Lockout Update: Day 53: There is still a lockout - but hope begins to soar.


Fantasy Guide - Fully updated as of October 26. When the season is announced, I will re-jig the projections from Abdelkader through to Zubrus. Expect an update this week - I'm holding off, awaiting word. I really do think we'll have good news soon. In the meantime, I'm finalizing the Fantasy Baseball Prospects Report that is out on Friday. I have four very strong experts working on it with me, and the content in there is remarkable. Almost too much information, you won't be able to read it all.


The NHL and NHLPA met yesterday at 3pm. At around 7:30, they released a statement saying that they would resume discussions Wednesday and that no further comment would be given. That's pretty promising, but wait - there's more. At around 8:30, it was discovered that the NHL and the PA were still in discussions and that the statement was released prematurely. That's even more promising. Fingers crossed, gang. Negotiations lasted over seven hours and will resume Wednesday.

By the way, if another two days of hard negotiations get this done - so say Thursday - then you're looking at a 75-game season. Call it 72 to 76.


The KHL offensive player of the month for October was Ilya Kovalchuk, who had nine goals and 12 assists in 13 games. He was also plus-10. Rookie of the month was Nail Yakupov, who had 14 points in 11 games.


Geez, I'm so excited about the CBA progress I can't stay focused looking at the news. And furthermore…the news is almost non-existent. It's like hockey journalists and bloggers everywhere are holding their breath. Instead of digging up injury tidbits…they're waiting for the CBA news.

Some European leagues have shut down for a couple of weeks. And there was only one game in the AHL. And it was a 2-1 contest, with both Chicago (Vancouver farm) goals scored by a non-fantasy relevant guy. Though I guess Charlotte scoring only one goal is interesting in the sense that Zac Dalpe has just two points in his last six games.


Jeff Angus does a thorough review and analysis on the drafting of Scott Glennie by Dallas, and the ensuing development.


Here's an update on Mikael Granlund - lateral right ankle sprain, out two to four weeks. He's in a walking boot.

Here's an update on Jonas Brodin - eight weeks minimum with that broken clavicle. That takes him to New Year's Day. Ouch.


This is great - rather than touch the puck and take the TMOI penalty, Sekera jumps into the opponent's bench:


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angus said:

... good call hawk - Pinizzotto could find himself in Vancouver pretty soon if the lockout ends. Club really likes him.
November 07, 2012
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hawkdog said:

Wolves non fantasy relevant player for those interested Center Steve Pinizzotto delivered his first two goals for the Wolves --- his first goals in a regular-season game since April 1, 2011 --- to pull Chicago (7-3-1-0) into a tie with Charlotte for the most points in the American Hockey League with 15.

Goaltender Eddie Lack (6-2-0) stopped 24 shots to earn the win.

Kassian had a goal disallowed.
November 07, 2012
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Dobber said:

... Schedule will be extended by three weeks
November 07, 2012
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Pengwin7 said:

Schedule As scheduling predictions go, they'll lose about 1.5/6 months, which is about 20 games.
I think the magic schedule number will be:

My hunches on the numbers.
24 = (6)games against 4 divisional opponents. They'll keep all these.
40 = (4)games against 10 conference opponents. They'll keep all these.
5 = (1)game against one cross-over-conference division. (SE vs. Pacific, NW vs. NE, Central vs. Atlantic)
69 + 1 game to come to a nice number = 70games. The +1 likely to include (DET vs. TOR, etc.)

I think the NHL will have to cut the big travel if they try to pack in games.
So my guess is that you won't see teams from the Atlantic or SE going to the NW.
They'll likely cut those schedules and try to re-use the free dates.

I do agree with BK below... if they smash in games, the value of back-up goalies in daily-start leagues is going to be much higher. I'm going to be like a hawk on that net schedule (hopefully Hey Robbie! can hook us all up with the super "Same Night Planner" once a new schedule is released).
November 07, 2012
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BK said:

... If they put 72-76 games on the regular season sched, the value of both #1b goalies and having a handcuff in fantasy leagues skyrockets. A heavy schedule, shortened timeframe, awkward fitness (based on player comments we've seen about not really knowing at what level to train at without knowing when the season begins), and minimal training camp -- teams are going to have to have a pretty healthy split of goaltending duties if they want their keepers to take them deep into the playoffs. Makes me think a few things in particular..
1) Teams without a proven or potential #1b could be in trouble.. Canes, Oilers, Habs, Flyers come to mind, maybe Leafs, Jackets, and Devils (healthy Brodeur?) too
2) Considering this, maybe the Canucks decide to hang on to Luongo for one more year...
3) Pens' Vokoun signing looks even better
4) ...and makes my decision on keeping either Vokoun or Neuvirth (or Garon smilies/tongue.gif) even harder, considering the extra time Vokoun could see in a compressed schedule while watching Neuvirth struggle overseas.

And this, by the way, marks the first time I've let myself really get into any kind of fantasy thinking mindframe since last season ended, so here's hoping..
November 07, 2012
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