent down for most of the season ahead.

One defenseman I like making this team though is Andrej Sustr - a 6-8 defenseman who was signed as a free agent out of college. He got a taste of the NHL (two games, plus-1) and had three points in eight AHL games. You can read the DobberProspects profile on Sustr right here. And while I'm at it, here is Barberio's profile.

And, if you didn't know, my Fantasy Prospects List links each name in the chart to the profile of that player over at DP. Click it, try it out.


My projected Tampa Bay Lightning lineup, in the Fantasy Guidethat is out in 15 days…



Drouin - Stamkos - St. Louis

Killorn - Filppula - Purcell

Malone - Johnson - Panik

Pyatt - Thompson - Crombeen

With Tyrell, Palat and Connolly as spares/first call-ups…

And then…

Hedman - Carle

Brewer - Salo

Aulie - Gudas


With Barberio and Lee as spares/re-call options.


The Winnipeg Jets signed Eric Tangradi to a two-year contract. The deal avoids arbitration. Both years are one-way. The Jets also signed Patrice Cormier, who has seen his prospect star fall over the last three or four years.


Top 10 bad playoff goals:


More of my pro-Mogilny in the HoF propaganda:

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Dobber said:

... By "most days" you imply that there are more days without new content then days when there is new content. Wrong.

Here is a list of days in which there are ramblings:

July: 8 of 17 days
June: 19 of 30 days
May: 19 of 31 days
April: 22 of 30 days

That's just ramblings. Now for the columns:
Monday - Cage Match. Jason Ang hasn't missed one in months. Every Monday
Tuesday - Fantasy Firemen - Metter submits bi-weekly
Wednesday - Mike Schmidt and Geoff King Sang
Thursday - Kids are alright - Chris Martinez
Friday - The Breakdown - Mac Vincent
Saturday - AL Angle - Brian Roach
Sunday - Hopkins hasn't missed an article since last year

I'm forgetting a few too, I know David Rath does a weekly injury report and Chris Espey does a bi-weekly piece.

Trade coverage just like on hockey. Here's the Nolasco deal: http://baseball.dobbersports.c...he-dodgers

Rankings are back, monthly, for hitters, pitchers and prospects. You're just plain wrong, Son Doobie. Or else you only access the site when you're drunk and the dates are a little blurry! If you followed DobberBaseball since it started, then you are complaining about the first three years. You are jaded by the first three years and I understand that.

But not the past six months. Because it has been GOLD for six months and I stand by that. The staff and content are tip-top.

July 17, 2013
Votes: +2

Son Doobie said:

Cannibal Ox
... I've been following DobberBaseball since it started. Most days there is no new content there. IMHO it provides no value or insight that you can't get from numerous other Fantasy Baseball sources, the majority of which are infinite times better in terms of content and presentation.

No complaints with the hockey side of things. Well aside from the overly Canucks-centric news/ramblings on occasion.
July 17, 2013
Votes: -2

Mr. Guru said:

Mr. Guru
... Don't even bother....
July 17, 2013
Votes: +0

Dobber said:

... I do stick to hockey, Son. I have a team of people working DobberBaseball and the site is everything I want it to be. What's a joke is clowns popping in there once, taking a quick glance and judging. And then publicly weighing in with insulting, over-the-top feedback.

The Ramblings aren't daily over there and aren't advertised as such - they are four times per week, just like DobberHockey was six years ago. It has to start somewhere, right? And if, six years ago, someone told me "please just stick to inventory management", where would DobberHockey be today?

The columns on DobberBaseball are also great reads, but I'm sure you didn't take the time to look. Too busy judging the re-hashed box scores (which I don't see - all I see in the latest ramblings are one-week player trends, but whatever). I'll give the ramblers your feedback and have them push out more opinion and less box score. At least I can take that from your insulting, poorly worded comment.

July 17, 2013
Votes: +19
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