Darren Dreger reports that Jaromir Jagr will test free agency. I don't think he'll be back with the Flyers, because I don't believe they need him anymore. But he would be a nice stopgap for the Rangers, and I'd be curious to see if the Flames want to match him back up with Cervenka. One team I'm sure he won't go to is Pittsburgh. I can't see the Penguins going down that road after what he did to them last summer.


Angus here. Wrote an in depth column profiling Stanley Cup Champion Willie Mitchell. Not a guy who has been discussed a lot here, but he's had an interesting career. You can read it here.

NHL Draft is in four days – make sure you have the goods… from a fantasy hockey standpoint … with the DobberHockey Fantasy Prospects Report. You may fall out of your chair from the awesomeness, but when you pick yourself up again, hop onto Twitter and join the #FPR hashtag contest to win all the Frozen Pool tools free for a year. Details here. I’ll pick a winner next Monday.


I just spent 71 of 72 hours without looking at a computer. Were it not for Friday night’s little ramblings glitch, I would have been 72 for 72. A nice refresher. Now I’ll be turning my attention to two things. One – the seventh annual Fantasy Hockey Guide. I like to make each one better, adding things/ideas that I’ve jotted down over the past year. That way I can say “hey, this is best yet!” and actually mean it. Last year I got my hands on fantasy guides that three other sites were selling. Perhaps their predictions were better than mine – I don’t know, I didn’t look at the predictions (but mine were pretty good last year, I must say). But content-wise, they don’t stack up. And I aim to keep it that way, by adding new things.


The second thing I’ll be working on is DobberBaseball – I’m in need of three new people, including a co-manager/ associate editor. Details via the link up top (“Job Opportunities”). I need these people badly and I need these people quickly. Good people. So if you know anybody with a passion for fantasy baseball, please direct them to that link.


People say that Dennis Wideman is the consolation prize to Ryan Suter in the UFA market. Ah, no. Matt Carle is. With Wideman, he seems to really impress for the first few months that he’s with a new team. But things eventually go downhill. I’ve seen it in St. Louis, Boston (though it took longer there to go sour – over two years) and Washington. Both will get money up over $5 million per  year, but only Carle will deserve it.


If you were impressed by Joe Colborne’s blazing start to the OHL season and then scratched your head when he hit a wall in December – here is the reason. He was bothered by a wrist injury and will undergo surgery. It’s nice to have an explanation/reason for the sudden decline. He’ll be ready for camp.


BoltProspects.com rank Tampa’s best 20 prospects. I disagree with No.1, but otherwise a solid list with explanations.


One bad year. One bad year and he’s on the outs. I’m not buying it – especially with goaltenders (otherwise Carey Price would be two years out of the NHL and Mike Smith would be one year out of the NHL). No, to me Alexander Salak still has potential and he could thrive as a backup in the NHL behind an elite No.1. So to me, Nashville should pluck him off of waivers. They land a few good draft picks for Anders Lindback, who is wasted as a goalie given 15 starts a year – and then they put Salak in his place. And Salak would not be wasted getting 15 starts. And in the Nashville system he could really impress – and hell, perhaps the Preds could then trade him next year for a couple of second rounders… and then get another guy free off the waiver wire. Just floating an idea out there. What else am I gonna do with this space in June?


Granted, Magnus Hellberg is coming to North American, but no way he’s the backup – far too soon. Give him 40 starts in Milwaukee and we’ll talk next summer.


Anders Lindback should be the starter for Tampa Bay (of course), but I’m reminded of the Antero Niittymaki signing with San Jose. We all rushed to pick him up… and then they signed Niemi and nothing went right for Niitty since then (he’s actually considering retirement). But Lindback is a better goaltender, and more durable. All the same, I wouldn’t be shocked if TB signed another goalie and we had a platoon 1A/1B situation here – and the better goalie by January will start to see more starts.


Marek Zidlicky defenders, quick question – what do you think of his four shots in six games in that Final? Here’s a follow-up: he has 17 points in 46 games for the Devils all told. Is that that worth $4 million for one more season? If you had the chance, would you trade him for just the cap space and a bucket of pucks? He’s lost something, absolutely. Not sure which injury was the final blow, but he’s lost a step. Invisible in Rounds 3 and 4.


How often do you hear someone say this? Damien Cox is right. Toronto needs Luongo, not Nash. And next on the priority list should be Justin Schultz.


What is Sheldon Souray thinking? Turning down $3 million? Let me rephrase – what were the Dallas Stars thinking?


The Islanders signed Jesse Joensuu to a one-way deal. The power forward fled to Europe last season and frankly I thought he was done with the NHL. He plummeted to 364th on the Fantasy Prospects List, but with this surprise signing he’ll crack the top 185 next update. Not a huge amount of upside, but modest as a potential second liner.


Mom gets on the ice and yells at the ref for not breaking up a fight:



Jim Fox with emotion, talking about how he can now say to the kids at the schools he visits that the Kings have won a Cup:



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donions said:

Garon Doesnt Tampa Bay already have a veteran backup/platoon goalie.
Granted, Matty Garon isn't #1 material, but he's shown he can get the job done in short spurts. I think Him and Lindback will battle for starts.
June 18, 2012
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emurdoch said:

I think Souray just wants a longer contract.. he'd rather sign 2-3 years for less and I'd have to imagine he'll get it... even if it's 5-6M for 3 years.

Still.. that Dallas offer makes little sense.. It almost smells like they were doing him a favour by artificially inflating his value.. (a little conspiracy theory).
June 18, 2012
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MrBlackthehockeyguy said:

fantasy report problem I just purchased the 2012 fantasy prospect report and all my lists(top 50, top goalies) are empty.I'm pretty sure when I got it last year all these columns had names in them, is this to be updated later or is something missing from my download?
June 18, 2012
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Dobber said:

... i was thinking of that, too, Bender (durability). But anyone is more durable than Niitty lol
June 18, 2012
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Bender said:

Lindback Hey Dobber, I think it might be a little early to declare Lindback more durable than anyone, considering the most games he's played in one year in his professional career is 42 back in 2009/10. But hopefully you are right and the trade works out for TB, Steve Y continues to impress me.
June 18, 2012
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buffalosoldier66 said:

Marek Zidlicky Defenders? Never heard of them.
June 18, 2012
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