Sergei Kostitsyn - out for tonight.


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Post 1 - Scariest Canucks of the Past Decade, Part II

Post 2 - Mad Max: The Fourth Line Warrior.


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Simon Gagne is out of the lineup day-to-day, having missed Friday’s practice and Sunday’s contest. LA will not disclose what the problem is. Gagne has been enjoying a resurgence, but I guess there is no escaping the injuries with this guy.


Besides Gagne, Ryan Smyth is also enjoying a resurgence. He has 10 points in 11 games, including five in his last two. With the kid line going, and Smyth going, the Oilers are going to be tough to beat. Not to mention that Dubnyk has a 1.98 GAA and a .938 SP – and he’s been the worst of the two goalies. The ‘Bulin Wall, for now, is back.


Mike Fisher was knocked out of Saturday’s game. Head shot? Shoulders? I don’t like how Craig Smith’s linemates are dropping like flies. An unproven rookie, no matter how good (well, that’s not true – elite ones excepted), can take a few games to get their rhythm back with new linemates. And in front of a coach like Trotz, Smith may not get a few games. Throw in a Martin Erat return and a Patric Hornqvist slump-breaking goal and I’m one worried Smith owner. The best thing would be status quo – same linemates, lots of chemistry - and confidence from the coach. Let’s see how Craig Smith reacts. Fisher, by the way, is not with the team in Chicago today.


Bet the Preds wish they could take back that O’Reilly trade now, eh?


By the way (for those who don’t follow me on Twitter) – I’m a big fan of Cal O’Reilly in Phoenix. Call it a hunch, but it just fits really well.


The Preds recalling Ryan Thang indicates that Sergei Kostitsyn will be out for the Chicago game as well.


Three games, one assist for David Booth in Vancouver. And minus-3. Not a great start, obviously. But things can’t get any worse so I would classify him as a cautious buy. Cautious because he just hasn’t been the same player since that head shot so don’t expect a return to the 60-point glory he enjoyed once.


The Grabovski, MacArthur, Kulemin line is back on track for Toronto. If Kessel (75) and Lupul (65) can combine for 140 points this year and the second line does what it did last season, then the Leafs will beat the projection of every expert out there by a wide margin. Two quality lines, a solid James Reimer (if healthy), and a defense corps that boasts Cody Franson as the No. 7 and Keith Aulie as the No. 8… and a $3 million player as the No. 9 ;). And Jonas Gustavsson has been alright. Not a long-term solution, but he’s proven to be quite adequate.


Last year at this time we had (GP and PTS):

LIDSTROM, NICKLAS                  9                         11

LETANG, KRISTOPHER               12                       11

LILES, JOHN-MICHAEL               11                       11

WISNIEWSKI, JAMES                    9                        11

ENSTROM, TOBIAS                      11                       10

KEITH, DUNCAN                           13                      10

WHITNEY, RYAN                            9                        9


This year:

KARLSSON, ERIK                          12                    13

BERGERON, MARC-ANDRE         11                    12

PHANEUF, DION                            11                    10

LETANG, KRISTOPHER                 11                    10

TIMONEN, KIMMO                       11                     9

EDLER, ALEXANDER                     11                     9

CAMPBELL, BRIAN                       10                      9

GONCHAR, SERGEI                       11                     9


It just strikes as being in a better position for a couple of 70-point rearguards this season. By the way, the numbers above were instantly arrived it, for both years, thanks to Frozen Pool.


A chance for Jaroslav Halak to get his job back – blown. Four goals given up on 30 shots and another loss. I think he’ll work his way out of it, but don’t count on anything for a good three weeks. And it will get worse before it gets better.


So Steve Mason has had strong starts in two of his last three. And the loss in between was an average game, or slightly below average. Still, the Jackets have lost enough games to last them  the next three weeks so perhaps some wins are in the cards. If so, it will be Mason getting them.


Sean Avery is back on re-entry waivers.


Nikita Filatov saw just five minutes of action in his NHL return. That’s because the game was close, but it’s telling that Daugavins saw three times the amount of ice time. Daugavins played a strong game and scored a goal.


I don’t like this at all, as a Brett MacLean owner in one league – he was re-acquired by the Coyotes. And he has been sent down to the AHL. The Jets tried to sneak him down. This is a shock, given that MacLean asked the Coyotes to waive him in the first place. He asked for an NHL chance, he got one, and now it’s over. That being said, MacLean got 43 minutes in ice time (i.e. three games worth, though he played in five) and had two points. I don’t think two points in 43 minutes is that bad. And plus-1 on a brutal plus/minus team.


The Penguins have played 13 games in 24 days… but now they are in a stretch where they play just twice in 12 days. Logically, a Crosby return would fit in nicely with such a light schedule. It also helps Malkin’s knee.


Some suspensions on the docket? First Konopka on Anisimov:



Konopka did not play Sunday. Anisimov’s injury (and Rupp’s) led to the Avery re-entry and the recall of Andre Deveaux.


Then Alfredsson getting a Wolski elbow:



Beauchemin on Fisher big time – wowzers:



Let’s keep the clips going with this unlikely tilt – Cogliano vs. Russell?!?!?!:



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Trevor said:

Nyquist Nice one Sentium, best news I've heard all day!
October 31, 2011
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sentium said:

... Nyquist has been called up by the Wings and Babcock has stated that he will play in the top six with skilled players. Detroit needs an injection of offense and they turn to Nyquist. No word on who sits yet.
October 31, 2011
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Dicks said:

Halloween-Hockey Controversy These ramblings are distinctly unfestive. And, what better way to mark All-Hallows-Eve than a discussion about the appropriateness of a professional hockey player's costume? Enjoy.
October 31, 2011
Votes: -1

DuklaNation said:

... This is just my opinion on the Beauchemin hit on Fisher. He doesnt need to hit him that hard to break up the play. He is trying to hurt him. That being the case, the NAS team needs to respond and do likewise. When one of ANA's better players gets knocked out, it will send the message not do try dirty plays.

Take out the instigator rule. Where is Dave Brown when you need him?
October 31, 2011
Votes: +1

Lukasz said:

@Frank League has already stated that the hit was clean. There was no supplemental discipline and Beauchemin played yesterday against Columbus.
October 31, 2011
Votes: +0

Wayne Gryde said:

Fisher not to blame Although there are times where a player coming through the neutral zone has the responsibility to avoid a check, Fisher's case is not one of them. He's in the process of receiving a pass - that's almost in his feet, no less - when he gets hit. I'm not going to comment either way on whether it was a suspendable hit, but I really don't think it's right to be saying that Fisher made a dumb move. Maybe if he had been carrying the puck the whole way, but not in this case. He had no time to take a 'quick peek' to make sure there was nobody ready to blindside him as soon as the puck touched his stick.
October 31, 2011
Votes: +1

frozenpools said:

Halak Despite giving up 4 goals, Halak also made 3 or 4 world class saves. Your probably right about him taking a while but the Blues looked lost most of the game too
October 31, 2011
Votes: +0

Paul said:

... Some of the blame should be attributed to Fisher. Why are many NHL players so dumb when crossing the centre of the ice? A quick peek will avoid a crushing check and spot the right winger wide open if the Dman commits. Gretz must shake his head when he see centres do dumb things like this.
October 31, 2011
Votes: +0

Frank said:

Beauchemin's hit Well, that youtube video Lukasz posted is showing more of a simultaneous shoulder-head hit, which could be interpreted as "head not being the principal point of impact" and could result in a smaller suspension, or maybe no suspension at all. But there is the "blind sided" hit which may come into consideration too. Can't wait to see the output from Shanahan.
October 31, 2011
Votes: +1

Lukasz said:

Fisher's injury
Mike Fisher was knocked out of Saturday’s game. Head shot.

Since when shoulder-to-shoulder hit is a head shot? Here's a better look at Beauchemin's hit on Fisher.
October 31, 2011
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sentium said:

... Why does that list from this year strike as a better chance of giving us a couple of 70 point dmen?
October 31, 2011
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