Now that the Stanley Cup has been won and the draft order has been set (other than perhaps the one or two draft picks that get awarded by the NHL as compensation … or the New Jersey decision to perhaps give up their first rounder as part of the Kovalchuk punishment) – look for the Mock Draft to appear in the Fantasy Prospects Report on Wednesday or Thursday.


Congrats LA fans – your first Cup! I think the Kings would have won anyway, but man that five-minute major killed the Devils. How do you think Steve Bernier feels? Sure, Scuderi shouldn’t have put himself in that position, but the bottom line is – he did. And Bernier should have known that he’d get five if he didn’t veer off to the side enough.


Dustin Brown had one point in the series, but three last night. That gives him 20 points in 20 playoff games after finishing the season with 25 points in 23 games.


The worst kept secret was made a reality – Jonathan Quick takes the Conn Smythe Trophy. Not close. The only thing to make it any different was if the Devils won. Then it would go to Brodeur.


Trevor Lewis – seven points in the regular season, eight points in the playoffs. He’s ready to take the next step and become a 35-point player next year. And after that, there is more to come. I think he can be close to a 55-point guy, assuming he is given a shot at top six duties two or three years from now.


The Bruins have re-signed Gregory “don’t call me Greg” Campbell, son of Colin “pronounced colon not Colin” Campbell, as well as Chris “just Chris is fine” Kelly to multi-year deals.  Kelly’s is for $3 million per year, four years. Now that to me is value. Further to my David Jones thoughts from yesterday. Kelly is a two-way stud who never gets hurt and still chips in 35-40 points (and just scored 20 goals). Jones is a Band-Aid Boy whose only job is to score, and he just scored 20 goals. So why on earth is he getting 33% more than Kelly? Again – the Jones contract is a bad one. If the Avs waited three more days to see the Kelly deal get announced, their final offer would have been quite a bit lower methinks.


Speaking of Jones – if he got $4 million, then I guess – doing some extrapolation – that means Ryan O’Reilly gets $7 million, Erik Johnson gets $7 million and Matt Duchene gets $8 million. Wow, the Avs are in cap trouble.


The draft is in just over a week, believe it or not. I find it amusing when I see fans or media suggest that teams draft based on need. Like the Oilers should take Murray. No – you draft the best player available and you trade or sign for need. Drafting Murray first overall – no. Trading first overall for an asset plus the third overall pick and draft Murray at that point – sure.


Brendan Ross started up a Q&A thread in the forum for your questions – about the 2012 draft. No better guy to ask. Find it here.


Kudos to Angus for getting the attention of Dallas prospect Brenden Dillon with his column on him a few weeks ago. Dillon sat down with Angus for an interesting interview that you can find here.


Look at this fine group of idiots. Hockey Newfoundland suspended a junior hockey coach for not bringing his team to the opening ceremonies of a tournament – because they had to study for exams. And he lost the appeal. What a bunch of clowns. “The rules were clear – teams in the tournament had to be there from start to finish.” Yes, and when he gave you notice that they couldn’t make, you were then free to put a little addendum to the rule to allow exceptions for these things. Do dummies ever think of other options like this, or do they just go straight to fines and suspensions?


Sorry, I wavered from fantasy hockey there, but the story caught my eye and if enough blogs paint this in a negative light, perhaps it will help.


Lighting Assistant GM Julien Brisebois regarding the players on the Calder Cup winning Norfolk Admirals:

"These guys did this at the highest level of competition outside the NHL," said Lightning assistant general manager Julien BriseBois. "The fact that these guys were able to execute and win at this pace, against this type of competition, shows that these guys are knocking on the door. If you look at past teams that have won this, anywhere from 7-10 players usually make it to the NHL and I think we'll be in that range, at least."


Alright, I’ll try to name 10.

Cory Conacher, Mark Barberio, Richard Panik, Evan Oberg, Alex Killorn, Keith Aulie, Dustin Tokarski are the seven best bets, and Jaroslav Janus Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson are three more possible. Who do you got?


2008- Pittsburgh opens the season in Prague, Czech Republic vs. Ottawa

2009- Chicago opens the season in Helsinki, Finland vs. Florida

2010- Boston opens the season in Prague, Czech Republic vs. Pheonix

2011- Los Angeles opens the season in Stockholm, Sweden vs. New York Rangers

End result? Cup win, Cup win, Cup win. Oh, and Cup win.


Thanks Gates, for that.


My THN offseason report on the Penguins and the Sharks.


The Cup hope killer right here – Bernier hammering Scuderi from behind:



My daughters are now three and one, so I completely get this with Jonathan Quick’s two-year-old taking over the press conference. Hilarious!


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tripel said:

... so, Brown...
is he any more fantasy relevant next year?
was set to drop him this summer, but he's now been PPG for the last 40+ games.
Do we see him being a regular 60+ pt guy? Higher?
June 12, 2012
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Ryan Ma said:

Jones vs Kelly But that's what Kelly does, he's a third liner, and he's not asked to do anymore or less. He's a defensive guy to help shut down the opposition's top lines and that's what the $3 mil is worth.

You're paying for the 79 hit and 56 BS (tied for 36th in the league amongst forwards). You're also paying for the 809 FOW at a rate of 51.8 percent (tied for 38th in the league). You're also paying for consistency as well, played 80+ games in 6 of the last 7 seasons (the other being 75 GP)...

So if you look at that role on the team and what he does $3 mil isn't that bad of a deal especially if you compare it to similar player skill sets like Torrey Mitchell, Michal Handzus...

However if you compare that to Jones accolades, I don't think he's worth it, at least he hasn't shown that he's worth it.

You talk about upside, but upside is one thing and actual production is another... You say he's in the top-six, I would argue probably not given their situation and his injury history and his relationship with Joe Sacco...

Duchene - Stastny - Hejduk
Downie - O'Reilly - Landeskog

is who I see as the top-six (if they re-sign Downie... which I don't see why they wouldn't want to...). So where does Jones fit in the equation then? He's a third liner in this case, and when you pay $4 for someone to play in a third-line role you're overpaying...

I can understand Jones being paid $4 mil if he's at least shown some resemblance of 50-55+ scoring. But I haven't seen that from him for the Avs to justify paying him before he's taken that next step.

June 12, 2012
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UKflames said:

Starting in Europe I am so glad that someone has managed to show that a team starting in Europe is not at a disadvantage or tired before the season starts and all the other winning and complaining that I read every time the NHL schedules some matches in Europe at the beginning of the season.

If this trend continues teams are going to be falling over themselves to start in Europe yippeesmilies/cheesy.gif
June 12, 2012
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jer_33 said:

Cap Crap I'm a bit shocked that paying a veteran 3rd liner $3/yr is good value, but paying a scoring winger with upside $1mil more to play in your top six is considered bad.

Based on team salary structure and player age, I would say that Kelly's deal carries more risk than Jones'.

June 12, 2012
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emurdoch said:

30 Goals Not sure if these was listed here already... But LA and PIT each gave up the same number of goals in their respective playoff runs this season.
June 12, 2012
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GMGates said:

... Phanatics you are correct.

Ottawa and Pittsburgh played each other in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. It was New York and Tampa Bay that played each other in Prague, Czech Republic.

Oversight on my part, thanks.


June 12, 2012
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Phanatics said:

... Hey Dobber, just for the records: In 2008 Pittsburgh and Ottawa opened the season in Stockholm. But anyway, funny stat
June 12, 2012
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repenttokyo said:

loved the bruins jokes 'just chris is fine', love it.
June 12, 2012
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brksy said:

... Won the Stanley Cup 8
June 12, 2012
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brksy said:

... Over the last 18 NHL seasons the Canucks have qualified for the playoffs 13 times. Of those the team to beat them out has gone on to the the Stanley Cup Final(2) or Won the Stanley Cup(smilies/cool.gif.
June 12, 2012
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lhp said:

road to the cup For each of the last 3 playoffs, the team who beats the Vancouver Canucks wins the cup ...
June 12, 2012
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