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Who was the worst player in the NHL last year? Ellen Etchingham looks over the advanced stats and comes up with several candidates - four of them Oilers - and comes up with a 'winner' (or…loser?): Lennart Petrell.

The good news - nay, great news - for Oilers fans is this: it's easy, and cheap, to replace the fourth line. While Anton Lander will be a very good two-way player, the jury is still out on Petrell, and both Ben Eager and Darcy Hordichuk have to go. So what if the Oilers signed Dominic Moore, Jesse Winchester and Mathieu Darche? Give Lander and Petrell a season in the minors. With a fourth line that isn't quite as sucky, and filled with experience, it would go along nicely with a core top nine that is maturing and blossoming. Just putting that out there.

Good news for, well, me - the NHL is proposing that unrestricted free agency season starts on July 10 instead of July 1. Now I can enjoy the long weekend instead of work my ass off in front of a computer. I'm sure that's exactly why the NHL is pushing for this.

Milan Hejduk has given up his captaincy of the Avalanche and Gabriel Landeskog becomes the youngest captain in NHL history. What Landeskog did last season, in the era that we are (were?) in, was truly spectacular. But he's no Sidney Crosby and this was one season - I'm sure he'll be fine… but if I own Landeskog and I was given a choice, I would choose for him to not get the captaincy at the age of 19. Very small matter, but I like every edge I can get in fantasy hockey. Behind the scenes of this decision is the fact that Hejduk is no longer captain, but will remain as an alternate. This opens the door for a rollback in his responsibility and ice time. It's harder for a team to bench a veteran who is captain, than if he wasn't a captain.

Roberto Luongo cropped up in the news again, reiterating his desire to play in Florida. He's not giving Vancouver much choice here, and if I'm the Panthers I hold firm. And if I'm GM Mike Gillis, I shop Luongo wherever the hell I want. And if he doesn't agree to where I trade him, I keep shopping. No rush.

Lubomir Visnovsky pleaded his case yesterday, looking to overturn his trade to the Islanders. It sounds like he doesn't have a case, to me. But we shall see.

Here's a rundown of Vladimir Tarasenko's first practice with the Blues. Promising, as expected.

Chesnokov over at Puck Daddy reports that the KHL president made this proclamation:

Any KHL team will be allowed to sign up to three players from the NHL for the duration of the possible lockout in the NHL. Of the three, one may be from any country other than Russia. Furthermore, none of these "lockout-long" contracts would count towards the KHL salary cap, which is a "soft" cap to begin with.

A very smart and aggressive business move to grow his league. The KHL has nothing to lose, and they have no long-term reputation to uphold. Whereas the NHL would never make such a proclamation if the KHL had a lockout.

The Coyotes have signed Lucas Lessio to an ELC. Lession tallied 62 points for the Oshawa Generals (OHL) last year and he is ranked 380 on my Prospects Ranking, as he is several years away.

Five for Howling takes a look at some other Phoenix prospects, ones who are on the cusp. They seem to think that Brett MacLean will make the team, assuming he's medically cleared.

Landeskog - highlights from his rookie season:

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Pengwin7 said:

Worst Player in NHL Last Year By Yahoo! calculations and by my own calculations, the worst player in the NHL last year was Nino Neiderreiter.

On for 2 goals for.
On for 31 goals against.

He wins this award in a landslide.
2 goals for... 31 against.
September 05, 2012
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Kenzan Kanzaki said:

Kenzan Kanzaki
Long Island Iced-V Visnovsky's case would be a lot stronger if he blew some smoke when Edmonton traded him to Anaheim. Because he didn't, it's clear that he wanted the move at the time regardless of an NTC being valid. His performance in Anaheim has reflected that (and to my profit when I sniped him when he moved there) ... so I have a feeling that it has less to do with honour than it does with the fact that he has/had a great team around him. Regardless of the NTC still being valid or not, I think that Viz shot himself in the foot by wearing an NYI practice jersey during that youth camp Daddy reported on. It is always a good idea to "play nice" for the sake of press and public relations ... however, if he's actually serious about wanting to remain with Anaheim, "playing nice" isn't the best thing for his case.
September 05, 2012
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solo223 said:

Worst player impossible to be worse than Scott the Gomer Gomez. Not only is he overpaid but he sucks big time. Over one whole year without even a measly goal. Useless on the Power player and god knows he got some minutes there. Useless in pretty much all aspects of the game. At least Petrell got 4 or 5 goals, more pts, with zero PP time. How can he be worse than the Gomer, it's impossible. I tell you, i saw Gomer play, he's the epitome of uselessness. Tries to bring up the puck, always the same trajectory, he slides in the wing, the Dmen wait for him there, he's so chicken and won't dirty his nose, he dumps the puck in the back end and generally never gets to it first. He's never think of cutting up the middle in case he gets hammered. As for getting close to the net to get the hard goals, forget it. I totally disagree with Petrell being the worst. You have to see Gomer play to realize HE is the worst.
September 05, 2012
Votes: +2
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