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Reports out of Russia indicate that Evgeni Malkin is having discussions with KHL teams regarding a backup plan if there is a lockout. I don't think he'll waste any time, he's going to Russia the instant the lockout hits. Here's hoping for an out clause.


Yahoo! Kicks off their fantasy coverage this week with their Top 100 fantasy players. Obviously an opinion, and the person giving it is conservative. If he/she is risky, then he'd put Crosby up on top over Stamkos. The conservative play is Stamkos. Myself, I would go in between risky/conservative and look at Malkin. Later today, they'll post my column on centermen.

Fantasy Hockey Ettiquette - the Do's and Don'ts - over at The Hockey Writers (and written by DobberBaseball writer Anatoliy Metter). If you need a quick, non-CBA read this morning.

This week over at Puck Daddy I'll have several fantasy hockey articles as a way of introducing the new fantasy hockey season for Yahoo! I believe the first piece will be out today - on centermen. So keep an eye out for it, and I'll post the link here too. There will be seven pieces in all, and I have five of them.

Spector takes a look here at some hockey-related reports from around the Internet. Among them, that the Daily News is reporting Vancouver and New York as the front runners in the Shane Doan sweepstakes. Vancouver, yes… but I don't see New York at all.

Also, Spector notes (via the OC Register) that Bobby Ryan is not on the block and that GM Bob Murray isn't shopping him. Just posturing, in my opinion. If the right price comes along, then Ryan goes.

A devastating blow to our CBA hopes, with the news (via Puck Daddy) that the NHL will get $200 million from NBC this year regardless if there is no season. But, what isn't stressed enough is that a "free" year is tacked to the end of it. So in reality the NHL is just seeing the money up front. Naturally, getting the money up front is much better - they are getting upwards of $75 million in interest by the time 10 years of sitting on that money goes by. And the people of today's owners are a different group then the owners who will be around in 2021. So Bettman's bosses are getting what they want. Thus, no TV pressure to settle the lockout. Now they just need to keep HBO happy.

I find it amusing that the owners and Gary Bettman kept that little tidbit to themselves all this time. They couldn't have let us know this in April? They read article after article from writers opining that the NHL will be under some pressure to get this solved thanks to the TV deal...and then they, what, laugh? Games. Silly kid games. As if hiding the NBC details gives them a negotiating edge.

Americans, take a look at this quick blog by Ted Leonsis. Paints a great picture of life in hockey-mad Toronto. Absolutely true, every word. And that's a good thing.

Interesting - via George Malik - the SEL prohibits teams from signing NHL players if they are not going to commit to playing the full season in the SEL. So that takes the SEL out as a potential destination for locked-out players to turn to.

But the KHL won't mind, and one of their teams are targeting Alex Ovechkin … just as soon as the lockout is announced.

Tampa prospect goaltender Jaroslav Janus has signed to play in the KHL. A tryout contract, anyway. He saw Riku Helenius and Dustin Tokarski, and didn't like the challenging road before him.

This  writer thinks Ryan Strome will make the team and if so be the No.2 center. At least according to his depth chart. But he does expect it to be the key decision, his making the team or not. I say not, but with a nine-game tryout. And here's another link to the Islanders best prospects.

I'll be very interested in seeing how Kirill Kabanov does in his first AHL season. Big, key year for the youngster.

If Carlo Colaiacovo has a contract offer from the Red Wings, why isn't he signing it?

Here's an interesting series of columns over at The Hockey Writers. This one is written by DobberHockey writer Chris Wassel, but he asks and tries to answer the question: what if Calgary had won the 2004 Stanley Cup?

Philadelphia prospect Nick Cousins has been charged with sexual assault. Here's Nick Cousins' fantasy profile over at DobberProspects.

Some Ryan Strome beauties:

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InnocentBystander said:

... Nielsen can play in the role of number 2 center out of necessity, but he is far more suited for carrying heavy loads on line 3.
One day, when strome and nelson are ready, then things will sort themselves out down the middle on the island.

and of course malkin will have an out clause...
August 27, 2012
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angus said:

... Nielsen is a legit 2 center. Cizikas will emerge as the 3rd line center.
August 27, 2012
Votes: +1

Isle B. said:

Isle B.
... Although the Isles desperately need a legit 2nd line center, I have a hunch that if Strome does make the team he will be playing on the 1st line with Tavares and Moulson.
August 27, 2012
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kaverorzi said:

... smilies/tongue.gif
good ole yahoo. left Datsyuk completely off the list.
August 27, 2012
Votes: +1

Hey_Robbie said:

Hey Robbie
Yahoo Top 100 Dobber, do you know if these ranks assume RW/C/LW or F?
August 27, 2012
Votes: +0

Fergie said:

Ramblings Vancouver and New York as the front runners.....

Front runners for what? !
August 27, 2012
Votes: +0
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