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With Tim Connolly sidelined, the Leafs have recalled Matt Frattin. He had three points in three games during his AHL stay.


Market corrections – hopefully you’ve taken advantage of this theory in at least some cases. I think we’ll see/hope we’ll see a nice market correction regarding Jaroslav Halak thanks to the new coach. And we’re finally seeing the top Boston Bruins line making that big market correction – Lucic, Horton and Krejci had eight points between them last night. Of the three, I know Horton gets extremely streaky. So his linemates should benefit.


As for Halak again, know this – Ken Hitchcock generally makes a quick and early impact. He holds a team’s respect for about a year before they stop playing for him. Historically speaking, this team should start stringing together wins and odds are that Halak will benefit. These are only odds, hunches, probabilities, what have you. But they are convincing ones.


Benoit Pouliot scored his first goal of the season. He’s not getting the ice time to build on that, so he’s pretty much Taylor Pyatted his way to mediocrity. He was in the lineup in place of Rich Peverley, who has an undisclosed injury.


Injury info has been worse and worse. Remember when I (we) complained about the injury info, or lack thereof, three years ago? Man, I’d kill for that info now. This year you get – ZIP. And what you do get, you don’t trust (James Reimer has whiplash, yeah right – remember when they said that?). You have to actually watch the highlight of the player and make a guess. So I would have to hope that the Peverley footage is online somewhere and then see what limb bends the wrong way, or stretches too far in order to get a better idea.


Evgeni Nabokov got the hook after giving up three goals on 12 shots. Montoya came in and was awesome – saving the day, really, before the floodgates opened in the third. The Bruins had 16 shots in the second and Montoya came up big for all of them. Two quick third period goals on him buried the Isles. I think Montoya will be worthless in fantasy leagues for another two or three weeks. Then either DiPietro is hurt, Nabokov slumps, or Nabokov is moved. But I stand by Montoya being the man here.


My THN column on the return of Taylor vs. Tyler.


My Puck Daddy piece for this week. I took some of the suggestions in the comments and I plan to adjust this weekly feature – expand the waiver wire section and reduce the hot/not section (that I felt helped shine the spotlight on a few things for trading purposes).


Top goalies in order of goals against average, minimum of four games:



Harding (NHL 1st star last week)







So six of the top nine were drafted after the 20th round in pretty much all one-year leagues this year.


The Sens have sent Nikita Filatov back down. We still don’t know what we have here, but the longer this takes the less promising it gets.


Speaking of the Sens, their prospect Matt Puempel was the OHL player of the week last week.


Dan Sexton was the AHL player of the week. That happens when you get nine points in two games. Actually, he got those nine points in a 25-hour span.


If Jeff Carter can get through a full practice today, he’ll be in the lineup Thursday. Jared Boll will be back Thursday as well.


Mike Green was back in practice, but was still not skating effortlessly. On his “twisted” ankle. More of that great injury disclosure.


Ryan Miller – “I want to F’n win the game.” But we won’t know who Lindy Ruff decides to start until late in the day. Thank goodness for Goalie Post!


The Panthers sent Markstrom back to the AHL. They are in no rush, though that may change if they start losing hand over fist. Next year, I wouldn’t be shocked if Markstrom was the starting goalie in Florida.


Roman Horak is back on the top line with Iginla and Tanguay.


Lots of whispering about Sidney Crosby finally coming back on Friday against Dallas. That’s November 11 – he’ll have missed 16 games. I looked up which date I speculated on back in October and I found this on October 12: “Crosby owners – figure on four weeks. They are taking their time with it and making sure. So once he’s cleared for contact (say another week) then it will be three weeks of taking contact. That would put him back in the NHL on November 11 against Dallas, which is another 12 games missed. That’s 16 in all and a 66-game season.”


Nice to get it right. Assuming I do.


Both Matt Read and Chris Pronger should be back in the lineup tomorrow.


Wojtek Wolski will undergo sports hernia surgery. He is gone for four weeks. Or rather, instead of being a healthy scratch for four weeks, he’ll be an injured scratch.


Zac Dalpe got in two AHL games and now he is ready to rejoin the Hurricanes.


Jonathan Huberdeau is out for a month with a foot injury. Huberdeau is a future star who should make the Panthers next season.


“The Best” from last week, including a pile of hat tricks:



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TheRook said:

... Nice one on the Crosby return date, even if its off by a game or two its still pretty accurate when no one really had a clue.

Although coming back on 11/11 would have him missing the first 16 games i find it hard to assume he will play the remaining 66. Its more likely that he plays a few, is out for one, or something to that effect.

I also think those expecting Crosby like production need to set their expectations a little lower. More likely he will take a good 10-15 games to get the confidence back to enter the dirty areas. He will shy away from contact and play a little tentative, which is the opposite of what made him successful. He has always been good and initiating contact (not like OV but enough to throw the other player off balance enough to not get full contact against him). If he loses that part of his game, he will be much easier to defend.

I just hope someone doesnt go after him with a high hit. Lets hope Matt Cooke keeps his game clean so someone doesnt retaliate against Crosby.
November 08, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Thumbs Up ...for speculating the Crosby return so well.
Put one in the right column!
November 08, 2011
Votes: +0

Ryan Lenethen said:

Nikita Filatov I don't know why teams do this. I see it again and again, and the result is ALWAYS the same.

Calling someone up and giving them 5-10min of ice a game, isn't giving them a real chance. You are just setting them up for failure. If you are going to give them a legit chance, give them 15-18min of ice and see what they can do. This sub 8min stuff is BS.
November 08, 2011
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Jason Laplante said:

Filatov Just a little insight into Filatov and his situation at the moment from Paul MacLean (Ottawa Sun article):

" "Nikita worked really hard and he's a star in the AHL. It's good for him and a great place for him to get confidence," said MacLean, who didn't rule out Filatov making a few trips between Ottawa and Binghamton this season. "When I talked to him (before he left), I told him I want that player here in Ottawa, but right now we're not getting that player. When he comes up here, he gets a little bit tight and tentative and doesn't do as much creatively with the puck." "

He's still very young, and they should let him brew and develop in the AHL for at least the rest of this season. Some players can make that jump from junior to the NHL right out of the box, and some can't. Some need that next step via the minor leagues to be able to develop properly. I think Filatov is a case of this.
November 08, 2011
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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Adam Henrique and your THN article Dobber in that THN article you stated,
Even when coach Pete DeBoer swapped David Clarkson for Ilya Kovalchuk last game it didn’t slow Henrique.

You do realize that DeBoer didn't "swap" Kovalchuk for Clarkson, right? Kovalchuk is hurt and Clarkson simply replaced him.

Either way, same result for Henrique. He's playing well and has always come off as one of those players who achieve more than people expect from him. Tireless worker and smart player.
November 08, 2011
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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
The OHL Rundown Dobber, You missed mentioning the best Monday morning read (after 30 Thoughts). Check outThe OHL Rundown and learn about the performances of your team's top propsect, plus 2012 NHL Draft prospects, the Subway Super Series (CHL Prospects vs. Russian Prospects) and tons of other CHL action.

Read it here:

November 08, 2011
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Jeremy Campbell said:

Hoping for no Crosby on Friday In my pool Crosby went 4th round so I hope he's not back until next month sometime! I doubt he'll be back on Friday of this week, I understand people's reasoning but Pitt is first in the NHL so why bring Crosby back when there are something like 10 games in 21 days for the Penguins! Rest him until after Christmas, bring him back on January 5th for a one year anniversary party smilies/smiley.gif
November 08, 2011 | url
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