I’m getting excited – the Fantasy Prospects Report is out in four days. Okay Friday. I can now just say the day, instead of counting it down. It’s Friday. The content is 99.9 percent in – just waiting on a certain Russian prospect to make his decision on where he will play. Name rhymes with Smarasenko. We’ve unearthed some gems this year, as usual. And because of the new DobberProspects site, I’ve had to really step up what’s included in the Fantasy Prospects Report. I need to give you a reason to buy it, right? So, on top of the “Upside” and the “3YP” and the “Certainty (NHL; Upside)” numbers underneath each profile, we have also added “Expected arrival” to give you a firm year of expected readiness, and a “DobberHockey draft advice” in which we tell you which round you should consider taking this player if you are in a typical keeper league where teams have three to eight prospects on your roster/ bench.


I can’t add anymore gold than that. If I were to add another line after the profiles to help you out, it would have to be “click here to teleport Dobber to your draft and pick for you”.


Migrated to a new server overnight. The RAM on this one will make your eyes pop out. Pretty happy about it. Also the Firewall has been put in. Hopefully the idiot hackers and spammers will stop bothering me.


Shawinigan wins the Memorial Cup, topping London in overtime. Michael Chaput was the scoring leader, adding an assist in the 2-1 victory to give him 12 points on the tournament. He is a Columbus prospect who had question marks over his head regarding his consistency, effort, and clutch scoring. It’s like he took his stick and two-handed those question marks right in the midsection. Phoenix prospect Brandon Gormley had nine points, as did Anton Zlobin who scored both goals. He wasn’t drafted last year and is not ranked in most Top 100 lists for this year. Methinks scouts are giving him another look.


Anyway, for more prospect info, including a Michael Chaput profile (that has been updated), visit DobberProspects.


In the annual playoff pool, two guys are deadlocked right now with 226 points, a seven-point lead over third. Richard Bagot and Jonathan Leitch are hoping to hang on. Top prize gets a jersey from Cool Hockey, while the second prize is an autographed picture of Alex Burrows from the Fan Zoo.


Kudos to Ryan Ma for calling the Devils, although he’s doing a lot of yammering for a guy in third place among the ‘experts’, and not in the Top 50 at all against everyone else! I did give him a rough time with some wise cracks when he sent in his picks that first time – I recommended that he send the picks BEFORE taking the drugs, not after. Devils? But, here we are.


The Preds have reportedly signed undrafted prospect Andre Bouvet-Morrissette as a free agent. He had 72 points in 63 games for Drummondville as a 20-year-old. We won’t see him in the NHL anytime soon.


With four more days of signing 2010 draftees, you’ll start seeing a ton of transactions signing them. But what is more interesting are the names who don’t get signed. So far just Petr Straka, of any interest. He’ll go back into the draft.


Adrian Dater gets the feeling that David Jones may not be back for the Avs. He’s a UFA and although he does get hurt a lot, all it takes is a good pivot and a healthy season and he would surprise. I don’t have much faith in the latter, but the former is certainly possible.


I know this dead horse has already been beaten over the weekend, but can you imagine the Edmonton Oilers with Justin Schultz? They should move heaven and earth to make it happen – Schultz, a healthy Whitney, Klefbom, Petry, that’s not a bad Top 4 in a year or two. And we all know what the forwards will look like.


Why did Boston trade RFA Zach Hamill for UFA Chris Bourque? Seems like a weird move, but I would guess that Hamill wanted a one-way deal and didn’t get it, asked for the trade. So all the Bruins could do is get a UFA? Bourque put up big AHL numbers again – a career-high 93 points. He’s 26 now which is getting to that age where small players can do something at the NHL level. I doubt it, but it’s possible. And before you scoff and point to his horrible performance as a Penguin, just remember that Steve Sullivan was pretty bad at times for Toronto, and Martin St. Louis I remember telling a guy after his first year in Tampa – drop him. I don’t see it, but if he gets a chance anywhere it will be in the city that loves his dad.


Oh boy. The Rick Nash trade talks are starting up again. See what happens when you set the Cup Final to start five days later?


The forum is now set up so that you can click “new posts” and see only the new posts from the sections you want to see. Simply go into User CP and edit your options – at the bottom you can highlight the sections you don’t want included in “new posts”.


I love this gorgeous goal by Kovalchuk. Remember this one? I love a good power play.



Top 10 saves of the playoffs, presented to you by a beautiful host:



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Ryan Ma said:

... Hey if it a team 500 miles north of LA actually did something in the playoffs I woulda won it easily!!!

But thanks for the shout out !
May 28, 2012
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